WRPD Show #97
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Rottentreats(c) vs. Hugo Strange vs. Crowbar
-Barbwire will surround the ring, strung from the ring apron to the barricade, with the only opening being where the ringsteps are along the aisle.

Four Corner Survival - Future Title Shot on the Line
Anton Chase vs. Arik Bronson vs. Jayson Hashi vs. Leocadio
-The winner gets a title shot of their choosing - World Heavyweight Title not included.

Singles Match
Cameron MacNichol vs. Reginald Dampshaw III
-Two technical talents do battle in a match that absolutely is being watched by management for future opportunities.

Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Storm(c) vs. Johnny Raike
-The show kicks off with a bang as Storm makes his first title defense as the inaugural Junior Heavyweight Champion against the man who undoubtedly did not get a fair shot at the title thanks to William Wallace's interference.

Hello everyone! I am Will. I am the WRPD Webmaster and when I'm not being threatened by Mr. Rottentreats on Twitter, I do fun things like review shows and post stories! I will be recapping every event and bringing you the latest updates as I'm given information. This event sponsored by the Amazon.com banner link on the WRPD forums. Remember to click through that banner link before you check out on Amazon and help support the fed!

The show opens showing the WRPD logo behind the country of Japan on the WARPEDVision screen. It all turns to black and white as WARPED Wrestling is back from Tokyo, Japan.

Welcome to the recap of WRPD Wrestling live from Tokyo, Japan's Korakuen Hall once again on March 25th. Sorry it took an extra day and a half to get this thing up. Lots of Easter things going on added in that there's been a storm of influenza around these parts and things haven't been very great health wise. But we're still alive and the show happened and here I am!

So, this is Show #97 in WRPD history. It was just announced that #100 is coming as part of Japan's annual Golden Week, happening May 6th. We're now building toward that so it should be interesting to see how things go leading up. This was a non-televised event, but of course it is taped for digital on-demand download on warpedwrestling.com and DVD release at a later date. So for now, here's what we saw go down Friday night.

Mr. Rottentreats had some things to say. Check out the video -


Static cuts nearly busts your speakers. It dissipates quickly, revealing Mr. Rottentreats; adorned in his most haggard plaid attire to date. The WARPED Evolution Champion saunters back and forth whistling to the tune of “I Love A Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbit. His jovial whistling transitions to the clown singing: Japanese subtitles appear.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Showers wash all my cares away! I wake up to a Championship day!”

Treats quickly pulls the Evolution Championship belt away from his waist to display it for the camera. After a snappy chortle; the clown continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: “‘Cause I looove a rainy night!”

The clown’s demeanor quickly changes; continuing with a fire in his remaining eye!

Mr. Rottentreats: “And Double U, argh, Pee, Dee faithful! Tonight it’s going to be raining blood!”

The Whole F’N Sideshow allows a wide, single eyed smile to take over his painted face.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Crowbar! HUGO! High Risk, High Reward!! As far as WARPED is concerned at this very moment there is no higher reward than the Evolution Championship! Tonight, the highest of risks shall be taken as I defend my WARPED Evolution Championship against you two. Friends, nay, FAM-UH-LEE!”

The clown drapes the Evolution title belt over his left shoulders. His work glove covered hands shoot up into the air and he excitedly mouths the chant of “FAM-UH-LEE!” Stopping short of exertion, he excitedly continues; a slight chuckle in his voice.

Mr. Rottentreats: “A lot has changed since Patrick Kay hit the reset button on WARPED. Letters have been dropped, search parties have shown up with decaying remnants of legends of yesteryear. New comers, now gone. And not so new comers laying claim to titles they haven’t even begun to earn yet. As far as the decaying remnants of yesteryear go. Malcolm, it’s simple. You want it? Come get it! In case you haven’t done your research, I don’t back down from any challenge. I promise you now, we’ll never find out how my WARPED Evolution Championship will look around your waist.”

The Evolution Title is proudly displayed by Mr. Rottentreats once more.

Mr. Rottentreats: “And best believe, Crowbar’s never going to find out what it’s like to hold the Evolution championship as long as it’s around my waist. As for Hugo? He’ll just have to stick to knowing that he’ll always be nothing more than half the Evolution champion that I am.”

