WRPD JPN presents: "The Golden Week" Show 100 LIVE on Pay Per View
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan


We're back with another recap of the exciting action that is WRPD. The last time we were on Pay Per View was Show 95 on February 19th for our season premiere. For those of us in America, we had to wake up super early in order to watch. So, if you missed it, catch the replay, cause it's definitely worth it. If you'd like a recap, here we are! I'm Will the Webmaster, and I'll provide you with just that. This show featured a one-night tournament to crown a Heavyweight Champion. The title has been vacant since our return, with the former champion Sinc Mercier unable to make it to defend his gold, unfortunately. But without a Heavyweight Champion, we've carried on in finding a home for every title in the company, besides this one, which was saved for a special night, last night, in the Tokyo Dome, where over 25,000 fans filled the giant egg to witness our biggest show to date, our 100th event. In order to be eligible to compete for the title, the stipulation was that anyone was allowed into this one-night tournament as long as they'd competed in the past. So tonight includes stars of the past as well as newcomers who have only recently debuted, all vying for the right to call themselves the Heavyweight Champion of WRPD.

The show opens showing the WRPD logo behind the country of Japan. It all turns to black and white as WARPED Wrestling is LIVE on pay per view from Tokyo, Japan. The capacity crowd goes wild as this has been a very special week for everyone in Japan. This caps off a week long, annual tradition known as The Golden Week.

"The Golden Week is a collection of four national holidays within seven days. In combination with well placed weekends, the Golden Week becomes one of Japan's three busiest holiday seasons, besides New Year and the Obon week." - Japan-Guide.com

There are two groups - Group A and Group B, consisting of three singles matches in each group. The winners of each singles match in the groups will then face each other in two Triple Threat matches. The winners of the two Triple Threat matches will go on to the main event and fight for the WRPD World Heavyweight Championship! The participants include:

GROUP A: Anton Chase, Cameron MacNichol, Grendel, WRPD Evolution Champion Mr. Rottentreats, Samuel Washington, & William Wallace
GROUP B: Jacqui M, Jason Richards, Johnny Raike, Juvian Ramorez, Malcolm Dred-King, & the WRPD Junior Heavyweight Champion Mark Storm.

GROUP A: Round One Match
Anton Chase vs. William Wallace

Two former Evolution Champions. Wallace is a former World Champion. Anton Chase made his WARPED debut in February 2011 and Wallace debuted October 2011. Both are former Evolution Champions. Wallace is a three time World Champion. Remember 2012? We ended the year (of Wallace) with a huge title victory for the Scotsman. Now, Wallace has had somewhat of a difficult time returning to his old ways. Anton Chase is on the rise now, as he recently won a Four Corner Survival to give him a future title shot of his choosing whenever he wants. Anton Chase has a golden opportunity tonight as the man who has been loyal to Joey Matthew since the early 2000's continues to wrestle and put on amazing matches week in and week out. He's got nobody with him at ringside tonight, but William Wallace is accompanied by Hugo Strange, who is oddly not in this tournament tonight. Wallace and Strange have had this thing as of late against junior heavyweights, a group of wrestlers under the 230 mark, generally high flying and death defying, and for some reason, these two heavyweights can't stand them and the push Patrick Kay has been giving them. Anton Chase wastes no time when the bell rings to deliver the fast-paced, hard-hitting, high-flying action you're used to from him, and the junior heavyweight division. Chase leaps off the second rope with a springboard crossbody in the first 30 seconds of the match and scores a 2 count. Wallace takes a moment to regroup on the outside with Hugo, and gets back in only to get a basement style dropkick that sends him right back out. Hugo tries to give his partner the encouragement he needs. Wallace insists Anton Chase back up and he does, for a moment, until he turns and delivers a quick legdrop to the neck of Wallace as he slips under the ropes. Anton isn't much a fan of sportsmanship as of late, but then again Wallace hasn't been for the longest time, so turnabout is fair play. Anton Chase tried for the Chaos Theory(Styles Clash), but Wallace was a wee bit too heavy, and he backdropped Chase over the top rope. He landed on the apron and was ready for a springboard maneuver, but Wallace distracted the ref enough so Hugo could cause trouble - but he got an Asai Moonsault for his troubles! The referee realizes the commotion at ringside and goes to check on what's happening which opened up for Wallace to take the top turnbuckle pad off. As Chase springs off the top rope, Wallace catches him and looks to powerbomb him into the post but Chase counters into a Rana that sends Wallace face-first into the exposed steel! Anton then hit the swinging inverted neckbreaker he calls The Chase Factor and got the three count!

+Winner: Anton Chase(6:01)

After the match, Hugo Strange isn't very happy with how this all went down, so naturally he turns on his friend William Wallace and nails him with a steel chair. He grabs a table, sets it up, and hits The Burning Hammer (Reverse DVD) on Wallace through the table. Guess that's the end of that friendship. Anton Chase goes to Round Two. William Wallace goes to the hospital. What a way to start #WRPD100!

