WRPD Show #96
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Opening Match: Tyler Keenan vs. Jayson Hashi

August Frost vs. Leocadio

Arik Bronson vs. Roddy Hashi

Malcolm Dred-King vs. Crowbar

Reginald Dampshaw III vs. Alexander "The Great" Redd

Main Event: William Wallace vs. Johnny Raike

We've got our second event coming March 11th back at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Six exciting matches are booked for the show including the in-ring WRPD debut of Malcolm Dred-King as he takes on the hardcore Crowbar, Reginald Dampshaw III seeks revenge for his rumble elimination against Alexander "The Great", and Johnny Raike battles the man who cost him the Junior Heavyweight Title in a surprise return, former Evolution and World Champion, William Wallace - in the main event!

Hello everyone! I am Will. I am the WARPED (I think it's WRPD now) Webmaster! I will be recapping every event and bringing you the latest updates as I'm given information. This event sponsored by that cheap kitchen units spam bot from the forums! Cheap kitchens FTW! Enter promo code WRPD at checkout.

The show opens showing the WRPD logo behind the country of Japan on the WARPEDVision screen. It all turns to black and white as WARPED Wrestling is back from Tokyo, Japan.

Welcome to the recap of WRPD Wrestling live from Tokyo, Japan's Korakuen Hall once again on March 11th. This was a non-televised event, but of course it is taped for digital on-demand download on warpedwrestling.com and DVD release at a later date. So for now, here's what we saw go down tonight!

The show kicked off with a promo from Johnny Raike, and we've got the exclusive video for you now!


Johnny Raike is backstage, dressed for battle in his vinyl trench coat and signature tight bike shorts, the standard acid green with black trim. He is holding a pointer and standing next to an easel, large pad of paper loaded, but currently showing a white, blank page.

Johnny: “Hello, hello again. Back here in the land of the rising sun, soon to take on the man of the rising scum. I'm talking of course about William Wallace. And, in fact, I'd like to make him the subject of my very first, and probably last, TED talk about the topic of wrestling, entitled “Reasons Wallace Is Dumb.” We'll be using as our basis for this particular thesis the very last video put out by William Wallace. Exploring his bold claims, really diving into the mind of the fearful Scot.

Johnny pulls back the cover page to reveal “1: Johnny unfairly blames the WARPED refs.”

Johnny: “Yes, the ref blaming thing. Wallace wants to try and paint me as a crybaby who couldn't accept a loss. This despite the fact that I clearly had Sinc Mercier pinned for three if not four seconds, and the only reason I'm not champion as this very moment is that the ref wasn't in position to do his job. I also question his cadence. But the evidence is there. I know it, Sinc knew, and Wallace knows it, he just doesn't want to have to cede the point. Add in the recent awarding of a title belt by the ref in that last main event, you know that bit where the unscheduled heavyweight interfered in a match with a two-twenty-five limit, and we can easily see that this point is bunk.”

The American Wet Dream flips now to “2: Johnny was unworthy of a title shot.”

Johnny: “Now, this is a fun one. The mental gymnastics of the thing are...nothing short of astounding. In support of this idea, Willy throws out that I couldn't beat Sinc to get the title shot entirely on my own. He skips that part where it wouldn't have been a contenders match at all if not for me, but on the surface of it, that's valid. I did draw with Sinc, thus leading to that three way title match. But who else was going to get that shot? Treats had, and still has, the Evolution title to worry about, I don't remember Crowbar being on the first show of the...whatever the hell Eminem lyric we quoted to name that tour. Beautiful something. Anyway, my point is of course I was always going to get that shot, and of course I earned it. I was coming off establishing HoliCraze Hell as the holiday tourney, I got people to even know who the fuck Sinc Mercier was, and I got you to resort to dirty tricks. I was, am, am always will be deserving of a title shot.”

Johnny flips now to “2a: Not beating Sinc for the belt makes Johnny a nothing.” The Beautiful Nightmare levels a gaze at Wallace, clearly not happy despite the hint of a smile.

Johnny: “Where to start with this one? Hmm. 'Bullshit, you half crazed Scottish bastard' seems to fit the bill, but it's not much in way of a rebuttal. Perhaps a question then. If I, who has never been pinned or submitted to Sinc, am a nothing for not getting the win in that match, then what does that make William Wallace, the man who did get pinned? Imagine that. Two big, ol' hosses throwing down, and little old Junior Heavyweight me, and wouldn't you know it I'm not the one who lost. That was Wallace. After waiting until the match was almost over. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. And, look, I know why you'd say something so demonstrably untrue. You're trying to get under my skin. It's working, but the difference of opinion here is that you probably think that's a good thing. But, Willy, did you stop and think about that idea? Rewatch the video and think maybe you should have fixed that in post? If I'm nothing for the sin of failing to win, what does that make you for actually losing?”