Treats winks with his right eye.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Barbwire Island! Three men waltz in, three men hobble out; two of them empty handed. And it isn’t going to be me! Tonight, I’m taking my rightful spot on the WARPED throne. You might as well get used to calling me King Treats. After I successfully defend MY Evolution Championship, this clown will be the only KING that matters. So, let it rain, let it rain. Let. It. Rain. You ‘ol Marshmallow Necks.”


Well now that we've heard from Mr. Rottentreats regarding his upcoming match and a subtle jab at Malcolm Dred-King, let's revisit a promo posted to YouTube on our website WARPEDWrestling.com earlier this week from MDK himself -


Malcolm reaches into his briefcase and pulls out and old photo of him and of the man who would eventually become Mr. Rottentreats....

"This is a message to that man.....to that individual. I look at this picture....when you gophered for me back in the day; and I remember it very well. You wanted an autograph after a Headstrong Wrestling show...and I remember I turned the tables on you and asked you for yours....because....and I said this to you, I see a fire in you that will take you far in this business....where it'll be you who they are asking autographs from; and I want to be proud to say I got the first one."

Malcolm put the photo back.....

"I'm no Nostrodaumus....far from it, but to see the man you have become...to see the man you have EVOLVED into is something to behold. But you see...this is what it's become about ; it's become about Evolution. That title you hold over your shoulder, would look nice around my waist. I'm not one to mince words because we don't have time for that, but you have my full attention now."

MDK pauses....

"You take a percieved slight and turn it into an issue and I'm left to wonder why? I have many questions...ones I'll get answers to. Was you down on commentary to get in my head? Were you down there on commentary to get in Crowbars head? I'm not sure but I aim to find out.....and find out soon."

The car pulls up to the convention center where Malcolm's next appearance is slated to take place....

Crowbar vs. Hugo Strange vs. Mr. Rottentreats(c)

This match is pretty simple and the concept is barbaric. The ring is surrounded by a net of barbwire draped from the ring apron to the barricade. The only real spot not covered in barbwire is the little area where the wrestlers come down the aisle and walk up the ring steps, which have been moved to the middle of the ring so the rest can be covered in a dangerous bed of barbwire. They're trapped on Barbwire Island and that's probably how they'd like it as these three men are no strangers to hardcore matches. Hell, this isn't just Hardcore, it's Fucking eXtreme.. FnX is BACK in WRPD!

Rottentreats is the reigning Evolution Champeeeeen and this is his first time stepping into a ring since we lost the vowels. Same goes for Hugo Strange, minus the champeen part. Crowbar has had a few matches and Patrick Kay thought he deserved the title opportunity so now we have ourselves a nice triple threat match. One fall!

Mr. Rottentreats has kind of made it his thing to somehow escape a title match loss every time. Be it via DQ or count out, he just keeps escaping and the reign continues. Maybe that's why he stepped through the ropes and walked down the ramp when the bell sounded. In the ring Strange and Crowbar go at it. Crowbar nails a right hand and knee strike, but Strange no sells and hits a spinebuster for a one, two count. Both men got back to their feet and Strange sent Crowbar into the ropes. Rottentreats pulls the ropes down and sends Crowbar to the outside and he lands on the bed of barbwire draped from the ring apron to the barricade. That didn't take long. Crowbar winces in pain. Rottentreats gets in the ring and Strange tries cutting him off but Treats blocks and dropkicks him to the mat. Treats attempts to throw Strange over the top rope onto the bed of barbwire but Crowbar drills both men, Treats first, with a right hand. He gets in the ring with his bloodied back and basically gets punished by Strange and Treats as they go back and forth trading off moves and attempting to pin him one after the other. Eventually they get tired of doing that and Strange takes Rottentreats down with a Half Nelson Choke Suplex. Strange then attempts to powerbomb Crowbar over the top rope onto the bed of barbwire but Crowbar drives his knuckle into the face of Strange and escapes. Rottentreats clotheslines Crowbar, and takes a Saito suplex from Strange. Crowbar nails a sideslam on Rottentreats for a two count. Strange hits Vortex Hammer but Rottentreats breaks up the count. Treats sent Crowbar into the corner and drilled him with a big splash and then Strange hit them both with a splash. Nice sandwich! Strange went to powerbomb Treats over the ropes but Treats tried countering into a RottenRana but Strange dumps him over, but Treats managed to maneuver onto the apron and Strange destroyed him with a clothesline, but Treats is still safe from the barbwire, mostly. Strange took Crowbar up top and hit The Moose Killer off the top, sending Crowbar down to the unforgiving barbwire! The crowd loved that one. Treats surprised everyone following with a Tight Rope Walk into an Elbow Drop! The barbwire sags soooooooo low and the two are practically stuck there as Treats took some punishment from the sharp, pointy structure as well.