GROUP A: Round One Match
Samuel Washington vs. Cameron MacNichol

Ahh, Samuel Washington, the racist patriot. If you ain't from 'Merica, he's got two words for ya. Then, there's the Dirty Mac, a former Tag Team and Evolution Champion who we first saw in WARPED back at WARPEDLive! 12 on 9/11/10 on a pre-taped Six Man Mayhem of all matches. He's come a long way since the pre-show. He even once had Bob Seger come out and play a concert. He's got connections. And thankfully, he's American, so Samuel Washington doesn't want to lynch him. They still have a match, though, and my oh my was it a technical battle between the master of The Stranglehold and "The Better Bred, Better Fed, Better Made Athelete" who loves to use the Chicken Wing Crossface submission.

In the opening moments of this match, Washington nearly applied his American Artifice finisher. Washington started to showboat and taunt Mac's sister, Dyan. He left the ring to flirt with her, but this led to an ass kicking around ringside from Cameron. This sort of played into Washington's hands, though, cause after MacNichol had a second to check on his sister, he entered the ring and got knocked down with a big belly to belly overhead suplex. Washington even administered the Stranglehold, which Mac easily escaped, being a master of the submission. Washington focused back on Dyan, who has had enough and got on the apron to talk shit. MacNichol took control off the distraction, but the former collegiate athlete just wouldn't go down off a big Piledriver. MacNichol put in work on Washington, hitting a Fisherman's Suplex, Belly to Belly of his own, and a big Running Powerslam, but the newcomer would not stay down for the count of three. Washington would retire to the outside of the ring where he tried to leave the match, but he was confronted by Dyan who winked at him and stopped him in his tracks. Cameron MacNichol then was able to take him and hurl him into the barricade a couple of times before sending him back into the ring and hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker, followed by The Stranglehold, and Washington tapped to the Cobra Clutch Submission! MacNichol heads to Round Two.

+Winner: Cameron MacNichol(5:30)

Mr. Rottentreats demanded a camera follow him through the halls before his match with GRENDEL. If you watched the WARPED Evolution Champion’s first video where he addressed GRENDEL; he stayed true to his word. Mr. Rottentreats was indeed without face paint and wearing the most cheese ball wrestling gear ever. He exclaimed that tonight has been six years in the making and he’s going to show everyone the difference between waiting on shit to happen, and working to make shit happen; starting with GRENDEL.

GROUP A: Round One Match
Grendel vs. Evolution Champion, Mr. RottentreatsJames B. Ronie

Treats enters to Alice Cooper’s I’m Eighteen wearing his rookie year ring gear; black trunks & kickpads with barbwire pattern & black satin jacket with a misfits skull on the back) and is announced to the ring as James B. Ronie. Treats should keep the face paint on to cover up that ugly mug. Just kidding, don't hurt me Treats. Speaking of NOT UGLY AT ALL, Grendel is a monster and he attacked Treats befor ehe even got in the ring. They brawl on the outside for a bit, and Grendel is throwing Mr. Rot, err, Ronie, all around the ringside - into the barricade, into the steps, into the apron. GRENDEL is a damn wrecking machine, and the first ever Evolution Champion. He's beating the hell out of the current Evolution Champion, and the longest reigning one at that. FINALLY they make it to the ring when Grendel throws Treats in through the ropes, and the bell sounds. Grendel continues to go after Treats, and Treats gets in some offense/defense as he attacks the big oak tree from the roots with quick kicks, but at one point Grendel grabbed the arm of Treats and nearly yanked it out of its socket as he whipped him over the top rope and down to the floor. Grendel followed, not giving a damn about the official's count going on in the ring. Grendel brings Treats in the air and almost throws him into the front row, but Treats escapes and dropkicks Grendel and he goes face first into the ring apron. Treats went for the Tiger Feint Headscissors using the ring apron and bottom rope but Grendel grabbed on and swung him right back around into the ring apron and his left shoulder hit hard. This is the same arm that Grendel yanked to get them to the outside initially! Treats looked to be in a ton of pain. The assault continued back into the ring. The Evolution Champ went for "I'm The Foot", only to be countered into a Monster LARIATOOOOOOOOO~! right out of his clown shoes! (ha ha, clown shoes, cause.. hi) When he finally woke up, Treats tried fighting back with a Rotten Rana, but it was countered and we nearly had a Monster Bomb, but Treats squirmed away and goes for the "Got Your Nose!!!" without much theatrics, simply going right for the Cradled Belly to Back Brainbuster, but his shoulder is injured and he shouts out in pain, giving The Monster the opportunity to spin him around and chickenwing both arms, looking for The Sweet Relief, but Treats rolls through in a victory roll for the surprise three count!! Treats escapes through the ropes as Grendel is left in the ring with a look of amazement(anger) on his face. Mr. Rottentreats laughs and clutches his shoulder as he walks backwards up the aisle. GRENDEL grabs Mr. Rottentreats boot that he lost during the match and throws it at him. Treats avoids them and picks them up, continuing to back up to the beautiful WARPEDVision and finally he disappears behind it. GRENDEL is not pleased.

