WRPD JPN SEASON PREMIERE "The Sun Rises" - Show #95
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

WTF Bitch? (Roddy/Jayson Hashi) vs. Kuroi Taiyo & Leocadio

FnX Dvision Match
Omen vs. Crowbar vs. Creed

Singles Contest
Mr. Rottentreats vs. Kyle Cross

Jr HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Gauntlet Rumble - Pinfall/Submission/OverTheTopRope
Ryan "Kick" Smith vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Arik Bronson vs. Reginald Dampshaw III vs. Dante Disaster vs. Anton Chase vs. Johnny Raike vs. Alexander "The Great" vs. Phreak vs. Mark Storm

Hello everyone! I am Will. I am the WARPED (or is it WRPD now?) Webmaster! I will be recapping every event and bringing you the latest updates as I'm given information. Here's what went down on the pay per view event last night. It was the return of WARPED Wrestling after an 8 month comatose state. Well, the fed closed after a lovely five years in May. We had a one off "Flash Show" in September to garner interest, and a full fledged return is here. This time, there's a few changes. Joey Matthew is still the owner, but he's not overlooking things this time around. Instead, he's given PKA, now going by a more professional name, Patrick Kay, the keys to the place and ability to run it all. Patrick has moved WARPED from the United States and taken the little indy fed that could to Japan! This is exciting. We're also all #000000 and #FFFFFF now. And the vowels seem to be missing. So maybe in the custody battle Joey got the color and vowels. Also, PKA.. err, Patrick, is now introducing two new titles to the company - the Junior Heavyweight and the Junior Heavyweight Tag. Those titles will be on the line. Well, they WERE on the line, and here is the recap of those matches and what went down - including exclusive videos of the event. If you'd like more than a write up, you can check out the shows on-demand for pay on our website.

The show opens showing the WRPD logo behind the country of Japan. It all turns to black and white as WARPED Wrestling is back and for the first time ever we're live on pay per view from Tokyo, Japan.

Patrick Kay meeting with President Joey Matthew at WARPED HQ in Wichita, Kansas. Joey hands Patrick a paper as Patrick's lawyers step into the picture and look over the documents. One of them says that this is what they agreed on, so you're all clear. Patrick looks at Joey with a look of uncertainty, and Joey insists Patrick sign if this is what he wants. Patrick smiles and signs on the dotted line. From there, he passes the paper off to Joey and Patrick's two lawyers grab a couple large black bags set on the desk and head out of the room. Patrick smiles at Joey and Joey extends his hand. Patrick shakes and they go on their own way.

The scene switches to Patrick exploring Japan, overlooking the city and the large needle tower known as the Tokyo Skytree. He smiles and says that this is all his now. Is he talking about Japan? WARPED?

A car pulls up to the arena coming to a screeching halt.....from out the driver's side emerges MALCOLM DRED-KING. He rushes around to the passenger side to open the door for his wife ECHO BLACKWHISPER.

Echo: " First time in a country and you'd think you'd swallow your pride and ask for directions...." she says playfully as the two rush into the arena.

MDK:" Don't worry I called PKA and he said as soon as we arrive we can head out to the ring...."

As the two are rushing to get to the ring; understandably saving pleasentries for later on in the evening a voice calls out to the couple....

"Mister B......"

MDK pauses for a second as it's been years as someone in the business has refered to him in exactly that manner; he sees ROTTEN TREATS with a Butterfinger Candy and a can of Coke....

TREATS:" Hey man you can't do your thing without these.....welcome to WARPED!"

MDK looks at him trying to place the face but in his rushed state he can't quite remember or place who this person is....

ECHO:" C'mon Malcolm it's time....."

MDK turns to Treats....

MDK:"Thanks man, whoever you are ..... would you mind holding onto these until later on?"

MDK rushes off before he can get an answer either way as Rotten Treats looks at the departing couple....

TREATS:" Whoever I am?!?!?!"

Switch scenes to two masked men stepping out of a limo. One is in all black while the other has a lion's mask. This is Kuroi Taiyo & Leocadio. They're joined by three other masked men who appear to be bodyguards. Kuroi waves his hand and they step back into the limo as the two talents make their way to Korakuen Hall's entrance. They are approached by two pretty boys with long hair, the team of Roddy and Jayson Hashi. Roddy and Jayson make remarks about the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles being theirs and Leocadio steps in front of Kuroi telling them they'd better watch their mouths. Jayson says the only thing that needs watching is the amazing match about to be put on to start the show. Jayson opens the entrance and allows the two masked men to enter, with much hesitance mind you. Roddy tells Jayson while they're outside that this is going to be special.

