WRPD 101
Hiroshima, Japan
Hiroshima Sangyo Hall

Tonight we have four exciting matches to recap for you and they look like this -

(1) Singles Match
Jason Richards vs. Hugo Strange

(2) Rematch from 100
Cameron MacNichol vs. Samuel Washington

(3) Tag Team Match
Malcolm Dred-King & Johnny Raike vs. Juvian Ramorez & Anton Chase

(4) WRPD World Heavyweight Championship (No Time Limit, Count Out, or DQ)
Mr. Rottentreats vs. Jacqui M (c)

WRPD Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Kay, was tipped off that the main event for the World Title at 100 went over the 30 minute time limit that all title matches have in WRPD. This was a major oversight, and while Kay could have nullified that win, he chose to make a quick decision and give Mr. Rottentreats a title match which has No Time Limit, No Count Out, and No Disqualification.

Singles Match
Jason Richards vs. Hugo Strange

So the first match of the night was uh, yeah well. Jason Richards came to the ring seemingly ready to go! That's when this happened. Here's some exclusive footage for ya!


Clutch's "Willem Nelson " Starts blasting through the hall as fans cheer and Hugo Strange steps out on stage wearing jeans and a "free crowbar" t - shirt.

Hugo: Cut the music!

The music stops.

Hugo: Jason I am not going to fight tonight for three reason.

Reason one: You my friend are beneath me. You ran off you went and become a lap for John Pariah. I will not dirty my hands with just a lap.

Reason Two: I will not Indulge Our great boss Patrick while he still has this Delusion of grandeur About the total J cup. I killed that division when he sent Mark Storm to be the Sacrificial lamb Yet he still dreams of it being the great draw.

Reason three: Something bigger is happening here and soon we will all see the joke for what the joke is. To go to that ring and put my hands on you just wouldn't be fair, but there was somebody backstage that wanted the match.

Faith no more' s Cover of "war pigs" Starts up and the fans go nuts.

/End Video

That's when things took a turn for the worse for Jason Richards. The near 7-foot tall monster known as GRENDEL came to the ring and the bell sounded, but this was no match, it was a decimation. Jason Richards was thrown around the ring like a ragdoll. On today's menu, Jason Richards picked a Bear Hug with theatrics, a Full Nelson to the turnbuckle, a Monster Lariat, and to finish things off some Sweet Relief right on his head and a 1.. 2.. 3.

+Winner: Grendel(2:00)

So, this was a sanctioned match? Apparently Patrick signed off on this. But why? Anyway - After the match, Grendel continued to assault Jason Richards. He hit the Burning Hammer on the ring apron before heading out. The fans look frightened of this man. As they should be...

Also, is there anyone else that'd buy a "Free Crowbar" t-shirt? Hugo Strange should market that right away and make a quick buck or two. Wonder what the only concurrent World and Evolution Champion, Crowbar, is up to these days, ever since his longtime friend/foe Patrick Kay Anthony decided to get rid of him from WARPED after he assaulted an official for no reason whatsoever.

So it goes.


Backstage, Patrick Kay is shown chatting with Roddy and Jayson Hashi. Jayson thanks "Peeks" for the upcoming mic time, and he says no problem. That's when there's some commotion in the distance and the "WTF Bitch?" team goes to check on what's happening. They get involved and that's when Patrick and the camera catches up and sees Madman Szalinski standing at the door. Security has him detained and Patrick struts up with a smile on his face. He tells security and WTF Bitch? to back off. Roddy questions this and says he thought Madman was not allowed to be here tonight and Patrick says he's reconsidered and in fact he invited Madman Szalinski here as his personal guest tonight. He says Madman and him have an agreement and Madman will be allowed to second Jacqui M to the ring tonight and he will not get physically involved, right? Madman nods, and adds "unless provoked.." to which PKA hesitantly agrees. PKA extends his hand and he and Szalinski shake it while others look on in surprise.

Rematch from 100
Cameron MacNichol vs. Samuel Washington

MacNichol and Washington had another mat-based match, leading to MacNichol tapping out Washington with the Stranglehold Submission in under 5 minutes! Washington seemed to have difficulty mounting much of an assault on MacNichol in this one. Either Washington is slipping, or MacNichol is firing on all cylinders. Either way, what a win for The Dirty Mac.

+Winner: Cameron MacNichol(4:29)

Cameron won in a very decisive fashion, and he had to have impressed Patrick Kay with that victory. But was it enough to be given a shot at the Heavyweight Title? We'll find out later tonight!