+Winner: Mr. Rottentreats (6:19)

GROUP B: Round One Match
Jacqui M vs. Junior Heavyweight Champion, Mark Storm

As the bell sounds they lock up and try to see who can overpower the other. Jacqui M pushes Storm away and Storm is a bit taken back. He asks for a test of strength but Jacqui M decides to deliver one of her trademark chops, SO STIFF are those chops of Jacqui M's! She takes it to the Junior Heavyweight Champion right up until Storm knocks her down with a quick clothesline. Storm runs the ropes but Jacqui brings him down with a drop toe hold and immediately applies a Crossface but the champ is able to wiggle free and reach the ropes almost immediately. Jacqui hits the ropes and returns with a bulldog, taking Mark Storm down. She attempts a Camel Clutch, but he is able to get to his feet with her on his shoulders. He grabs her by her blonde hair and pulls her forward onto the mat, crashing down. He leaps up and drops a knee on the back of her head before locking in a Dragon Sleeper. She is able to escape with a jawbreaker and follows up with a Sitout facebuster for a count of two. Storm regroups on the outside and she chases after him. He gets back in the ring and she follows but Storm delivers a quick spinkick, knocking her to the mat. Storm poses and taunts as the fans boo. He rolls his eyes and goes for a slingshot to the corner but Jacqui lands on the second buckle and when Storm approaches she kicks him right in the face. She then leaps off with the "Awesome Splash" and rather go for the cover she measures Storm off and allows him to get to his feet and when he does she nails him with the DDG, Drop Dead, Gorgeous! The big modified snap single underhook DDT scores her the three count! Jacqui M advances to Round Two of the tournament after knocking off the Junior Heavyweight Champion and handing him an L in the record books. Some may call this an upset, but I call it impressive.

+Winner: Jacqui M(7:01)

GROUP B: Round One Match
Malcolm Dred-King vs. Jason Richards

Malcolm Dred-King has been in the middle of a feud with Mr. Rottentreats, but if you think he's not focused on the task at hand tonight, you're sorely mistaken, as this man is a legend in the business and knows exactly what he's got to do in order to win it all. He's a former World Champion in Headstrong Wrestling and all over the world he's known as being one of the top heavyweights in the game. Jason Richards is a man who we've seen in WARPED for years, yet he's not quite found his stride. Some have said that's because he spreads himself too thin, but according to Richards, that's all changed in this current run with WRPD. When King hits the ring, he's met with a massive amount of streamer support. The Strong Style Wolf goes right after King, delivering a series of kicks to the legs and midsection of King, who no sells and destroys Richards with a single heart punch followed by BORN BETTER - a swinging Flatliner type maneuver right into a Crippler Crossface, and Jason Richards taps out instantly.

+Winner: Malcolm Dred-King (:19)

That has to be the shortest match in the history of this company. Malcolm Dred-King advances to Round Two. My goodness does he ever. Lately, he's be in the early stages of a Best of 7 Series with Mr. Rottentreats, but right now, he's in the early stages of winning the World Championship. MDK celebrates with his wife, Echo Blackwhisper, as the fans applaud.

Video Bonus

Johnny Raike is seen backstage at the Tokyo Dome, sitting in front of a vanity applying foundation. He finishes, examines both sides of his face in the mirror, and blows a kiss to himself before turning to greet the camera with a big smile and a small wave of his fingers.

Johnny: “Hi guys! You got that tingle in your bellies too? I'm more excited than a chimp on viagra, it's tonight. It's time. The WARPED world championship. How titillating. But you've already heard what I have to say about that. And many of you know what's coming; I am about to participate in a tourney. But before I get into a whole song and dance thing, there is one thing I'd like to address. Well, I say thing but probably should say women. Not that I think I can get her any more pissed off than she already is, but c'est la vie. Yes Jacqui, you finally get your wish, I'm talking about you. It's funny that you take silence as an insult. Me, I was trying not to piss you off because it didn't serve my plans to, but all you heard was scorn. So I'll give you a little tip, sweetheart,; when I mean to insult people, I use a fucking insult. You're hurt, legit hurt, that I didn't talk about seeing you in the final round. Which ignores the fact that we can't both be there, but logic so far doesn't seem your cap skill. You think it's a thing with management that I boldly predicted a Johnny Raike Mr. Rottentreats final, instead of a way of putting myself front and center into the minds of the ticket buying public, teasing them with a dream match, and in general throwing a tip of the hat to one of the other most talented wrestlers in WARPED.”

Johnny rolls his eyes as though all of this should be obvious.

Johnny: “And the other reason we aren't talking? You've had two matches. Solid wins, tap outs, that's always a sight. But you're new here. You don't have the history Treats and I have, both in this company and on a personal level. You want to be our champion, but there you are throwing a Twitter fit like a sixteen year old having a spat with her girlfriend. Sexually or non, the end result looks the same. Funny, that's some textbook beta behavior out of the alpha. And me, I'm just standing over here, being omega. Which takes me past Jacqui and right into the moment in the night where I make sure the paying crowd will also want a DVD.”

