WRPD #102 June 3
Hiroshima, Japan
Fukuyama Big Rose

1) Singles Match
Cameron MacNichol vs. "Legit" CJ Thomas

2) Singles Match
Anton Chase vs. Grendel

Lewis Hilton-Williams vs. Juvian Ramorez

4) Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
WTF Bitch? vs. 2Generation

Johnny Raike vs. Mark Storm vs. Mr. Rottentreats

We're back with another recap of the latest WRPD event, this one from the Fukuyama Big Rose for our second show ever in Hiroshima, Japan! Attendance is just over 800 and they are packed in to see a great night of action including two qualifiers for the annual Total J Cup being hosted by WRPD in June & July, inviting the best junior heavyweight talent from all over the world to compete under the WARPED banner and battle for the prestigious Total J CUP! Not only the J Cup, but they're also here to see the brand new concurrent Evolution & Heavyweight Champion Mr. Rottentreats in his first match since becoming the company's top champion, though he'd tell you he's BEEN the top champion with his historic Evolution Title reign! Let's get to the show!

VIDEO: Mr. Rottentreats Reacts

The show kicks off with a video of Mr. Rottentreats, just minutes after his victory at WRPD101, becoming the Heavyweight Champion by defeating Jacqui M following a little hot sauce to the eye from a toy gun. Bang, bang!

Here's the video:

The newly crowned WRPD World Heavyweight Champion is standing in the center of the WRPD: JPN wrestling ring. The new World Champ is dressed to the nines in a seemingly fresh pressed, mustard plaid suit. Treats raises his smart phone up to take a selfie with his new championship in the center of the otherwise empty Hiroshima Sangyo Hall. The camera enters the ring through the middle and top ropes; quickly grabbing the Whole F’N Sideshow’s attention.


The battered clown raises his right hand, holding the WRPD World Heavyweight Championship; pointing out the name plate that reads Mr. Rottentreats. His smile is overtaken with a frown.

“…Should be one of the top five moments of my life. I wish I could say it is. But just like everything else I’ve ever accomplished here in WARPED. It’s tainted. Tainted by the fact that the substitute time keeper fucked up at One oh One and robbed me of that big moment in the Tokyo Dome. Tainted because of who I won it from. Tainted because I won it in Japan. The only good thing to come of this victory tonight and my being crowned WARPED World Heavyweight Champeen is that it took place in such an intimate setting. Say what you will about performing in the Tokyo Dome. But, tonight the electricity was palpable! With that said. I’m going to do exactly what I did with the WARPED Evolution Championship after I saved it from a ridiculous game of hot potato.”

Treats’ smile reappears at the mention of his WARPED Evolution Championship; as he raises his left hand to display the Evo championship. Letting out a hearty chortle, he cradles both titles in the respective crooks of his arms. The Wicked Clown Of WARPED continues as he makes his way to the ring ropes. Swinging his left leg over the middle rope, he pauses to look into the camera.

“I’m going to take it to one of my native homies and have it smudged. Then I’m going to rebuild its public image, brick by brick. Come one, come all…”

The clown steps out onto the apron, pausing to look back; he finishes.

“I promise not to shoot on you. But, I can’t promise I won’t shoot ya. Right Jacqui?”

Hopping off the apron; static interrupts his sudden fit of laughter.

1) Singles Match
Cameron MacNichol vs. "Legit" CJ Thomas

It should also be noted before we get to this first match that Jacqui M has quit WARPED Wrestling following her loss at 101. It's apparent that Jacqui M has no interest in her rematch for the title or WARPED Wrestling any longer, but that said, we wish her all of the best. Well, Patrick Kay did that, sort of. You'd have to read the news update.

Anyway, on to the wrestling! The opening match of the night, much like at the last event, was a quick one. Cameron MacNichol made quick work of the newcomer "Legit" CJ Thomas when he made him tap out to the Stranglehold submission almost immediately. Cameron MacNichol has looked very impressive as of late, after a quick victory over Samuel Washington in his last outing and now this quick win over Legit. It's a shame he didn't want to enter the Total J Cup cause he'd just found himself in in no time! Surely he should challenge for a title in the near future, though. That's in Cam's hands!

+Winner: Cameron MacNichol(1:20)

2) Singles Match
Anton Chase vs. Grendel

It's interesting that these two face off on this night. Grendel has found himself the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title, while Anton Chase is the #1 contender to something, we just don't know what. He won a Four Corner Survival many shows ago and has yet to make it clear which title he's coming after.

It's a classic big man monster wrecking machine vs. a high flying, technically talented and gifted performer. The power of Grendel was on full display with strikes and throws of the smaller Anton Chase, while Chase tried to duck and dodge, hitting high flying moves and trying to chop the big oak tree down with kicks to the legs. Chase tried for the Chaos Theory, but there's no way he was getting the big man up for that move. Grendel tried for the Moose Hammer, but Chase countered into a quick armdrag that sent the big man to the outside and left Chase no other option (at least in his mind) to do a big step-up senton off the top rope, which Grendel then of course caught him and tried for a powerbomb but Chase countered into a Rana sending him face-first into the ring steps. Chase then picked the steps up and threw them at Grendel and he took the big man down but also got himself a disqualification for his efforts. Chase went in on Grendel, pounding away with right hands, but Grendel is a beast and took all of that and dusted himself off. Chase looked for a seated senton off the apron, but Grendel caught him and powerbombed him through the announce table. Grendel stood tall as the winner via DQ and continues to look forward to a future World Heavyweight Title match.