Hashi No More

The crowd looked to the entrance stage when Death Cab for Cutie "Black Sun" hit the PA System and out walked the WRPD Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Kuroi Taiyo is dressed in an all black suit, including his black mask, with his championship on his shoulder. The typical bright yellow tights with a white t-shirt is worn by Leocadio, along with his lion mask, and title over his shoulder. The champs make their way to the ring.

Kuroi Taiyo speaks in Japanese once in the ring, and translates to English that he and Leocadio are the Junior Heavyweight Tag Champs and they belong on this show.

Leocadio said that they opted out of show 100 because they respect the junior tag division that much and have no desire to go for the singles gold, but now it's time to put the focus back on the most exciting talent - talents like these two second generation wrestlers. (Who are their fathers? I don't recall them ever letting that public til now) - Kuroi says that they will now be known as 2Generation, and there's nobody in the world who can stop them from taking over!

The two flashy young stars known as "WTF Bitch?" - Roddy and Jayson Hashi, make their way to the ring to interrupt the Jr Tag Champs. The fans chant "Hashi! Hashi!" and this seems to irk the young stars. Jayson says they requested this mic time tonight and it just so happens Kuroi Taiyo and Leocadio have tried to steal their time. Fine, but they're done listening to them go on and on.

Roddy and Jayson say first thing's first - stop calling them Hashi. They literally said that at the same time. Jayson took over saying that it's time they get real and say they're in no way shape or form related to the legendary Tai Hashi, or Hideo Hashi for that matter, the famous Japanese wrestling promoter that's involved in this new WRPD project from Japan. Wow. So these guys AREN'T second generation stars, but Kuroi and Leocadio are...

Leocadio says he doesn't give a damn what their name is and the only team in the ring that matters is the Jr Tag Champs. A staredown begins and the two teams share some words before WTF Bitch simultaneously throw the first punches and we have a brawl in the ring! WTF Bitch? cleans house and Kuroi and Leo seemingly retreat. Jayson grabs the mic and tells them he has a suggestion and that's at our next show, 102, we have a match. The boos began and Jayson says they can have the match at 102 but if they want to get in the ring unsanctioned style now for more of a beatdown they can come right in!! Kuroi and Leocadio refuse which gets heat from the crowd. Jayson says that at 102 they face off for the Junior Heavyweight Tag Titles if the so-called "most exciting second-generation wrestlers in WRPD" have any balls. There's a funny moment when Kuroi looks at Leocadio and is all "what did he say?!" and Leocadio had to explain that they were talking about his testicles, which really fired up 1/2 the tag champs. Kuroi shouted "FUCK YOU!" and agreed to put the titles on the line at 102. Whew! So at 102 it's 2Generation putting their Junior Tag Titles on the line against WTF Bitch?! I will say that if these guys weren't caught up in the tag division, they most definitely could be contenders for those whom impressed the boss tonight to get a future Heavyweight Title Shot.

Tag Team Match
Malcolm Dred-King & Johnny Raike vs. Juvian Ramorez & Anton Chase

It was a dream match personally put together by the matchmaker Patrick Kay with the sole intent of being a wrestling fan all over again. So much so that he came to ringside and did commentary while the match took place. This is the first time any of these men have teamed together. King and Chase were partners a few weeks back but tonight found themselves on opposite ends. Juvian Ramorez has shown he's back to stay and not just for a one off as he teams with Chase, who still hasn't said which title opportunity he's going to take. King and Raike controlled a majority of the match, even combining forces to hit a few double team moves including the Doomsday Device on Anton Chase when Raike lept off the top while King held him on his shoulders. That took the illegal man, Anton Chase, out of the equation. This led to Raike hitting the Full Frontal on Ramorez, and he fed him to the legal man, King, who hit BORN BETTER and led to the tap out victory.

+Winner: Malcolm Dred-King & Johnny Raike(8:05)

After the match, Patrick Kay gave them a standing ovation and had a conversation with both men at ringside. Could one of these men have impressed Patrick enough to get a future Heavyweight Title shot?


Mr. Rottentreats is performing his pre-match ritual of juggling bowling pins, simultaneously performing laps around the WARPED Wrestling ring on a unicycle. The Hiroshima Sangyo Hall is otherwise empty as the WARPED Evolution Champion loudly sings Who’s going Jacqui Huntin’?! The tails of his lime and purple plaid jacket trail behind him. The Wicked Clown Of WARPED notices Austin Sanders approaching him. The clown darts down the aisle toward the veteran backstage correspondent; coming to a halt.

Austin Sanders: “Just the clown I was looking for!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “I bet you say that to all of the wrestlers you interview.”

Austin Sanders manages to hold back a burst of laughter in response to the cheesy joke.

Austin Sanders: “I’ve only got one question, Mr. Rottentreats.”