Opening Match time! Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles are on the line as we see Randy Long in the middle of the ring dressed in black and white. Out first are the exciting tag team of Roddy and Jayson Hashi, the two flashy kids with tassles and long hair make their way to the ring to cheers from the Japanese fans. Their opponents make their way out, one is very dark and mysterious Japanese talent with a black mask on and that would be Kuroi Taiyo. The other is a tanned individual with a lion mask on. Kuroi has the microphone and in Japanese he says something that fires up the audience. Leocadio takes the microphone and blatantly tells everyone that they're on notice and the hit squad has arrived. This leads to an exciting match between both tag teams that is fast paced from the very beginning. When WTF Bitch? tried for dualing superkicks, Kuroi and Leocadio were ready and took them down with heel tactics. The finish came when Leocadio mocked Roddy with both fists up to his eyes before hitting a Michinoku Driver he calls Big Cubs Don't Cry, while Kuroi Taiyo hits "Darkness Falls" a handspring Cutter to pick up the 3 count over Jayson Hashi. After the match they take the titles and Kuroi Taiyo brings Jayson back up and hits him with the Black Sun Bomb for added impact.

Backstage we see Vaughn Ronie Jr meeting with Patrick Kay. This is when Mr. Rottentreats walks in and the two best friends exchange pleasantries. Behind him walks Johnny Raike and Patrick and him slap hands and hug. The four men begin chatting about how this is a new beginning and we're starting with a clean slate. Raike comments that this is all theirs and nobody can take it away this time. Treats wants to know what the plan is with the Evolution Title that he held and defended while WARPED was supposed to be long gone.

Patrick says don't worry and he pulls the Evolution Title out of one of the large black bags we saw earlier. He says its all yours and Treats replies "Aw, you shouldn't have, Peeks." Treats jerks the title away from Patrick Kay "Really, you shouldn't have... stripped me of the title in the first place. Thanks anyway. I'll defend it with dishonor!" - to which Patrick reminds him that Joey Matthew stripped him of the title and not him, but that's no big issue. Patrick looks at Raike and tells him soon he'll have this and that's when he pulls the Junior Heavyweight Title from the bag. Raike taps the title and tells Patrick to hold onto it and he'll get it from him later.

This is when a man's voice is heard "Oh so we just handin' things out? Let me get in on this.." and in steps pro wrestling legend and former Headstrong Wrestling World Champion Malcolm Dred-King! He hasn't been seen in years! Treats steps up - "Malcolm, you're like the fourth blast from the past in the last three years. What gives, Peeks? Yo, King, see this?" Treats playfully pie-faces MDK with the Evolution title; MDK swats it away. "This WARPED Evolution is the now. HSW is old hat. I'm certainly not a kid anymore! And if you've got a problem with it!" Treats jumps in MDK's face, nose to painted nose! Patrick slides between the two to deescalate the situation. Treats calmly backs away a bit, then honks MDK's nose before making a run for it!

King smirks and tells Treats that he wants no part in what is going on in here. Anything he acquires, he earns. Raike tells him he will earn himself an ass pounding and they all look at Raike. Patrick tells Raike to chill and save it for the bedroom. King leaves the room and leaves the three of them alone. After this awkward pause takes place we fade to black.

Inside the arena the lights go down.....

The cords of the Jay-Z song Public Announcement starts to play......

(This is a public service announcement
Sponsored by Just Blaze and the good folks at Roc-A-Fella records)

A woman part native american part african american emerges from the curtain with a hood covering her features as she stands stoically and off to the right.....

(Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost pride and sincerity
That I present this recording, as a living testament and recollection
Of history in the makin' durin' our generation)

The crowd starts to look in anticpation as a few now who this could be.....while others are just waiting to see......

(Allow me to re-introduce myself.....)