So after Hugo was able to drag a bloodied Mr. Rottentreats away from the barbwire and into the ring, he attempted a pin but only got two. Those two start a fist fight and trade hard hitting clotheslines and other various strikes in the ring. Treats was all 'GOT YOUR NOSE' when he locked in the fishhook and hit the Cradled Belly to back Brainbustahhh.. but look out cause Crowbar came in to ruin the fun with a KFO outta nowhere, daddy! Crowbar tried pinning Treats, two count. He tried pinning Strange, two count. Crowbar got frustrated and yelled at both men to get up cause he wanted to fuck em up. Meanwhile blood is dripping from his back all over the ring. This should be fun to wrestle in for the rest of the night. Crowbar went for the KFO cutter on Strange but Strange held on and perched Crowbar on the top buckle. Treats had an idea as he went to the apron and climbed up, calling for a Superplex onto the barbwire, but Strange came out on the apron and hit a powerbomb as the tower of doom came crashing down!!! Holy shit! The barbwire gave way! These men had their flesh ripped up and its not a pretty sight at ringside. Hugo tells the ref to get his sissy ass out and count as he covers them on the barbwire and the ref hesitated just long enough for only a two count on Mr. Rottentreats and then another two count on Crowbar. Being FnX falls count anywhere! Strange decides to push Crowbar back into the ring but his foot gets caught up on the barbwire. That's when Mr. Rottentreats got up on the apron and drove his foot into the back of Strange's head and drove him face first into the barricade! Treats hit the ring and Crowbar hit KFO and NEARLY got a three count victory! He couldn't believe the count so he punched the referee and proceeded to throw him over the top in the barbwire. That's just uncalled for. Treats went to escape through the ropes but Crowbar cut him off and attempted to suplex him in but Treats suplexes him out but Crowbar lands on his feet. Crowbar went for KFO which is apparently the only move he knows but Treats blocked with a bitch slap to the back of his head. He then brought Crowbar toward the corner as Treats hopped up onto the second buckle and yelled out HASHIIIIIIIIIIIIII before dropping Crowbar on the barbwire net with a Falcon Arrow! That's gotta be a tribute to Headstrong Wrestling (and one time WARPED Road Agent) Tai Hashi in his hometown! The alleged father of Jayson and Roddy must be so proud of the fanboy Mr. Rottentreats doing his move that also led to the one two three and a retaining of the title!

Well that was a giant cluster of a match but it was exactly what it said it'd be - FnXtreme.. and these guys were covered in blood after the match. Mostly their backs were what took the damage but you can see some horrible scars just waiting to happen once that stuff gets cleaned up.

Check out an exclusive video of what Johnny Raike had to say about his upcoming Junior Heavyweight Title Match that night -


Johnny Raike is standing by wearing a bright white lab coat. If he is wearing any other clothing it's hard to say, the hem of the coat ending at about the same place as his shorts would, just a few inches above his thigh-highs. He's smiling big as he waits for the camera to settle.

Johnny: “You know whats amazing? Digital video. We have everything, pretty much forever, and easily available. Why, we have so much video that I took Mark Storm up on his inherent challenge and decided to see if I could understand him. He'd already been so kind as to clue me in that looking for patterns in his matches was pointless. After all, he's the unpredictable Mark Storm, you get a new person in the ring every night. But what about outside it?”

Johnny makes a drawn out hmmm noise, stroking his chin in thought. As though having an epiphany The Brutiful One smiles wide and holds up his pointer finger.

Johnny: “Eureka! If I'll never be able to unravel the mystery of the two-twenty-some-odd man and his hybrid style, truly the rarest of all creatures in this the independent professional wrestling circuit, then perhaps I'll just have to take a look at him when he's talking. Really try to dig in.”