Treats looks Austin Sanders in the eye; slowly grinning.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Shoot.”

Austin Sanders looks mortified.

Austin Sanders: “That’s exactly what I want to ask you about. Are you really going to resort to gunplay?”

Mr. Rottentreats: “First of all, Austin. Gunplay is the whackest rapper ever. Secondly, there won’t be any play about it.”

Treats pats Austin on the back; before shoving him out of the frame.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I was in my tiny Japanese apartment this morning packing my things. Ya know, the usual. Seltzer bottle full of mist extracted from the mist sacks inside the mouth of a Japanese rassler. Flash paper, whoopee cushion full of thumbtacks, etcetera. And as I went through my clowny arsenal I slipped into deep thought. As I was making sure my never ending handkerchief wasn’t knotted up. I couldn’t hold back the joy of knowing Jacqui M is indeed staring down a barrel. Making sure my joy buzzer was fully charged I smiled to myself knowing that the barrel she’s at the end of isn’t the whole rosters. It’s mine. Testing the CO2 cartridges in my powder squirting flower I began to laugh, thinking about that trigger being pulled. Just as I was loading my clown shoe, I realized. I don’t need a second, a third, a fourth, or even a fifth. As bad as I’d love to crack her skull open with of these here bowling pins.. Truth is, I don’t even need all of my clowny antics.”

Treats pulls out a pistol; aiming it into the camera.

“See, where I come from, we don’t aim for careers. We aim for your life.”


WRPD World Heavyweight Championship - Extreme Rules(No Time Limit, Count Out, or DQ)
Mr. Rottentreats vs. Jacqui M (c)

This match is for the Heavyweight Championship. This is Jacqui M's first title defense since winning the gold at WRPD 100 at the Tokyo Dome following a 31+ minute battle that led to Mr. Rottentreats passing out while in Jacqui's standing headscissors submission "Emasculation". Following the match, it was realized the error made by the timekeeper that the match went over the 30 minute time limit, meaning the match could have entirely been thrown out. COO Patrick Kay decided not to throw away all of that hard work by the talent, but rather create another opportunity for both to get a legit winner in this match - this time no DQ, no count out, no time limit. Jacqui M has stirred things up on social media, insisting that this is all a ploy to get the title off of her and she expects a mass influx of interference leading to her getting jumped, so she's requested that her boyfriend, Madman Szalinski, seconds her to the ring. Mr. Rottentreats insists he doesn't have a second and does not need a second, so he's out on his own. Both stars get the streamer treatment as they make their way to the ring for this main event bout for the WRPD World Heavyweight Championship.

The bell sounds and they waste no time coming together and starting to talk trash to one another. Jacqui tells Treats to bring it and they lock up. Waistlock by Jacqui, but Treats grabs the top rope and drives Jacqui back into the corner before giving a clean break. Jacqui slaps Mr. Rottentreats and the crowd 'oooh's.. Tie-up again, Treats gets Jacqui into the ropes and slaps Jacqui twice before backing off. More "oooh"s from the crowd and Jacqui can't believe Treats just did that. Tie-up again, waistlock by Jacqui, she applies a wristlock into an armbar, and then attempts to slap on the standing headscissors, but Treats frantically gets out of it. Jacqui puts her index and thumb together to show she was "this close" to getting on that submission that passed out Treats at 100. Lock up.. Treats applies a cravate but Jacqui grabs the ropes and slips through the middle and top to escape. Chops by Treats in the corner, but Jacqui absorbs the blows and chops him back. The two trade shots until Jacqui levels Treats with a forearm. Treats rolls out of the ring to collect himself and tells Madman to stay far far away before returning into the ring. Kick to the stomach by Jacqui and she kicks Treats repeatedly in the legs. Jacqui goes for a leg submission hold, but Treats applies an ankle lock as the two jockey for position. Jacqui gets the better of it, but Treats grabs the bottom rope. Back up, the two trade forearm blows, but Jacqui nails the spinning heel kick, knocking Treats to the mat. Knee drop by Jacqui, cover, but it gets a two count. Jacqui applies a reverse chinlock and applies a stretch hold. Treats muscles out of the hold eventually and reverses it into a bodyscissors, but Jacqui gets to the ropes to try and get a break but it's no DQ! He doesn't have to break the hold, but Jacqui is able to use the ropes to create seperation between herself and Treats so he's got no other choice but to let her go. She goes around the ring and slides in as Treats allows her in.