Johnny raises an eyebrow as his lets the comment sit for a moment, before flipping to “3: Wallace intends to reclaim his spot at the top by beating a nothing.”

Johnny: “Honestly, this could have been 2b, but I figured that would just invite Hamlet jokes. But this is logic I have to dissect. Wallace, desiring to return to a spot at the top of the WARPED world, intends to get there by beating me. So far so good, makes sense. Wallace has also told the world that I am not just a nothing, but a Junior Heavyweight nothing who can't throw down with the big steroid boys. He believes that this victory will propel him back to the top of the food chain. But Willy, if I'm an underweight nothing so far beneath you, why the hell fight me. It doesn't matter if you win, I'm nothing, right? But if you lose... When you have to go in front of the world and eat your words about the Hedonistic Hellcat... What can you possibly say? Aw nuts, I guess I was wrong? Where as I, I get to crow about taking down a dominant former champion while punching up at least two weight classes. I'm about to look great.”

Johnny gives the wink and gun to the camera, then flips to “4: Johnny Raike only ran his mouth once Wallace was fired.” This time the gaze leveled at the camera is questioning and judgmental.

Johnny: “Really? First of all, I ran my mouth plenty when you did still have a job. And of course I ran my mouth after; you showed up, ruined everything, and then left. I know, I know, you got fired. But as you yourself demonstrated last time we were through this historic venue, you know how to get hired again. And if not WARPED, the wrestling world is full of places that would have booked this match. I was active EWC at the time, could have come at me there. Hell, Vaughn likely would have creamed himself to book that on an RRS show. End of the day, you didn't want me talking shit, then you maybe shouldn't have waited a year to come and get me.”

A shrug from Raike, before flipping to “5: Wallace was injured at the time of the match.”

Johnny: “Ok. This one I can't disprove. My thoughts on the veracity of the statement is a resounding HA! But it could potentially, maybe, possibly have been true. I had to throw down with you that night, so I think you're lying through your crooked Scottish teeth, but then I'm not a doctor. I have played on on late night TV though. Good times. Love the martyr card you played there though, about how after you so selflessly gave by even being in the match you still got shit canned. Know why? Cause you didn't actually show up on time! What, you were at an emergency doctors meeting on the other side of town? You being shitty at schedules does not make you a victim. In this case, it makes you an asshole.”

Johnny nods along with his proclamation, then turns to “6: Mark Storm says dumb things.”

Johnny: “This one we agree on. If he shows up with intent to fuck with either of us, I call truce until he's a non-factor. Tried to get you to do that with Sinc so the belt would stay with someone who actually understood what WARPED was and who it was for, but you just couldn't listen. But this time, come on man. Smart decision. Not that I expect Storm to fly to Japan merely to fuck with us, but then, hey, you did it. Who knows?”

The Sissyboy Savior flips to the next page, revealing a quickly and somewhat crudely drawn penis.

Johnny: “Whoops! Forgot that was there.”

A further page flip, now revealing “7: William Wallace will win this match.”

Johnny: “Ah, well, he's going to try, isn't he? But Willy, you have underestimated me, disrespected me and assaulted me while I was on the edge of glory. And I don't mean pre-orgasmic. You fed fuel into my tank with the damn Sheep Sheep bullshit, you added more with your insulting and slanderous comments. And now you have to get in the ring, before the bell, and fight me the whole damn time. You left wrestling. You are the one who couldn't bear the loss, I'm the one who stayed and kept on striving. And this business has put me through more hell and mental anguish then any one person should ever take. I still stayed. That doesn't make me better than you, but it's the truth and a definite point in my favor. Say what you must, tell yourself whatever lies make it possible for you to believe getting in the ring with me will be an easy day at the office. You've seen why you're wrong. you already knew it. And now, it's time to let my kicks, my chops, my longish nails and that damn mean streak in me do the talking.”

Johnny collapses the pointer, shakes out his hair, and heads off toward the stage entrance.

Opening Match: Tyler Keenan vs. Jayson Hashi

- Interesting note, Jayson is out solo, but has his Jr Hvw Tag Title. Before the match, Jayson got on the mic and called out William Wallace, telling him that this is a new era of WRPD, and he can't just throw his weight around. He says that Junior Heavyweights DO belong in the main event and that every time they step into the ring they ARE the main event. 1/2 of the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions gets a nice pop from the respectul Japanese crowd.