Johnny pulls from a nearby catering table a clipboard and pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

Johnny: “Subject maintains the usual healthy to inflated ego of a professional wrestler, especially one currently serving as a title holder. Resistance to logic and fact also to be expected. Insistence that no pattern can be established vis a vis watching Mark Storm matches is either further evidence of ego, ignorance of how patterns work, or signs of delusional thought processes, possibly all three. Further study is necessary to establish exact parameters. Initial treatment suggested; a swift, metaphorical, and also literal kick to the head. Treatment to be administered by Dr. J Raike, OB-YOB.”

Johnny winks at his little joke and turns the page.

Johnny: “Subject is in love with his own idea of being the worlds most perfect and special snowflake, unknown before his time and never duplicated after his demise. Subject likely raised in a world of hugs, participation ribbons and 'just be yourself' platitudic bullshit. Combined with subjects schizophrenia, it has created a perfect storm of factors to create a man who is blind to just how normal he actually is. Who doesn't seem to get that we're all fucked up and broken. Subject appears unaware that loving his dark thoughts and damage like some sort of Gothic fourteen year old is a losing game. Zero sum, at best. This hangup of never being understood renders subject vulnerable to weaknesses in himself. Indicative of a 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' mentality, and of a lack of reflection.”

Johnny shakes his head at the camera, smirking all the while.

Johnny: “Subject also appears obsessed with chaos, even going so far as to consider it a project. This researcher wonders if subject thinks chaos is unpredictable. Patterns appear quite often in chaos if we just know how to look. Chaotic is not synonymous with unpredictable. Perhaps subject means to say he wrestles chaotically. Subject is self deluded into believing that is all it will take.”

The American Wet Dream tosses aside his glasses and the clipboard.

Johnny: “Sound familiar, Mark? Bowie only knows how many times you've had strange men poking and prodding and trying to nail everything down about you. And you think that because the doctors struggle with you that it means you're alone. The only one in the world, the only thing like you. What you don't get is that there is so much of the world that understands everything you go through. You might be completely unique in just what issues you get, in just what level and severity of fucked you are, but every little bit of you can be understood by somebody. Hell, I understand real well how a man of your size and build is capable of fighting. There's a finite number of strategies, friend. I understand an ego that won't let you say the truth, that demands you spin everything into an epic victory, all apart of the plan. And I understand just how I'm going to walk out that curtain in a few minutes time and put you on your back. Now, can you understand me? Or do you need it in triplicate? See you soon, honey.”

The Most Liberated Man in Professional Wrestling gives a little finger wave before sauntering out of shot, back toward the dressing room.

An irate Patrick Kay is shown backstage as he barges into the medical room where Crowbar's wounds are being tended to and Patrick tells Crowbar that his actions out there were unacceptable. Patrick is all about FnX and causing carnage in that ring but not when it comes to a middle aged referee with a wife and kids at home who does NOT get paid enough to be sent into a bed of barbwire. Crowbar tries to retort but Patrick shuts him down and tells him that the referee will get paid one way or another for what Crowbar did to him. Patrick says Crowbar is suspended without pay and that the amount Crowbar was to earn tonight is going to the referee. Crowbar refuses and Patrick says if he doesn't go along with it then he can forget about being suspended and go straight to the unemployment line. Kay heads out of the room. Patrick tells Crowbar he should had never put him in the match to begin with and tells him to not bother showing up for a while because he's fired!

Cameron MacNichol vs. Reginald Dampshaw III

This was a technical bout as we expected it would be with a lot of wrist locks and head locks, leg locks and shoulder blocks. It was a short one though as Cameron MacNichol made Reginald Dampshaw III tap out in under 5 minutes to The Stranglehold. Impressive victory for Cameron MacNichol in his first singles match since our return.

Following the match Cameron grabbed THE STICK and asked if there's anyone in the locker room who could put up a better fight than that. And that's when Arch Enemy's "We Will Rise" hit the PA System and a newcomer to WRPD showed up - a female, devil horns raised high into the air- and she got into the ring and extended her hand to Cameron and he hesitated a moment before accepting. The blonde woman politely requests the mic from Cameron and he obliges. She says her name is Jacqui M, and she'll be glad to face Cameron any time, any place. Cameron extends his hand and she shakes it as the two have a brief staredown before her music hits and she leaves the ring. That should be a fun fight! I've heard a lot about Jacqui M and its great that The Alpha Bitch has arrived in WRPD. I wonder how Cameron's sister Dyan, standing at ringside, felt about all of this.