The house lights abruptly come to life as the man MALCOLM DRED-KING emerges from behind the curtain; the woman removes her hood to reveal his wife ECHO BLACKWHISPER as both walk to the ring arm in arm. Dred-King is holding in his right hand the old HEADSTRONG WRESTLING WORLD TITLE. The duo makes their way to the ring as MDK holds the ropes open for his wife before entering...

The crowd starts to chant....MDK...... MDK...... MDK.....

MDK: " I am humbled you guys remembered me...."

The crowd starts another chant.....

MDK:" I've been away seven years....seven years.....and I've missed each and every one of you...."


MDK:"....no, no , you are wrong this isn't about me it's about all of you and the re-birth of WARPED WRESTLING...."

MDK looks at the title he holds in his hands.....

MDK:"I won this a decade ago during my time in Headstrong Wrestling......this belt right here represented all that was right in the world of professional wrestling; I was HONORED to represent that company as her Champion; but this belt...this title doesn't belong to me...I have no right to it...."

Dred-King pauses a minute.....

MDK:" This belt belongs to each and every one of you people...this title and it's lineage should take it's rightful place as apart of this movement called WARPED WRESTLING. Ladies and gentlemen....PKA.....Malcolm Dred-King and the Headstrong Wrestling Championship have come.....home....."

Malcolm Dred-King pauses to soak up the crowds appreciation.....

MDK:" ....and now that both I and the Headstrong Title is home; it's about the future....moving onward and upward....it's about WARPED WRESTLING and along with stars such as Raike, Vaughn Ronie Jr., and others it's about becoming The Face of a revolution...it's about Evolution. Dare I say....."

MDK chuckles a bit as he sarcastically continues......

MDK:".......dare I say I may even become Mr. Warped Wrestling...lol."

looks over to his wife....

MDK:"Which will make you my dear The First Lady of Warped Wrestling"

Both along with the crowd have a brief laugh.....

MDK:"In closing I'm thrilled to be here; Thank you all and enjoy the rest of the show."

Malcolm and his wife Echo exits the ring and walk into the back looking intent on enjoying a Butterfinger and Coke.

The PPV fades backstage to show Kuroi Taiyo and Leocadio celebrating their win in the back with their newly won Junior Tag Team Titles. Roddy and Jayson Hashi enter the room and congratulate them but tell them that the tactics they used tonight to win will not work the next time they meet. Kuroi says something in Japanese and the two unmasked men pause and reply "WTF Bitch?" to which Kuroi nearly loses his cool but Leocadio steps in and tells them to back the fuck off and they'll gladly face them again sometime, anytime.

Mr. Rottentreats vs. Kyle Cross is up next. Despite word that Kyle Cross will not be making this match, Mr. Rottentreats makes his way out like he's ready for a match. The fans show him appreciation with streamers and he soaks it all up. He grabs the microphone and says that the resident clown is back and it looks like things have changed a bit around here but one thing that's stayed the same is that he is the rightful owner of the WRPD Evolution Championship STILL.. even though Joey Matthew tried to take it from him, his good friend Patrick Kay made it all right. Treats says he is a fighting champion and though his match was listed as non-title tonight, he will gladly defend his gold right here right now against his opponent and he calls out Kyle Cross, but he does not appear. Treats seems surprised, though we know he's faking. He tells the referee to count out Cross and proclaim him the winner and successful defender of his Evolution Title. After a bit of back and forth the referee finally caves in and makes the count all the way to ten and Treats begins celebrating like he actually accomplished something. He grabs the microphone and says something along the lines of "The longest Evolution Title reign E-E-E-EVAR, CONTINUES!"

Cue Crowbar, who surprisingly gets a babyface pop. They must have had enough of Mr. Rottentreats' shenanigans. Crowbar tells Treats he wants to defend the title so defend it against him right here and right now. Treats says he already defended his title and Crowbar already has a match, but Treats knows Crowbar wants to have him in the ring and the fans want more of Treats (they kind of don't at this point) so he says LET'S GO! But there's no match. Treats announces he is the guest referee for the triple threat FnX match that's about to happen........NOW!