With a final look in the mirror and the grabbing a of a remote, Johnny walks to an empty spot of the backstage. He asks a question to someone off camera, though the exact words aren't caught. Wrapping himself up in a self-hug, Johnny nods and the lights dim. From unseen speakers comes a few opening piano notes, followed by the voice of Gloria Gaynor, though if you didn't know better you'd swear it ws the American Wet Dream really singing up there.

“At first I was, afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
and I grew strong
I learned how to get along”

As the music picks up the lights return, Johnny shoulder rolling and pelvic thrusting his way through the best of Disco dance moves. A disco ball is lowered from a boom mic and a light shined on it, sending thousands of tiny dots of light all through the backstage area. As the song leads toward the chorus a line of Japanese drag queens file in behind him, a riot of color and big hair, providing back up dancing as the Sissyboy Savior works it through the song.

By the halfway point, the girls in the back start coming forward to bust a move for the camera, leading to a crowded dance space. Just before the last chorus Johnny appears to vanish completely, only to be raised up by his dancers, posing as if reclining on a chaise lounge, being gingerly deposited just as the song enters it's instrumental phase. The queens file out, followed by the disco ball, and finally all we see is Johnny, head on hand, lying on the floor with 'that' look on his face.

Johnny: “Time to go, honies.”

With fluid grace the Thigh High Thriller rises to his feet, grabs his jacket, and makes for the entryway.

GROUP B: Round One Match
Johnny Raike vs. Juvian Ramorez

We've not seen Juvian Ramorez in WARPED since May 30, 2013 at WARPED79. Tonight, he faces a man who is perhaps one of the hungriest wrestlers for gold in this company, Johnny Raike, who has yet to capture a title in his storied career, despite going undefeated for so long. The Golden Week has brought this 21 year legend out of retirement for a shot at the Heavyweight Title.

The bell sounds. They trade shoulderblocks to start, armdrag by Juvian Ramorez and he delivers a dropkick. Raike to his feet, ducks under a clothesline and dropkicks Ramorez out of the ring. Raike takes his time, allowing Juvian to get back into the ring. Smart to pace yourself if you potentially have a full night of world class beatings to give and receive. Irish whip by Raike and he hits a big Yakuza Kick~! Johnny Raike charges Ramorez again but this time Ramorez moves and Raike goes into the corner. Ramorez starts working on Raike’s arm with various twists and strikes, Ramorez picks up Raike and he hits a dropsault for a two count cover. Ramorez chops Raike against the ropes, Irish whip to the corner but Raike fires out of it with a running knee to the head! Ramorez falls out of the ring, Raike climbs the turnbuckle and... watches. He watches as Juvi gets to his feet. Raike tells the ref to count and he begins the countout. But Ramorez slips back into the ring in time and Raike hits a Double underhook backbreaker and covers for two. Raike picks up Ramorez and stomps him down into the corner and he chokes him with his boot. The ref forces Raike to get out of the corner so he brings Ramorez up. Scoop slam by Raike, he goes up top and he hits a Missle Dropkick and covers for a two count. Raike applies a standing abdominal stretch, but Ramorez escapes and hits a falling hip toss, into a Chokeslam to the knee! Raike rolls out of the ring but Ramorez follows close behind as he gets out on the apron and executes a Shooting Star Press onto Raike! The fans chant "you still got it" at Juvian Ramorez, who then rolls Raike back in and he hits a standing SSP and a cover for two off "Lights-Out". Ramorez sends Raike to the corner and hits a Running Yakuza Kick of his own. He backs up and goes for it again but this time Raike moves and hits a Lungblower. Raike hits a Jawbreaker followed by a Backslide for the count of two. Both men up. Vertical suplex by Ramorez and a one count. Short-arm clothesline for another two. Ramorez applies a modified STF but Raike gets a foot on the ropes to break the hold.. back up Ramorez kicks Raike a few times to try and keep him stunned enough to go up top but Raike joins him and goes for a Superplex, even elbowing Ramorez to loosen him up, but Ramorez elbows him back and they trade blows. They drop to the mat and continue battling. Vertical suplex attempt by Raike but Ramorez quickly rolls him up for two. Tiger Suplex attempt blocked by Ramorez. Raike goes off the ropes but Ramorez hits a dropkick to the knee, Ramorez rolls Raike to the mat and goes for the arm again but Raike wiggles away. TIGER SUPLEX with pin, but Ramorez gets a shoulder up. Raike hits the ropes and leaps into Ramorez with a wheelbarrow hold, he pushes up and drives Ramorez face first with the Pleasure Seeker (Duat Driver) and rolls him over for the three count. Johnny Raike advances to the second round!

+Winner: Johnny Raike(9:01)

Mr. Rottentreats appeared once more on WARPEDVision, wearing his entrance gear from the beginning of WARPED; a Gene Wilder style Willy Wonka suit. The Wicked Clown of WARPED explained how losing the Three Way Dance to crown the first WARPED Champion made him loathe non-tag, multiple participant matches. Treats went onto state that he hasn’t lost one in WARPED since, the most recent being Barbwire Island. What a blood bath that was! He ended by exclaiming, like it or not, he’s going to the finals! Mr. Rottentreats is so full of himself these days. Someone pin him already!