- The match was a fun back and forth one that saw Jayson Hashi pick up the victory following Tai-Died, a diving corkscrew somersault into a cutter, 1 2 3!

August Frost vs. Leocadio

- Leocadio is accompanied to the ring by the dark and mysterious Kuroi Taiyo. Short match, the newcomer August Frost put up a good fight, but Leocadio dominated most of the match and found himself the winner following interference by Kuroi, where he used what looked to be a slapjack on Frost without the ref's knowledge. Leocadio went up time and "The Lion Pounces" for the 3 count.

Arik Bronson vs. Roddy Hashi

- In what was our most competitive bout of the night thus far, the 'hipster douche bag' Arik Bronson faced one half of the Jr Hvw Tag Champs Roddy Hashi in a solid wrestling match. Bronson defeated Hashi following a questionable low blow when the ref was not looking, followed by The Ode to Bronson and a Miracle Lock to make the champ tap out.

Malcolm Dred-King vs. Crowbar

- This is exciting. It's the in-ring return of Malcolm Dred-King, a man who we haven't seen in -this- capacity in nearly a decade? And Crowbar is coming off an impressive win in a 3 Way FnX Match that saw him defeat the monster Creed and Omen, who couldn't handle the loss and is no longer with the company! Crowbar really knows how to make an impact. But so does MDK, who is showered with streamers by the wrestling fans before the match begins. Mr. Rottentreats made a point to walk out and sit at the commentary table for this match, spectating with his Evolution Title on his shoulder.

- The two heavyweights had a HARD hitting match. Mr. Rottentreats served as a bit of a distraction for much of the match, shouting things out at the wrestlers in the ring. Both men did their best to focus on the task. Treats got up on the apron and held his title up asking who wanted it more. Shortly after, Crowbar looked to capitalize on MDK with the KFO Cutter, but MDK turned it into BORN BETTER, the End Of Days into a Crossface and Crowbar tapped out! Mr. Rottentreats points at MDK and then at his title and laughs as he leaves MDK in the ring to celebrate his victory.


- The Jr Hvw Tag Champs WTF Bitch? are backstage, Roddy still feeling the effects of the low blow and tough match he just went through. Jayson is psyching him up telling him they can't be outshined and tonight they're going to find a way to shine.

Reginald Dampshaw III vs. Alexander "The Great" Redd

- Redd was all fired up from Dampshaw eliminating him in the Rumble at the first show and was seeking revenge. Dampshaw didn't seem to care much about the rumble but rumor had it he was ready to go for a singles match. Unfortunately it appears as though neither man bothered showing up for the event and this match never took place. Instead, the live crowd was shown a recap of the rumble, and William Wallace's appearance as SHEEP SHEEP that lead to the elimination of Johnny Raike and the eventual victory for Mark Storm.

Main Event: William Wallace vs. Johnny Raike

- Match of the night. In an extremely competitive match that saw both men pull out all the stops to claim the top spot in the main event of the evening. Raike went after the knee of Wallace, trying to chop the big oak down. Raike was aggressive, coming after the former WARPED World Champion with a fast flurry of kicks, dropkicks, spinning heels and leg lariats. At one point he hit the ropes, springboard into a crossbody that Wallace caught, but a fallaway slam was then countered into a hurricanrana from Raike! Impressive, soon cut off by a huge spinebuster that nearly scored Wallace the victory. Wallace looked bigger and badder than ever as he threw Johnny Raike to the ringside area and looked to dismantle him out there, but Raike would counter into the Pleasure Seeker, planting Wallace face first on the floor. He couldn't get he big man up and into the ring. Raike decided to roll into the ring and reluctantly take a count out victory. Wallace made it on the apron by 9, and Raike went to do more damage, but Wallace backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor. Wallace struggled to get his wits about him on the outside following that damaging Duat Driver from Raike. Things came to a screeching halt when Wallace grabbed the ringbell and clocked Raike right in the face, causing the ref to call for the DQ on Wallace. While this gave Raike the win, it then set up for a post-match beating, as Wallace brought Raike in the ring and just as he went to dismantle the uncrowned champion of WRPD with a powerbomb, the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Jayson & Roddy Hashi, aka WTF Bitch?, show up and double superkick Wallace, dropping him out of the ring. They stand side by side with Raike as Wallace backtracks up the stage. Looks like Wallace's comments about junior heavyweights not belonging in the main event came back to bite him.

Fun way to end the show, sends the fans home happy. For a non-PPV event, these guys really did bust their asses. We're back in Tokyo, Japan on March 25th, just two weeks away! See you then!