FnX - Omen vs. Crowbar vs. Creed

FnX stands for F'n eXtreme. Duh. WRPD uses the model that violence is absolutely encouraged, and who better than Crowbar to kick off our season premiere FnX match along with two newcomers in the dark and mysterious Omen along with the beast of a man Creed. Mr. Rottentreats, dressed in his bunkhouse attire and absolutley no referee colors, stands on and watches the three of them go at it. Crowbar and Omen immediately go after the largest of the three men, Creed, and lay into him with boots and slams and all out destruction. Crowbar grabs a chair and destroys Creed with it and Omen does the same with a chair of his own. After they take him out of the equation they begin brawling around the ring, grabbing everything they can find including the steel steps when Omen drives Crowbar's face into them before lifting them up and nearly crushing his scull but Mr. Rottentreats tells him they don't need anybody dying on the first show and that's when Crowbar is able to hit a cutter he calls the KFO out of nowhere and get a near fall but Creed breaks it up. Creed brings Crowbar up for a Muscle Buster and puts him down to the ringside floor with that. He goes for the win but Crowbar kicks out. Creed throws Crowbar in the ring and slowly gets in, stalking him. Omen watches as Creed brings Crowbar to his feet and sets him up for another Muscle Buster but Crowbar counters out and destroys him with a lead pipe. Omen comes off the middle turnbuckle with a double axe handle with a steel chair to Crowbar's skull and he drops. Omen then turns to Creed and locks in the Cross-Face Chicken Wing, Nightmare #666, and Creed struggles to escape the hold. He powers out and sends Omen across the ring. Omen gets back to his feet and throws a chair at the skull of Creed before nailing him with the Hades Driver, Package Piledriver, and scores the three count WAIT.. Crowbar pulls Omen off and nails him with a KFO! He then covers Creed! One.. Two.. THREE! Crowbar wins! Mr. Rottentreats raises Crowbar's arm and Crowbar pulls his arm away telling Treats that if this was a title match, he'd be the champ now. Treats ignores and bumps into him as he walks past but Crowbar spins him around and goes for the KFO but Treats escapes out of the ring. Crowbar says "this close" and Treats recovers his Evolution Title and escapes up the aisle.

Jr HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Gauntlet Rumble - Pinfall/Submission/OverTheTopRope
Ryan "Kick" Smith vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Arik Bronson vs. Reginald Dampshaw III vs. Dante Disaster vs. Anton Chase vs. Johnny Raike vs. Alexander "The Great" vs. Phreak vs. Mark Storm

It's great that WRPD has introduced the Junior Heavyweight Title after years of teasing it. Where Joey Matthew (WARPED President) was hesitant, it appears Patrick Kay is now jumping right in with both feet. You never test the waters with both feet. But this might just work. It's time now for the 10 man Gauntlet Rumble for the all new WRPD Junior Heavyweight Title.

The match kicks off with Mark Storm and Alexander "The Great" Redd as the first two entries. They are showered with streamers from the appreciative Japanese fans and the beautiful new Junior Heavweight Title is on display at ringside.

In the ring. Collar and elbow tie up by the two men leads to a snapmare takedown from Storm. This peeves Redd who got back to his feet and begin coming at Storm with a fury of offense including kicks and quick chops. A Step up Enziguri from Mark Storm causes Redd to pump the breaks momentarily but when Storm goes for a Roundhouse Kick its ducked and Redd lifts him up on his shoulders in a fireman carry perhaps for the Go 2 Sleep but Storm slips out and hits an Inverted DDT and a nearfall.

This leads to our third entry and it's a WARPED Original in Anton Chase who comes in to a pop from the courteous Japanese crowd. He hits a springboard clothesline on his way in taking down Redd, leading to a headscissors takedown to Mark Storm. Anton climbs to the top turnbuckle and that's a place he loves to go. He leaps off with a diving Hurricanrana to Mark Storm and that sends him to the outside of the ring through the ropes but he did not go over the top so he is good. Anton Chase then charges and leaps through the ropes with a suicide dive!

The fourth entry is Ryan "Kick" Smith and he runs to the ring and is stopped in his tracks by Alexander The Great. Smith tries to combat him with every martial arts style kick in the book but the technically savvy Alexander "The Great" blocks and dodges each strike and connects with TRIBUTE, a trio of rolling vertical suplexes in tribute to Eddie Guerrero! The fans pop for the three amigos. He then climbs to the top and comes off with a double rotation front flip and landed the double knees right to the chest of Smith. After hitting the AR-15 Alexander is hit with a Pele kick from Anton Chase and Chase makes the pinfall on Ryan Smith and scores the 3 count to get the first elimination of the match.