The scene switches to a video of the REACTIONS Promo done by WTF Bitch following their match at Show 96.

WTF Bitch, Roddy and Jayson Hashi, step into the shot.

Roddy: Let it be known that we will not be insulted by William Wallace or anyone. We don't care who you are or what you've done here. You will not disrespect my brother and I and tonight we proved that.

Jayson: Johnny, we got your back tonight. But know that the primary reason we did what we did was to stick it to that stale loaf of bread William Wallace. Junior Heavyweights MATTER, and in this new era of Warped Wrestling,

Roddy: And as far as anyone else goes. We're making an open challenge to any team in the world who wants to step up and face us any time. We'll even come to your hometown and whip that ass.

Jayson: And when we're done beating you guys so bad, all you'll be left with is to ask yourself one little question... WTF Bitch?

The scene then swaps to the REACTION promo from Leocadio, 1/2 the Jr Hvw Tag Team Champs.

Leocadio hops into the picture with his Jr Hvw Tag Title. He smiles widely as his lion mask covers all of his face except his mouth.

"Soooooomebody tell Roddy and Jayson that they're in a delusional land where they get to walk around the Jr Heavyweight Tag Champs. You're lookin' at one half of the champs, and if you want to make open challenges, that's fine. But we know that you're running from a REAL challenge of yours truly and Kuroi Taiyo. The Lion Kid and the Dark Son of WARPED are here to prove their dominance. WE put our titles on the line HERE in WARPED. So while you're worried about William Wallace and the rest of the world, we'll focus on kicking ass right here, because we were given this opportunity and we will not squander it."

Four Corner Survival - Winner Gets Future Title Shot of Their Choosing
Anton Chase vs. Arik Bronson vs. Jayson Hashi vs. Leocadio

This was absolutely a fast paced match with four very talented junior heavyweights going at it in hopes of earning a title shot of their choosing down the line. It started with the duo of Jayson Hashi and Leocadio in the ring as the two tag team specialists went at it for a few minutes before tagging in Anton Chase and Arik Bronson. Those two brought it to each other. Eventually the match broke down entirely with every man hitting their finish on someone - Leocadio hit the Corkscrew Moonsault "The Lion Pounces" from the top onto Anton Chase, going for the pin, but its broken up by Arik Bronson who hits the Ode To Bronson, a Brainbuster onto his knee to Leocadio. Arik stood up and was the victim of an impressive corkscrew moonsault from the top into a cutter outta nowhere, Tai-Died, from Jayson Hashi! Hashi took a beating with that landing though and as he was feeling the effects, Anton Chase came to and hit the Chaos Theory to score the 3 count and the win!

Tai Hashi is getting all of the shout outs.

Here's an exclusive look at a confrontation William Wallace and a certain few others had in the ring!


Crank by Psycho Dalek fills the arena and William Wallace makes his way to the ring unfazed by the heckling from the crowd. There is a smile over the face of the former champ as he approaches the ring. He pauses and takes a look around before grabbing a microphone and rolling under the bottom rope. He slowly paces around the ring before beginign to speak.

Wallace: Johnny...fair play to you son, you "won" the match! By disqualification, but let’s be honest you were never goin to beat me clean anyway, an you sure as hell didn't look like a winner after...you got your bell rung! If it wasn't for your little bitch boys Rodney and Del Boy, you wouldn't have been able to walk out of this ring. Hashi's a don't know what kind of agreement you have with Johnny an to be honest a don't care, you ever think about attackin me like that again an you will be eatin through a straw for the rest of your life...

At that Pure Morning by Placebo begins playing, and Wallace looks incensed as Johnny Raike walks out with a microphone in hand, Following on behind is Jayson and Roddy Hashi. Johnny holds the microphone to the air and the music fades out.

Raike: Willie, I have listen to just about as much of your crap as I am willing to. We both know that the only reason you hit me with that ring bell is because you knew you couldn't beat me, and you were scared of looking like a bigger fool than you already are.

Wallace: A'm the scared one? You are the one comin out here with backup. How about you send the kids to bed and you come down here to finish what we started?