GROUP A: Round Two Match
Anton Chase vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats

Mr. Rottentreats is HERE! Legit, this time. No Ronie. He's WARPED (get it?) back to 2010 and is dressed as a Juggalo version of Willy Wonka, complete with a bag of treats. Gee, wonder what's in there? Maybe his golden ticket to the World Title? Probably something a little less dangerous to his foes, like thumb tacks or fire ants.

Anton Chase, Cameron MacNichol, and Mr. Rottentreats are all WARPED Originals. They're all former Evolution Champions. They're all former Tag Team Champions. In fact, Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol were a team for some time and held the gold, while Mr. Rottentreats and Cameron MacNichol were as well, as the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Lots of history in this ring.

Treats was selling the shoulder from the earlier attack from Grendel. He insisted that Anton and Cameron kick things off, and it looked like they were going to go for each other, but Anton Chase slipped out of the ring and the crowd booed. Not surprising. Anton Chase, who has a shot at any title he chooses at any time he chooses, knows when to pick his spots. Treats and Cam both went to the ropes and talked shit on Chase and Chase is all "you guys fight" but the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels chase after him and eventually corner him enough but he escapes to the ring, and stomps the shoulder of Treats he got back in. Cameron found an opening and went after Chase, and soon thereafter Treats was back up and the two had some fun going after their longtime rival. Treats tried to bob and weave to escape any contact from The Dirty Mac and The Future, causing each of them to make contact with the other instead. Eventually, Cameron MacNichol and Mr. Rottentreats decided they had taken Anton Chase out of the equation and it was time to go at it. Cameron went to work on the shoulder, making multiple attempts to lock in The Stranglehold, and when he finally applied the submission, "The Future" Anton Chase hit the ring with a springboard forearm smash that took both men down. Jumping Armbreaker from Chase to Treats got Chase a near fall. Treats rolled to the outside and Chase followed him and delivered a Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade, causing that shoulder some more damage. Cameron with a SUICIDE DIVE on Chase! We don't see The Dirty Mac fly very often but when he does its with precise precision! Is that a thing? Sounds good to me! Mac took Chase back into the ring and to the corner where he attempted a Frankensteiner but Chase held on and looked to hit the Chaos Theory(Styles Clash) off the top! This is when Mr. Rottentreats got on the apron and hit a SPRINGBOARD SUPERKICK to Chase which stunned him. Treats skins the cat right onto the shoulders of The Dirty Mac and he takes him down with a headscissors. Treats then leaps up and hits a giant double-jump, no hands Frankensteiner, sending Chase crashing into MacNichol! Helluva sequence ending in the Rotten Rana there. Treats is unable to capitalize for a moment after the bumps seemingly effected his shoulder but when he does get up he begins the Rotten Stomp on Anton Chase, driving his boot into every single part of his body. This usually sets up for GOT YOUR NOSE but Cameron MacNichol interrupted that one! Cameron had a nice heel moment giving us flashbacks to WARPED 40 in Dearborn, MI as he ignored the referee and took it upon himself to wrap Treats' arm around the top rope and yank as hard as he could. There's no DQ in a Triple Threat, so why not? This led to Anton Chase coming to and coming after him with hard kicks and chops. Chase hit a sick brainbuster for a count of two. He went after Treats. Irish whip into an attempted lariat from Cameron, but Treats ducked and hit a springboard off the second rope into a corkscrew DOUBLE blockbuster, Red Pop Dropped both of em! He tried to pin both but both kicked out at two~! Enziguri from Cameron to Treats, Starmaker Vertabreaker from Anton to Cameron! He then calls for The Chaos Theory and he hits it!! He rolls him over but gets a big SHINING WIZARD~! kick to the face from Mr. Rottentreats. He grabs the nose of Chase and fishhooks it from behind yelling GOT YOUR NOSE!!! and hits the Cradled Belly to Back Brainbustah~! GOT YOUR NOSE for the three count! Treats is going to the finals, ladies and gents.

+Winner: Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats(12:41)

GROUP B: Round Two Match
Jacqui M vs. Malcolm Dred-King vs. Johnny Raike

The match starts as Raike insists on a three-way test of strength. King is first to take it and Jacqui M gets in as the three lock hands. King, in the middle, overpowers both and takes them down with a double armdrag. This prompts applause from the crowd. Both up, and both down with a double clothesline. King takes both by the head and drives them face first together. Jacqui drops to the mat and Raike drops to a knee, so King goes behind and hits a German. Samoan drop to Jacqui M. Cover - one count. King brings Jacqui to her feet and whips her into the corner. Raike with a boot to the gut of King, irish whip countered and Raike splashes Jacqui followed by a diving clothesline to the staggering Raike. Jacqui hits a bulldog on King catching him off guard and scores a one count. Raike has rolled out of the ring now to buy himself some time. Jacqui brings King to his feet and delivers a stiff chop across his giant chest but it doesn't phase MDK who then whips her and nails a spinebuster for a two count thanks to the interruption by Raike. Side Effect attempt by Raike, blocked by an elbow from MDK, into a Pele kick from Raike, who ducks a clothesline from Jacqui and nails the Side Effect into a two count. Raike slaps his leg and hits the ropes and returns with a Yakuza Kick to Jacqui, sending her tumbling through the ropes. He then hits a Super Kick on King, but King shakes it off and delivers a T-Bone Suplex to Raike over the top rope and he crashes onto Jacqui M! What a display of power! King doesn't disappoint with a follow up as the 44 year old connects with a Somersault Plancha taking down both competitors!