Both up, Jacqui throws a punch but Treats blocks it. Forearm to the back of the head by Treats and he chops Jacqui against the ropes. Jacqui fires back with a kick, scoop slam by Jacqui and she kicks Treats repeatedly in the face. Jacqui kicks Treats back into the corner until he falls down to the mat. Cover by Jacqui, but Treats gets a foot under the rope so it's just a one count. Jacqui drags Treats to his feet and rams him into the turnbuckle. Again she slams Treats into the corner and she seems driven, she turns him around and chops him hard in the chest. Elbows to the back of the head by Jacqui and she kicks Treats in the head. Treats fights back though and chops Jacqui into the corner, but Jacqui connects with a hard forearm. Again Treats fires back with chops, Irish whip by Treats and he hits the flying forearm! Treats then hits the ropes and returns with a ..........delayed knee drop! He goes out to the apron and has words with Madman first, giving Jacqui time. Jacqui gets up and boots him off the apron to the floor. Treats gets back on the apron, but Jacqui gets a running start and kicks him off again. This time Jacqui goes out after him and Irish whips him into the guardrail before hitting another big boot. Jacqui then sets up Treats for a Belly to Belly Suplex on the floor, but Treats blocks it. Jacqui kicks Treats repeatedly in the head and this time he manages to deliver the Belly to Belly Suplex. Jacqui slides Treats back into the ring, cover, but it gets a two count. Jacqui sets Treats up so she can kick him in the back and also chops him in the chest. Figure Four (wooooo!) by Ms Monroe, and Treats has more leg strength and is able to reverse it and put the Heavyweight Champ in some pain! She releases the hold and kicks Treats in the head, but Treats fires back with forearms. Jacqui ducks under and returns with a LARIATOOO~!

Jacqui brings Treats to a seated position and gives him some stiff chops to the chest followed by a running knee to the face. Cover and a two count. She sends Treats to the corner and charges in for another knee but Treats moves and Jacqui spills over the top. Sideshow Senton from Treats! The crowd pops. Treats sends Jacqui back in and hits the sliding lariat into a cover for two. Treats applies the arm wring into a cravate suplex, dropping Jacqui. He then goes for a shining wizard which seemingly misses but then he hits the reverse roundhouse kick to the back of her head. Following "The Clown Shoe", Treats makes the cover, but only gets a two count for his efforts. Waistlock by Treats, but Jacqui knocks him back with an enziguri. Jacqui goes for a backdrop driver, but Treats grabs the top rope. After a few kicks, Jacqui is able to nail the backdrop driver, cover, but Treats kicks out at two. Jacqui goes off the ropes and hits a lariat, but Treats goes "nope" and steps out of the way. Treats then hits the Corkscrew Blockbuster off the ropes and covers for two! Treats sets up for the Tight Rope Elbow Drop but Jacqui hits the ropes and Treats drops on the top rope in a bad bad way. Spinning Heel kick from Jacqui and Treats drops into the ring and as he rises up Jacqui hits the bulldog and covers.. for two. Jacqui sets up for the Superkick and nails it! The Jacqui Kick sets up for the Standing headscissors but Treats rolls through into a victory roll for a two count.

Jacqui is back up quickly though and hits a hard chop followed by a big boot, but Treats gets right back up and beats his chest. Jacqui hits the ropes and returns with a lariat but Treats refuses to go down. Jacqui goes for another and Treats stays on his feet, barely. Jacqui goes for it again but Treats hits a T-Bone Suplex, then gets to the top and goes for the Tight Rope Elbow Drop and is successful in his efforts. Cover by Treats, but it only gets a two count. Treats applies a key lock, but Jacqui gets a foot on the bottom rope. Back up, the two trade forearm shots, and Treats kicks Jacqui in the chest. Swinging Fisherman Suplex by Treats, cover, but Jacqui barely kicks out.

Treats then hits the Double Knee Buster Drop, setting up for the Human Twisting Baloon I, but Jacqui counters into a Crossface. Treats rolls through and hits the Rotten Stomp, driving his boot into every part of her body and ending with a spinning boot scrape to the face. Treats calls for the GOT YOUR NOSE and he points to Madman telling him it's all about to come to an end for "your broad" and that's when Jacqui hits a LOW BLOW on Treats! The crowd boos as Jacqui then applies for Emasculation! The same move that led to Treats passing out at wrpd100 is now locked in tight. Madman slaps the mat in excitement for his girlfriend who is seemingly on her way to winning it all yet again. Mr. Rottentreats is slowly fading, slipping forward and almost dropping to the mat. Then just as it seems he's out, Treats falls back and plants Jacqui on the mat, breaking the submission!