Raike: This isn't back up, this is three guys who are ready to knock your teeth down your throat, until you finally admit that you were wrong about Junior Heavyweights. We are here representing the Junior Heavyweight division, a division which is taking over and is at the forefront of the new WARPED.

Wallace: You lot are nothin but a joke, and the only reason you are at the forefront tonight is because a told Pat a was takin the night off.

Raike: No, the reason we are the focus, the reason the Junior Heavyweight title is on the line in the main event is because we are the way forward for this company, and the only reason you have "the night off" is because you are a scared little bitch.

Wallace: Aw you think so, how about you come in here and we see who is scared.

Raike: I thought you'd never ask!

Raike and WTF Bitch run towards the ring, as they slide under the bottom rope Wallace slides out and hightales it through the crowd.

Raike: Run, Wallace! Run back to Scotland, but know this, if you ever step foot back in WARPED we will be waiting.

Pure Morning begins again as Johnny Raike and WTF Bitch taunt Wallace from the ring.

Backstage, following the in-ring, WTF Bitch are heading down the hallway and that's when darkness falls over the backstage area and stops them dead in their tracks. Kuroi Taiyo comes dressed in all black per usual with his yellow lion pal next to him. Kuroi, in broken English, tells WTF Bitch that they want to issue an open challenge to any team in the world but they are "a scare" of Kuroi and Leo so they look outside of Warped. WTF Bitch say they are the most Dynamic Duo in Pro Wrestling and Leocadio warns them they could get sued for that. Kuroi says that's the worst of their problem and the two Jr Heavyweight Tag champs head down the hall where they then come across Junior Heavyweight Champion, Mark Storm. Kuroi Taiyo tells Storm that from one champ to another, good luck tonight. Storm nods and taps his title that lays over his shoulder before heading for the curtain.

Backstage, Anton Chase is shown looking at the Wall of Champions set up near Gorilla Position, showing ever title and the champion.

Anton Chase crosses his arms, probably trying to decide which one he might go for now that he's won a title shot of his choosing...when Mark Storm passes by. Anton grins as this scene fades and the music of Mark Storm hits the PA System.......

Johnny Raike vs. Mark Storm(c)


Mark Storm put his title on the line for the very first time. This is a monumentous occassion! The first ever Jr Hvw title defense in WRPD. Mark Storm has said he never thought he'd want to be in the junior heavyweight division but now he has vowed to take it to heights never imagined. On the flipside, Johnny Raike has been chasing gold in WARPED/WRPD for years now and will stop at nothing to get his hands on a fine piece of gold like the Junior Heavyweight Title.


They trade shoulderblocks to start, armdrag by Raike and he delivers a dropkick. Storm boots Raike out of the ring, he goes off the ropes but does a fake dive. Raike comes back in and Storm kicks him, Irish whip by Storm and he hits a big boot. Storm charges Raike again but this time Raike moves and Storm goes into the ring post. Raike wastes no time to use those long legs of his to his advantage and repeatedly kicks Storm in the midsection while in the corner until the ref forces a break. That leads to them meeting in the middle of the ring for Raike to administer more punishment via those stiff kicks. Raike starts working on Storm’s leg with various strikes, Raike picks up Storm and he hits a Knee-DT for a two count cover. Raike chops Storm against the ropes, Irish whip to the corner but Storm fires out of it with a big boot. Raike falls out of the ring, Storm goes off the ropes and sails out after him with a tope suicida. The crowd is all in on this one. Back in the ring Storm chokes Raike with his boot in the corner, followed by a running corner elbow smash, and he covers Raike for two. Storm picks up Raike and stomps him down into the corner and he chokes him with his boot. Scoop slam by Storm, he goes up top and he hits a big moonsault for a two count.

Storm applies an armbar and after Raike gets a rope break, Storm picks up Raike but Raike hits a Pele kick! Storm rolls out of the ring but Raike follows onto the apron and as Storm turns around Raike kicks his head like a soccer ball. Raike rolls Storm back in and he hits a Crossbody, cover and a two count. Raike sends Storm in the corner and works the leg, wrapping it around the rope, until the ref says no more. Raike with a big kick to the thigh and Storm staggers out of the corner. Raike with a chop block and he hops on the middle rope and hits a Dropkick. Cover and a two count!