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" chants the giant crowd in the giant egg! King gets fired up and cheered on by Echo after that exciting move. He sends Raike back in the ring and then Jacqui right after that. King enters only to get a Knee-DT from Raike and a two count fall. Raike turns into a stiff chop from Jacqui, and Raike delivers a chop of his own. She attempts another chop but he ducks and rakes the eyes. He turns right into a Northern Lights Suplex into bridge from King and Jacqui breaks it up with a sliding dropkick. Jacqui looks to lock in Emasculation, a standing headscissors, on King, but he tosses her into the corner and drills her with a big lariat. He turns around and Raike has staggered into the opposite corner. We now get a Stinger Splash to each competitor twice in the corner, starting with Raike, and ending with a HEARTPUNCH into BORN BETTER from King on Raike, the End of Days into a Crippler Crossface! Raike scratches and claws, teasing a tap, and he manages to roll through and escape. Raike slips out of the ring. Jacqui M comes from around the corner of the ringpost but and Raike did not expect her as she takes him down with a big boot that sends him hard to the floor. King then surprises her with a giant clothesline from the top turnbuckle from the 249 pounder! The fans cheer as King takes Raike in.

With Jacqui on the outside of the ring, Malcolm Dred-King looks to take this one home. That's when Mr. Rottentreats hits the ring with a steel chair and whacks him in the back with it. King turns and sees Treats has done this to him and Treats drives the chair in his gut and King doubles over. Treats slams the chair on his back and King drops. Treats tosses the chair out of the ring and helps Raike to his feet. They smile at one another and it looks like their plan is coming to fruition as Raike shouts for Treats to 'PICK HIM UP!' and Treats does just that and hands him to Raike who hits him with the Small Package Driver and he hooks the legs for the one, two, and the referee gets pulled out of the ring! BY JACQUI M! She says 'ooh hell no' and shakes her head before leaning down and picking up the steel chair and sliding into the ring! The tees off on Treats, then Raike, and Treats, then Raike again! She drops the chair and sends Mr. Rottentreats over the top rope and down to the floor. Malcolm Dred-King is rising to his feet and Jacqui grabs him and hits a modified snap single underhook DDT that she calls DDG - Drop Dead, Gorgeous! For the one, two, three! Jacqui advances to the finals!

+Winner: Jacqui M (15:22).

Intermission / Reflection

What an intense battle that was from three world class athletes. The ring announcer Randy Long announces(that's what he does) that we'll take a quick intermission to allow the main event competitors a chance to recoup and regroup before our main event title match!

A solid fifteen minutes goes by. The time is filled by highlights from shows of the past, including the first ever WARPED event held on March 7, 2010 in Chicago Ridge, IL "The Audition" as we see Mr. Rottentreats pick up the victory over Dan Dillinger with BLAAM! and we see shots of earlier that night it was PKA and his brother The Mighty Aguila taking the fall to Tin and Voe Li, known as eLIte. We then see WARPEDLive! 4 clips from April 18, 2010 in Dayton, OH "Five For Fighting" as Mr. Rottentreats went over on Grendel, then known as T.G. Grundy, as well as SwitchBlade over William Diamond, and The Rough Ryder over Malik "Hitman" Logan, to earn a shot at the gold at "Go Big Or Go Home" at WARPEDLive! 6 May 30th in Chicago Ridge, IL as we see clips of the Three Way Dance pitting those three men against each other in which The Rough Ryder would eliminate Mr. Rottentreats and the legend SwitchBlade would go on to make The Rough Ryder submit to Enter The Darkness and be awarded as the first ever World Champion by WARPED President Joey Matthew to end the show. What a historic event that was and tonight will be no different as we prepare to have our World Championship battle for the vacant gold when Mr. Rottentreats faces the relative newcomer, yet experienced veteran, Jacqui M, in our main event.

"Headstrong" by Trapt hit the PA System as WARPED President Joey Matthew made his way down the aisle carrying a briefcase. He's got his trademark black leather jacket on over a white tee along with black jeans as he heads to the ring. Joey says that tonight is a historic event and is the dawning of a new era for the company he founded over six years ago. Joey says that without the fans, we would have never made it to 100 shows. He says not just the fans, but the hard workers who have walked through that curtain for six years. He thanks each and every one of them and every one of the fans who has supported his company. Joey praised the bossman of the Japan region, Patrick Kay Anthony, saying that he's taking WARPED to places unimaginable, to a place where the are no limits and a place where the are apparently no vowels. This gets a laugh from the crowd. Joey says tonight, much like he did nearly six years ago, Patrick will award this championship to its rightful owner. Joey reveals the gold from the briefcase and the crowd cheers and applauds. "Headstrong" hits once again as Joey placed the belt in the ref's hands and Joey Matthew (no s) walked to the back. Great to see @BookItJoey finally show up. How appropriate that it'd be on this night.