Anton gets to his feet and Alexander tried eliminating him over the top rope but Anton won't let him. This is when Mark Storm grabs the legs of Anton and pulls him under the bottom rope and the two begin to brawl. This leads to our fifth entry Reginald Dampshaw III as the snobbish, pompous aristocrat makes his way to the ring and he looks like he could honestly care less about this entire thing. Alexander begged for him to get in the ring but Reginald clearly took his time as he made his way in and as soon as he does he pokes Alexander The Great in the eyes and rakes his back! He then hits the ropes and hits a running European Uppercut, sending Alexander The Great over the top rope but he landed on the apron so he's not eliminated. Anton Chase charges at Reginald but gets a hard back elbow for his troubles followed by a bulldog to the mat. Reginald is then caught off guard by Mark Storm with a SPEAR! He covers.. one.. kick out from Reginald Dampshaw the third.

Our sixth entry is Dante Disaster who charges to the ring and immediately gets armdragged by Mark Storm. Dante gets back to his feet and Storm hits another arm drag. This happens a third time and Dante is reeling as he stumbles back into the corner. Storm runs after him and hit a big knee which then set up for Storm to go to the top and come off with Fall From Heaven, a top rope elbow drop with theatrics. He then brings him onto his shoulders and hits the GTS, DYSTOPIA, and makes the cover one.. two.. three. And Dante is now eliminated.

Alexander Redd springboards back into the ring with a 720 Tornado DDT to Mark Storm that shook the ring. Dampshaw III then grabbed Redd and hit the Golden Buster (Vertical Drop Brainbuster) and went for the cover one.. two.. and a kick out. Anton Chase inserts himself into the mix as he hits the Starmaker (Vertabreaker) on Dampshaw and covers.. one.. two.. kick out!

This leads to our seventh entry - Arik Bronson. This hipster douchebag strolls in like he's better than everybody as he comes after Anton Chase with open hand palm strikes and sidekicks. This strategy sort of worked from Ryan Kick Smith for a moment but much like Smith, it didn't last long for Bronson, who gets spun around and destroyed with a Roundhouse Kick from Mark Storm. Anton shoves Mark and tells him he had that under control and that's when Mark swings at Anton but Anton ducks and goes behind, grabbing the neck, and nailing The Chase Factor, a swinging inverted neckbreaker, better known as the Cross Rhodes in some circles. Chase gets up and poses and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. He's caught off guard by Arik Bronson who hits a Half Nelson Chokeplex he calls the Bronson Plex, followed by The Ode to Bronson, a brainbuster onto Bronson's knee, that looked like it knocked Chase silly. Bronson picked Chase up and hurled him over the top rope, eliminating him from the match. Bronson flips Anton Chase off and talks some trash to him as Anton Chase is selling against the barricade, clutching his head.

It's time now for the next entry as number eight goes to a WARPED original Cameron MacNichol. The former tag team partner of Anton Chase takes a moment to divert his attention from the ring to walk past his partner and nod his head. This enrages Anton Chase but Cameron smugly smiles and enters the ring. He and Bronson lock up and The Dirty Mac twists his arm and takes him to the mat. Armbar applied, Bronson tries to roll through but Cameron takes him down with an armdrag and a clothesline. In the corner, Reginald Dampshaw III has a choke hold applied to Alexander "The Great" and the referee's on the outside tell him to knock it off but there's no rules against choking somebody. Cameron pulls Dampshaw away and slaps him across the face one time, and this pisses Dampshaw off so bad. He tries to go after The Dirty Mac but he avoids and hits a drop toe hold followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Cameron stands up but gets his head taken off by a dropkick from Mark Storm. Arik Bronson tries for a German on Storm but Storm lands on his feet and applies a Dragon Sleeper trying to get Bronson to tap out. Cameron MacNichol simultaneously has a Cobra Clutch aka The Stranglehold locked in on Dampshaw.

The fans are anxiously awaiting on who might tap out and get eliminated next and suddenly Placebo's "Pure Morning" hits and its none other than the man undefeated in WARPED competition and winner of the RRS HoliHellCrazeTOURnament two years in a row - Johnny Raike. As Raike makes his way to the ring, Alexander "The Great" is on the top buckle and he points to Raike and shouts WATCH as he leaps off and hits the REDD Dawn on Dampshaw, breaking up the submission hold. After the SSP double foot stomp connects, Alexander makes the cover.. one.. two.. three! And that's it for Dampshaw the third.