Irish whip by Raike but Storm reverses it and hits an elbow. Vertical suplex attempt by Storm, but Raike counters into one of his own followed by a Jawbreaker and a Tiger Suplex Pin..... two count! Storm escapes the ring and Raike follows. Storm boots Raike but Raike trips him and slingshots back into the ring. Raike with a Side Effect, blocked by Storm into a Triangle Choke. Raike claws to the ropes for a break. Armdrag into float over leglock by Raike. Storm gets a fingertip on the ropes for a break.. Back up - Raike kicks Storm a few times but when he goes up top he is joined by Storm. Superplex by Storm! Storm doesn't cover though, instead he drives his elbow repeatedly into the side of Raike's head. Softening him up for the GTS for sure. Raike elbows back! They trade blows all the way to their feet. Vertical suplex by Storm but Raike quickly rolls him up for two. Snap German suplex by Storm, he grabs Raike and goes for the Inverted DDT but Raike spins out and goes for a Superkick but Storm ducks and goes off the ropes for a SPEAR but Raike hits a Yakuza Kick to the face! Followed by a Superkick and Storm is sent to the ringside area.

The official begins the count. Not sure if he's counted any ringside stint before this or maybe the camera just didn't catch it. Now that we're in Japan, there's a 20 count, right? Cause the ref sure is counting fast. Johnny Raike sent Storm back in the ring and got in only for the Junior Heavyweight Champ to look for a German Suplex and he hits it, bridging, but Raike gets the shoulder up at two. Storm then hits a series of fast strikes, anything from elbows to fists and forearms to the face, while the audience counts along to 10 once they realized this was going on for a while. With Raike out on his feet, Storm begins a series of kicks to the midsection and the crowd chants along to 10 again. Irish whip to the corner, step up high knee into a bulldog! Rick's Reckoning connected fully and Mark Storm has taken control and looks to end it with DYSTOPIA.. but as he lifts Raike onto his shoulders for the incoming KNEE2FACE Raike gouges the eyes of Storm and slips off his shoulders. Raike slips out of the ring to take a breather.

 Mark Storm charges and springs off the top rope into a Shooting Star Press that takes Raike down. Storm takes Raike back in the ring and tries again to lift him on his shoulders and this time he does and hits the GTS type maneuver! He covers but Raike's long legs are just long enough to have his foot under the bottom rope for a break! Mark Storm is clearly a bit frustrated but he tries to power through but Raike catches him in a cradle pin for a .. two count! Both men get up, Storm quicker, and he goes for a fast kick to the head of a kneeling Raike, but Raike ducks and rolls him up in a school boy for another two count. Roll right into a Small Package Driver! Full Frontal connected but Raike is down and can't cover. By the time he garners enough strength to crawl into a cover, Storm kicks out at 2.999999999 - wow! It was really super close guys. They both slowly rise up and trade a series of punches and European Uppercuts and kicks and they are just putting it all out there!! Roundhouse Kick from Storm! Roundhouse Kick from Raike! Both men collapse into each other and prop each other up. They start trading punches and Storm hits the ropes and returns for a clothesline into a Side Effect from Raike.. Two count! Raike sends Storm into the corner and they go up top where it looks like Raike wants to go for the Package Driver from the top! This could kill Storm! But Storm escapes and backdrops Raike to the mat and then hits the Fall from Heaven elbow drop with theatrics! He covers and gets a two count!

A little desperation from Mark Storm as he decides to go back up top but as he takes a bit too much time Raike is able to recover and that's when he hits the Full Frontal Package Driver OFF THE TOP ROPE! And the bell sounds! The announcer lets us know that UNFORTUNATELY that is the 30 Minute Time Limit!! Therefore this match ends in a draw and Mark Storm is STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL your WRPD Junior Heavyweight Champion!! Johnny Raike tells the ref he wants 5 more minutes. Mark Storm laughs it off and pretends to be in agreeance and asks if he wants five more minutes? Okay... then Mark Storm lifts him on his shoulders and sends Raike right to sleep with Dystopia. Storm shakes his head and holds his title high in the air as this show officially wraps up!!

A solid match that's one that people will talk about for quite some time. It's great to have a match like that establish the division that WRPD is trying to build and promote as something huuuuuge, as it should be. Those two guys busted their asses out there and its unfortunate that it had to come down to a draw but when the rematch happens you know that each guy is going to go a little further than they did this time in order to pick up the decisive victory.