WRPD World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jacqui M vs. Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats

This match is for the vacant WRPD World Heavyweight Championship. The winner will be the first World Champion in this new era of WRPD Japan. Streamers fill the ring with the announcement of each competitor's name. More streamers as the World Championship is held high into the air by our senior official, Josh Starns.

It should be mentioned that Treats paid tribute to Prince by coming out to Partyman from the Batman album, full band and all. Purple Joker suit, half-green/natural hair color, half face paint(left side w/eye patch). Douglas Divine is the half painted henchmen with a scroll announcing Treats. – “All hail to the NEW King! ROTTENTREATS!” Treats ripped off his Joker suit to reveal a singlet airbrushed with red polka dots and little red W's, all in the original color and font of the classic WARPED logo. Are those polka dots, or are they a tribute to the flag of Japan? A nod to the past and present from Treats, perhaps, which is exactly what we have in this match as a WARPED Original takes on Jacqui Monroe, who before tonight, had only wrestled two matches in WRPD. This will be her sixth match ever in this company.

There's the bell. They circle the ring, their eyes locked. Treats' shoulder is taped up but he's had a moment to rest, where as Jacqui M is still sweating from her match just minutes ago. Lock up! Struggle for control.. Treats with a wrist lock on Jacqui, and Jacqui escapes and applies one of her own. They trade off multiple times, each trying to best the other. A "whooooah" from the fans every time a new wristlock is applied. Treats gets Jacqui to the mat but Jacqui gets back up. Tie-up, Treats pushes Jacqui into the ropes and he goes for a chop but Jacqui moves and hits a dropkick. Big shoulderblock by Treats but Jacqui kicks him back and applies a hanging necklock. Treats lands with his head hanging over the bottom rope, Jacqui goes outside the ring and nails a running kick. She sends Treats back in the ring and she stomps on Treats, then applies an armbar but Treats gets a foot on the ropes. Jacqui slams Treats’ arm into the mat, working on that injured shoulder, and she applies a seated modified Cobra clutch, but Treats gets to the ropes again. Jacqui throws Treats into the corner and kicks him in the arm, Irish whip by Jacqui but Treats reverses it and delivers a flying forearm. Unfortunately he connects and also lands on his bad arm so it hurts him also. Treats grabs Jacqui around the waist and attempts a bear hug, but Jacqui escapes into a sunset flip for a two count. The Alpha Bitch(Underdog?) poses and the fans applaud, with an assortment of not so positivity mixed in there as well. Schoolboy by Treats for one! Irish whip by Treats and he hits a back elbow, cover by Treats but it barely gets two. Treats pushes Jacqui into the corner and chops her before setting her up top and joining her, then hitting a delayed Superplex. Treats grabs his shoulder and doesn't make the cover. The referee begins a 10 count.

At a count of six they rise to their feet and they trade strikes. Treats plants Jacqui with a Fireman’s Carry Neck Breaker for a two count. Irish whip by Treats to the corner but Jacqui jumps over him and hits a fast Spinning Heel Kick! Pop! Treats rolls out of the ring, Jacqui goes out to the apron and hits a running knee to the shoulder of Treats from the apron. Jacqui slides Treats back in, LARIATOOO~! by Jacqui and she covers Mr. Rottentreats for a two countooo..

The fans make a point to applaud as they're quite enjoying this intense match-up for the World Championship.

Irish whip by The Underdog, reversed, and Treats hits a running knee to the midsection. Irish whip again but this time Jacqui reverses it and hits a running knee of her own. Jacqui goes off the ropes but Treats hits a palm strike before driving Jacqui to the mat with a Swinging Neckbreaker for a two count. Treats with a delayed knee drop, and cover for two. Treats applies a body scissors, working the midsection. The jaded veteran is able to get to the ropes to break the hold.

Treats brings Jacqui M up and she delivers a stiff chop to the chest of Treats, then wrenches the arm. Treats counters into a fireman's carry but Jacqui lands on her feet and hops on the middle buckle. She jumps off theturnbuckle but Treats catches her and Jacqui plants Treats with a DDT. She goes up top and nails a missile dropkick. Cover, but it gets two. Jacqui picks up Treats but Treats spins away, Release German by Jacqui but The Wicked Clown of WARPED lands on his feet, runs to the ropes and returns with a huge LARIATOOOOOOOOO~! of his own! Mr. Rottentreats ascends the turnbuckle and begins the rope walk, signifying a Tight Rope Elbow Drop, but Jacqui is up and hits the ropes. Treats saw it coming and jumped onto the perpendicular middle rope and hits a Sideshow DDT. Cover and.. two count.

More applause from the capacity 23,000 fans in attendance!

