What is The Squarian?
-A 4-time a year award given to the most involved WARPED talent. The holder of this award is granted a title shot of their choosing in the next 3 months.

How do I win The Squarian? / What contributes to my ranking?
-Match Wins.
-Segment/Incard submissions.
-Reaction submissions.
-Twitter interaction.

Winning matches is a huge part of getting to the top of the ranks. However, things such as segment/incard input, Reaction responses, and Twitter involvement will also come into play when deciding who wins the award and future title shot.

The key goal for The Squarian is to get everyone involved in as many aspects of the fed as possible. Obviously, winning matches is important, but matches are only a portion of what makes this fed go. Submitting ideas, segments, or storylines helps a ton. The Reaction pieces allow for Press Releases to go out to the rest of the eWrestling world, as well as add to the shows and storylines. Twitter has been a huge part in many storylines, but aside from that, it can add a ton of extra fun to the game, just by everyday plain character interaction in 140 characters or less.

So - all you need to do is be involved in the key points listed above, and have fun as you've been doing all along!

This period will run for every show in a 3 month period.
Jan, Feb, March
April, May, June
July, Aug, Sept
Oct, Nov, Dec EST 2010