WRPD Show #98
April 8, 2016
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan
Attendance: 1003

What up everyone! Will here, back at it again with the latest wrpd results. I couldn't make the show tonight so I'm going off of what was sent in to me unfortunately, so we won't have a big write up. Let's get to it.

Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match
Leocadio(c) and Kuroi Taiyo(c) vs. WTF Bitch
-NO CONTEST - During the match, Hugo Strange is shown on the WRPDVsn screen, talking down on the junior heavyweights and bashing the match. Hugo threatens to beat the hell out of all of them but then says, why wait? He is in Japan now! The lights go out and come back on as Hugo is in the ring attacking all four wrestlers with a kendo stick. The two teams started working together though and gained the advantage, beating on Hugo, until the lights go out again and when the light up once more William Wallace is in the ring with a kendo stick and he and Hugo cleared the ring!
Curious to see what Hugo and William are up to... Are they going to fight the entire junior heavyweight division?

SINGLES MATCH: Cameron MacNichol vs. Jacqui M
-Winner: Jacqui M after the Drop Dead, Gorgeous DDT

Jacqui M was super impressive in her wrpd debut. Cameron MacNichol took her to the limit, though.

Arik Bronson is standing in front of a mirror he Splashes Some water on his and looks into the mirror.

Bronson: Don't let him get to you; all he is doing is playing mind games. You are not a nobody; you are making a name for yourself.

Bronson looks down into the sink and you can hear a laugh, it is a dark laugh at that.

Bronson: If I show up; if I show up who the hell are you Anton to make that remake about me. I am the first one here to help set up the ring and I am the last one to leave after Tear down Of the ring. Yeah you got like Fifth teen shirts at the Merchandise Table compared to one shirt I have. Yes Anton you have at least three dvd's and I don't have any, but that doesn't make you better than me it just means you have been kicking around your Mediocre Career a longer than me. Yeah this is my first run in what is a Professional promotion, he'll this is the greatest Independent wrestling promotion In the world and they wanted me; they called me Anton I didn't ask to come here or check and see if they had room for me.

Bronson looks back at the mirror and smiles.

Bronson: I know what got me here, I know what it is going to take to get to that next level. Yes right now Anton Chase you name might be a little higher on the card. You might not have to set up the ring like I do, but my name is climbing. I am moving up and up and up. My stock is rising higher and higher; my star is shining brighter and brighter while yours my friend is getting dimmer and dimmer. Anton you call yourself a "wrestling god" well my friend I would say it is safer to call you a forgotten diety of the wrestling world, because I am making my mission to make sure my name gets higher than yours ever did.

Bronson slaps himself in the face and let's out a primal scream followed by a wooooo!

Bronson: It is time to punch in, first to clock in and last to punch out no man is going to work harder than the "work horse" Bronson, because I am the blue collar superman!

Bronson walks out of the Locker room.

- NOTE: Anton Chase won the 4 Corner Survival for a future title match against anyone. He has decided on who he will face, but he's not revealed it yet. Wonder who he might pick..

Anton Chase & Mark Storm vs. Arik Bronson & Johnny Raike
-Winners: Bronson & Raike, with Raike going over Anton Chase after Mark Storm left his partner alone in the ring when things weren't going his way.

Mark Storm wasn't too into where the match was going apparently and the Junior Heavyweight Champion rolled out, once again escaping the fate of what Johnny Raike has in mind. Which, makes this tweet from Anton Chase kind of ironic.

- NOTE: Malcolm Dred-King announced that he's signed an exclusive contract with WRPD to finish out his career in this company.

Mr. Rottentreats vs. Malcolm Dred-King
-Winner: Mr. Rottentreats following interference from "Dee-Licious" Douglas Divine, behind the ref's back, squirting baby oil into the face (and eyes?) of King, blinding him! Treats then nailed a Tiger Bomb into Pin, scoring the 3 count. After the match Treats and Divine escape, Treats grasping onto his Evolution Title, and King being tended to with a towel in the ring. As Treats gets to the stage, Anton Chase steps out and eyes Treats' title. Treats and Divine have some words for Chase before exiting through the curtain.

Oh man, this sounds interesting. So what happened to Treats' respect for the former Headstrong guys? Wonder if he had any knowledge of Divine coming down with that baby oil. He didn't really seem to matter, so I'm guessing yes.

Oh, also - that Tiger Bomb Pin has been known as The Collision Course, made famous by former Headstrong Wrestling Evolution & FnX Champion - Kris CarMicheal. This is the second match in a row that Treats has used a former HSW talents' finish. Tai Hashi was the first. Seems he's sticking to what he's been talking about on Twitter. Who's finish will he borrow next?! What will King do to retaliate?!