Raike goes to slide in but decides to be helpful and pull Dampshaw out of the ring. Inside the ring, Mark Storm has Arik Bronson on his shoulders and he's looking for DYSTOPIA but a bitter Anton Chase gets on the apron and grabs the legs of Bronson, pulling him over the top rope. He then drives him to the apron with a DDT and Bronson falls to the floor, eliminated.

Mark Storm tells Anton Chase he didn't need his assistance and that he needs to take his ass to the back. Chase tells Storm to suck it and looks down at Bronson and says the same. From behind came Alexander The Great who drills Storm with a clothesline from behind. Cameron comes after Alexander but he ducks and Cameron bumps heads with his former partner on the apron. Chase collapses to the floor and Cameron staggers back to Alexander who hits three rolling German Suplexes, TRIBUTE 2.0, and then throws Cameron over the top rope, eliminating him!

We are now down to Alexander "The Great" Redd, Mark Storm, and the man sliding into the ring now, Johnny Raike, as the three men stand and watch each other's every move. This is when some unknown music hits and out steps Phreak! We all thought Phreak wouldn't make it but he's here! Phreak makes his way out onto the stage and from behind is none other than the giant SHEEP SHEEP who takes Phreak down with a vicious lamb chop block. He then lifts him up and powerbombs him off the stage. All three men watch as the monsterous SHEEP SHEEP costume thing makes its way down the aisle. He's not in this match right? What's he even doing here? The three men ready themselves and SHEEP SHEEP enters over the top rope and they all jump on him and start delivering clubbing blows to the giant fury creature. SHEEP SHEEP swats them all away and they go flying. Johnny Raike jumps on SHEEP SHEEP's back and applies a sleeper hold, but SHEEP SHEEP flings him off and drives him to the mat with a sideslam. Mark Storm springs off the ropes with a kick but SHEEP SHEEP swats the kick away and charges in with a big ramming headbutt that sends Storm into the corner. Alexander The Great tries to lift SHEEP SHEEP for a Tombstone but SHEEP SHEEP will have none of it as he drives an elbow to the back of The Great's head and whips him to the corner. SHEEP SHEEP charges in but Raike cuts him off with a crossbody block from the top rope.. SHEEP SHEEP catches him and tries throwing him over the top rope but Raike slips out and delivers a low blow! SHEEP SHEEP's knees buckle and he drops down grabbing his groin area. Raike then hits the ropes and gets cut off from whatever he was going to do with a moonsault via the top rope from Alexander Redd. He stays on him for the cover.. one.. two.. Raike kicks out. Redd grabs the arm of Raike and calls for the sit out armbreaker he has named REDDemption but Mark Storm interrupts and begins hitting a series of fast strikes (elbows, fists, forearms) connecting on Redd, followed by a series of kicks - ten in total, as the fans count along with each shot - and he irish whips him into the corner and hits a high knee, followed by a bulldog. RICKS RECKONING connects and Mark now calls for DYSTOPIA once more but that's when Johnny Raike comes out of nowhere with a Small Package Driver he calls Full Frontal! He almost goes for the pin but he notices SHEEP SHEEP is getting to his feet. He picks up Alexander Redd and essentially shoves him into harm's way as he whips him into SHEEP SHEEP who lifts him up and drives him to the mat with a pop up powerbomb. Raike looks on with disbelief at the power of this man, err animal, who is clearly not a junior heavyweight. Raike pulls Alexander Redd away from SHEEP SHEEP, Raike keeping his eyes on him as he does, and he tells Redd WATCH THIS as he throws him over the top rope. An elimination now and only two men and a sheep remain in this match. Raike then charges and hits a big YAKUZA kick to the head of SHEEP SHEEP, and his head goes flying across the ring!

Dear Lord he decapitated SHEEP SHEEP!