Treats sends Jacqui to the corner and takes her up top. Treats elbows Jacqui out to the apron and Jacqui springboards off the top rope to knee Treats right in the face and send him back into the ring. Cover and a two count. On the mat, they trade blows. STIFF Chop by Jacqui but Treats chops her back and they trade chops, one after another, each one stiffer than the last. Their chests begin glowing red. They battle to their feet. Armdrag by Jacqui and she goes for the standing headscissors she calls "Emasculation" but Treats rolls through it. She goes for a Spinning heel kick and Treats hits a T-Bone suplex. Rotten Stomp on Jacqui, putting in work on every part of her body, with Treats saving the "whooooooooooah.........." chest...for last. Pop and applause from the crowd.

Treats grabs Jacqui but Jacqui M with a small package for a quick one count. Jacqui goes off the ropes but Treats elbows her in the face. Jacqui catches Treats with a Belly to Belly Suplex, followed by the Jacqui Kick by Jacqui M and she applies the Emasculation submission! The standing headscissors is locked. Treats struggles for a moment and then manages to rise up and hit an Electric Chair out of the hold! Treats picks up Jacqui and applies a Cravate, but Jacqui slides away and they trade chops. Knee to the FACE by Treats, he gets Jacqui up and he applies the arm-capture cravate, then hits a cravate suplex for a two count cover. Treats gets Jacqui up again but Jacqui grabs Treats’ bad arm and yanks it, Treats gets Jacqui up anyway and grabs her nose! The crowd pops and she chops the bad arm of Treats and she retreats to the floor. Treats quickly runs & steps up on the middle rope into a springboard corkscrew senton to the outside. Sideshow Senton! The crowd is definitely into that move. Looked like he almost botched it but after seeing him do that move a few times, it's safe to say that's exactly how he intended it to go. Rottentreats shakes off the issues he's having with his shoulder and continues on. Can't win the title on the outside so Treats sends Jacqui M back in. Treats measures her off as she's on her knees and out of it. Treats with a Shining Wizard feint, Jacqui breathes a sigh of relief. Reverse Roundhouse Kick! She's dropped by The Clown Shoe for the one and kick out at two and a half!

Treats goes off the ropes but Jacqui catches him with a hard lariat, Treats pops back up however and after letting out a primal scream he hits a spinning backhand and lifts Jacqui up and drops her iwth a double knee gutbuster! He then applies the Indian Deathlock w/Abdominal stretch he calls Twisting Baloon I and it's obvious Jacqui is writhing in pain from this hold. She struggles to get to the ropes and is able to get a toe on the bottom rope.

The fans chant "This is Awesome" as Treats stalks his opponent. He goes to the well with the Rotten Stomp once again, but as he stomps the gut, Jacqui grabs his boot and rises. Enziguri by Treats! She ducks! Crucifix for a two count! They trade quick pins back and forth, Treats goes off the ropes but Jacqui hits the Jaqui Kick! She hits another one as Treats seems unphased, but a third one does the trick. Emasculation by Jacqui, and this time Treats can’t escape as he starts to fade. Jacqui drives elbows into the shoulder and neck of Treats, causing him more excruciating pain. She trips Treats so he is flat on the mat, as she continues to squeeze with the headscissors. His arms go limp, and he is out cold. the referee checks and calls for the bell as this one is over.

Your winner, and newwwwwwwww WRPD Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - Jacqui M!

+Winner: Jacqui M(31:02)

EPIC match. Just over the 30 minute mark for these two extremely gifted performers. That says a lot considering they both had two matches already tonight! So many stiff chops and kicks, so many finish attempts and escapes. They gave each other everything tonight. The match flowed so well and they were both evenly matched that I thought the match could end at any point for either wrestler. It did just that for Jacqui Monroe, so congratulations to her on her third WRPD event to capture the biggest prize where as guys like Mr. Rottentreats have been here since show one, and guys like Johnny Raike, Anton Chase, Cameron MacNichol, Grendel, and Jason Richards have all been active for years and have never captured the prestigious gold. Go out of your way to watch this one, folks.

WRPD Bossman Patrick Kay came down unannounced at some point, and has the championship. He brings the title in the ring and there's a brief moment where Mr. Rottentreats looks on and asks Patrick what he's doing. Kay shrugs and hands the title off to the champion, Jacqui M, who accepts and holds the title high. She poses as confetti falls from the ceiling of the giant egg. Rottentreats measures Jacqui off and looks like he was about to attack but Patrick stops him from doing anything, getting in the way of the two. Kay and Treats talk in the corner and eventually head out of the ring as the champion celebrates in the ring. The fans chant "Jacqui! Jacqui! Jacqui!" as Arch Enemy – ‘We Will Rise’ begins playing over the PA System.

Seems like Treats wasn't too thrilled that his friend was there to award the title to Jacqui M, but being the fair and balanced boss he is, Patrick Kay did what he should do and keep things unbiased, despite the way things have seemed since our return in February. Hard to tell if Treats was going to do anything or if he was just giving Jacqui a look of distain, but PKA was there to make sure the champion could have her time in the spotlight no matter what. Interesting dynamic too considering Jacqui M has been outspoken since this show was announced about management wanting Mr. Rottentreats or Johnny Raike the champion.

The closing scene of the event is a shower of black and white confetti falling from the ceiling, covering the sweaty body of our new champion, with the title over her shoulder, on her knees in the ring, celebrating. Congrats, Jacqui M.

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