The crowd chants "this is awesome" as both competitors take some time to get back to their feet. Both finally do and begin trading forearms and punches. Running clothesline from Jacqui, ducked by Treats, Treats with a Fireman's Carry into Neckbreaker attempt but Jacqui lands on her feet and goes for a Release German, but Treats lands on his feet. Treats off the middle rope into a Rotten Rana that sends Jacqui to the outside. Treats follows out and hits a rare Running Shooting Star Press off the apron! Madman lingers off to the side and Treats tells him to stay back! Treats rolls Jacqui back in the ring and starts arguing with Madman and Treats throws a punch, dropping him to the floor! Treats then slides back into the ring and the champ goes for the Jacqui Kick but this time she does not connect as Treats grabs her foot and then kicks her right in the crotch! She grabs her..groin area...Treats clamps down on the nose of Jacqui and fishhooks her nose from behind yelling "GOT YOUR NOSE" before Jacqui hits a back elbow. Irish whip from Jacqui, countered by Treats, and the two begin the crisscross in the ring as both avoid each other a total of three times before Treats goes for his trademark "I'M THE FOOT, BITCH!" but instead of the big boot, Mr. Rottentreats pulls out A GUN AND POINTS IT RIGHT AT JACQUI M! The crowd gasps! Jacqui stops dead in her tracks. Madman Szalinski gets up on the apron and starts shouting. The referee waves his arms and shouts NO NO NO! Mr. Rottentreats PULLS THE TRIGGER TWICE ...and sprays what appears to be HOT SAUCE IN THE EYES of Jacqui M! She grabs her face and starts shouting vulgarities! Mr. Rottentreats then pistol whips Madman Szalinski off the apron! This is followed by a blind haymaker swinging Jacqui into a GOT YOUR NOSE, planting her with the Cradled Belly to Back Brainbuster and a cover... ONE, TWO, THREE!

+Your winner and new champion: Mr Rottentreats (34:09)

Mr. Rottentreats has defeated Jacqui M and is the brand new WRPD Heavyweight Champion of the World!!! “In Yo Face” by Insane Clown Posse hits the PA system and how appropriate is that theme music?! The crowd goes wild! Jacqui M is tended to at ringside as she is screaming out in pain. Her boyfriend comes to her aid. Something is to be said about that finish and it's questionable at best but one thing about this main event that came true is that Mr. Rottentreats said he didn't need a second and wouldn't have one and he had nobody out here with him except the trusted..gun? Talk about a straight shooter!

Confetti falls from the ceiling and the fans throw streamers in the ring as Mr. Rottentreats celebrates his victory. Jacqui M is hurried to the back by her man to get the hot sauce out of her eyes as WRPD COO Patrick Kay and Johnny Raike make their way into the ring and congratulate Mr. Rottentreats on his victory. Madman says something scathing to Kay and Raike on their way out but the two continue down to the ring and congratulate Treats. That's when "Public Service Announcement" by Jay-Z hits the PA system and out to interrupt the festivities is none other than Malcolm Dred-King! He has a microphone and makes his way into the ring. He says that the night is about over and we've yet to hear who PKA has picked as the one who's impressed him the most. King says he is destined to fight Mr. Rottentreats another time and he'd love to fight him for gold. Patrick says he'll fight for gold some day but the Heavyweight Title is not the gold he'll be fighting for because there's a chance Mr. Rottentreats might not have that gold for much longer as he introduces the man who impressed him the most tonight...

Faith No More's cover of "War Pigs" hits and the fans go nuts as does everyone in the ring when the monsterous GRENDEL appears on the stage. Oh my God, GRENDEL is going to challenge Mr. Rottentreats for the Heavyweight Championship?! It appears as though by defeating Grendel at 100, Mr. Rottentreats has awakened a beast that's going to destroy anyone in its path, possibly Treats next time they meet. Or does Treats have his number? It's hard to tell but these two have a storied rivalry and this Heavyweight Title picture just got even hotter. I wonder how Jacqui M will react when she's finally able to see what went down following being rushed to the back for medical attention? Surely she will want a rematch for her title but what will come of the monsterous Grendel standing in her way as well?! What a main event match we had which by the way came in just under 35 minutes this time around. These two clearly have a hatred for one another and I for one can't wait until the next time when they step into the ring together because the last two matches have been incredible! This is what the Heavyweight Title is all about - stiff competition, stiff kicks and stiff chops, and tonight we saw all of the above! Congrats Mr. Rottentreats, who is now the second man in WARPED history (behind Crowbar) to ever concurrently hold the Heavyweight and Evolution Titles. He's a marked man - with everyone gunning for him, including the likes of Jacqui M, Grendel, and Malcolm Dred-King, if not every other single wrestler in the company. So, maybe we shouldn't be wishing Treats congratulations after all.

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