And Raike looks as if he's seen a ghost as the red haired, bearded Scotsman, and former Evolution/World Champion, William Wallace, is standing face to face with Johnny Raike. Wallace decks him with a wicked clothesline and twists Raike inside out. The fans can't believe their eyes. From the back and down to ringside comes WRPD Boss Patrick Kay as he shouts in the ring asking Wallace what he's even doing here and tells him to get out and that he's going to ruin everything. Wallace ignores his boss and brings Raike between his legs, lifts him up and powerbombs him over the top rope down through the ringside commentary table!! Patrick shouts HOLY SHIT and it echoes through the building as he watched his partner Johnny Raike get eliminated in very destructive fashion from this match. Patrick rushes to Johnny's side. Mark Storm watches and he's not sure what to think of this and he's ready to fight Wallace, but Wallace doesn't pick a fight. Instead, he picks up his sheep head and kicks it out of the ring onto the aisle. He drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, looking back at Patrick with a smile on his face. Mr. Rottentreats strolls out and confronts Wallace asking him what the hell he thinks he's doing. Wallace ignores him and keeps walking but Treats confronts him again and gets punched in the face. KO. Wallace takes off his white sheep glove and reveals brass knuckles. Wallace heads up the aisle to the back and the camera fades to the ring where the referee awards the Jr Heavyweight Title to Mark Storm. His music hits but he shakes his head. He takes the microphone and says that this isn't how he wanted to win the title and rest assured the first person he defends his title against will be Johnny Raike. He shouts out Alexander The Great as well and says he deserves a fair chance too. Storm tells Wallace that he'd better keep his nose out of things that aren't his business. Patrick Kay slides in the ring and snatches the mic from Mark Storm. He paces back and forth and says this is not how any of this was supposed to go, but he's going to keep his cool because that's what he does now, and says that Mark Storm will make a great Junior Heavyweight Champion but he will have challengers from all over the world competing for that title and Patrick says he hopes Mark is ready. Mark assures him he is and Patrick tells him he will raise his arm in victory because he is fair but he warns Mark Storm that Johnny Raike will be coming for him and that title. Patrick raises Mark Storm's arm in the air and Storm Is Coming by Junkie XL hits the PA System. Confetti rains down and the fans shower the ring with streamers as Mark Storm climbs the turnbuckle and celebrates his victory. But is the victory tainted? At ringside, Johnny Raike comes to his senses, being joined by Patrick Kay Anthony and he gets help up. The camera shows a bloodied Mr. Rottentreats on the aisle as he is starting to come to his senses. The story here is that we just witnessed a great athletic battle between 9 competitive junior heavyweights, though it was definitely ruined by the surprise return of the former WARPED champion William Wallace. Raike tells Anthony that he's going to kill him. Anthony tells him he can have him at the next show. The lasting image of the pay per view broadcast came as Mark Storm was standing high in the middle of the ring, getting showered with appreciation and streamers from the fans.

What a great show to kick things off. We saw the WARPED debut of Malcolm Dred King, who by the way is a legend in this business. He comes from Headstrong Wrestling fame which is the first company President Joey Matthew ran. So he has history. There seems to be some teasing going on and there's tension between him and Mr. Rottentreats, who grew up watching Headstrong and MDK. Would be great to see those two go at it, especially with the added bonus of the Evolution Title. But it looks like Treats has problems with more than one person. Is Crowbar looking for a shot at the gold? And how about the Jr Tag Champs Kuroi Taiyo and Leocadio? Both are relatively unknown but impressed tonight along with WTF Bitch? Crowbar and Omen dominated that three way and didn't let the big man Creed bring them down. FnX is alive and well. The Gauntlet Rumble was pretty wild and featured some amazing athleticism. The junior heavyweights are being given the spotlight here in WRPD and it's a great time to be in this business. Mark Storm won his first WRPD championship on this night but he was the victim of outside interference and one might wonder if that will plague and haunt him in his title victory. The only person who can tell us how he feels about that victory is Mark Storm but from the sounds of things he wants to give Johnny Raike his proper shot at the gold. Speaking of the Jr Rumble, it seems like Anton Chase has a bit of explaining to after his actions after he got eliminated. Wonder if Arik Bronson will have anything to say? There's rumors that there was a backstage confrontation but our cameras didn't catch up with it. Of course we all wonder what William Wallace is up to with his target of Raike and at the next event those two will go head to head in a match that should bring the house down. Good show. Glad to have the fed back. Hope you enjoyed the write up. We'll be back next time for more exciting WRPD Wrestling from Japan. Wow!