+Winner: Grendel(6:17)


We fade backstage and see WRPD COO Patrick Kay talking with Johnny Raike and Mr. Rottentreats. He tells them both that tonight is about opportunity and he's honored to bring back the Total J Cup even in Joey Matthew's absense. Kay tells Raike and Treats that despite all that's happened in the last two weeks they have to continue moving forward and this main event will be one that will send them in the right direction and we won't have to look back at the embarassment that was YOU KNOW WHO.. they all agree. In walks Jayson and Roddy, to which they ask "WTF Bitch?" jokingly. Roddy makes a remark about Kay letting any other random wrestler's boyfriends in the arena tonight and Kay shakes his head. Jayson steps in and thanks PKA for the title opportunity tonight and he also looks at Raike and wishes him good luck tonight. Raike tells him the same as he and WTFB? shake hands. The Jr Tag Champs nod at Treats and tell him congrats on his win last week, and good luck tonight, before heading out of the office. Under his breath, Treats says "like I need luck" and he kisses both the Evo and Heavyweight Titles as we fade..

Ringside Guests

The camera pans to the front row where we're joined by a few outside talents checking out the Total J Cup qualifiers tonight including BFW's Declan SalaZar and UGWC's Rogan MacLean! It's great to see outside talents coming in to enjoy the WARPED Wrestling talents up close and personal before they participate in the Total J Cup starting June 17 and 18th in our first ever doubleshot weekend!

Lewis Hilton-Williams vs. Juvian Ramorez

Juvian Ramorez looks to enter his third Total J Cup when he faces newcomer GWP TV Champion Lewis Hilton-Williams, protoge of Malcolm Dred-King. It's veteran vs. rookie in this Total J Cup qualifier.

Collar and elbow tie up to start things off with the veteran Juvian Ramorez gaining the advantage and applying an arm wringer. The rookie Lewis Hilton-Washington tries escaping but Juvian outsmarts him and yanks him down by his big head of hair. Juvian poses and shows off his talents and is quite proud of upstaging the newcomer. This leads to a quick back and forth where LHW dropkicks Ramorez out of the ring and then hits a suicide dive! Ramorez retreated back into the ring where he was then victim of a springboard somersault neckbreaker! After the Blockbuster, LHW tried for a win but only got a two count. Ramorez took back control with a poke to the eye and a springboard suplex leading to a two count. Ramorez brings LHW up and gets a jawbreaker for his efforts and that pissed off Ramorez who slapped the rookie across the face but the rookie delivers a hard slap of his own! Ramorez with a boot to the gut and a suplex attempt but LHW brings Ramorez up for a stalling suplex that has him up in the air for a good 20 seconds, even at one point only using ONE hand to show off his strength, followed by a two count. Knife edge chops from Hilton-Williams which takes Ramorez off his feet. LHW hits a turnbuckle powerbomb and follows it up with a Shining Wizard~! But Ramorez wisely rolls out of the ring to avoid a pin, the veteran instincts giving him an advantage. LHW goes for another suicide dive, but this time Ramorez counters with a stiff kick to the face followed by a springboard dropkick that takes LHW down. Ramorez with a cover and a two count. Ramorez brings him up and chops him in the chest, taking him down, and then takes his time as he goes for Lights-Out, a Standing SSP, but LHW gets the knees up and then hits a Vertabreaker. LHW goes up top for a 450 Splash and it connects! LHW with the cover one.. two.. and the ref stops the count as he notices Ramorez' boot under the bottom rope. Savvy! Hilton-Williams brings the hurt Ramorez to his feet and calls for the Heartpunch and as Ramorez turns around BOOM, Hilton-Williams nails it, and Ramorez staggers back into the ropes and through them down to the floor. LHW tries to go after him but the ref stops him and says he has to go check on him. LHW argues but the ref goes out and checks on Ramorez anyway. He gets back in the ring and starts counting him out but LHW asks him not to. The ref continues counting. LHW tells the ref he doesn't want to win via countout and while the ref's back is turned, an unknown man comes from under the ring and attacks Juvian! He some sort of foreign object in his hand and drives it into Ramorez' face then jumps through the crowd and heads through them without anyone in the ring knowing what happened. It's at this time that LHW decides to go out of the ring and escape the referee, then heading around the ring and trying to pick Juvian up and send him in the ring, but he notices that he's hurt. The ref continues to count, and LHW opts to get back into the ring just in time and Ramorez gets counted out.

+Winner: Lewis Hilton-Williams(8:54)

After the match, Hilton-Williams checks on Ramorez and shows the referee that he's hurt. The ref calls for medical attention from the back. Regardless, Lewis Hilton-Williams has qualified for the Total J Cup tournament.

2Generation Backstage

We head backstage where we see 2Generation, the WRPD Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, discussing their upcoming championship match. The lion-mask wearing Leocadio speaks fluent English as he tells his Japanese partner that tonight they're going to show those two goofs, Hashi's or not, that they're no match for the second generation superstars. Kuroi Taiyo says in broken English that they will make impact and destroy all challenge, especially with the "secret weapon" they have in their back pockets. Leocadio and Kuroi Taiyo fist bump and grab their titles as its almost that time!

4) Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
WTF Bitch? vs. 2Generation

Jayson and Roddy have been teaming together for many years now, wrestling as WTF Bitch? around the indy circuit. They are brothers who until recently we thought were the long lost sons of Headstrong Wrestling & Japanese legend Tai Hashi. They dropped that monicker at wrpd101, and will now create their own legacy. Leocadio and Kuroi Taiyo have been tagging since the return of WRPD, but little is known as to the identities of these masked men. The last time these two teams faced was wrpd95 when Kuroi Taiyo & Leocadio became the first ever WRPD Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.

Leocadio and Kuroi Taiyo attack Jayson and Roddy as the match starts to try to get the upperhand, and Jayson dives out of the ring onto Taiyo, taking him down. In the ring, Leocadio flings Roddy over his head to get out of a sleeper but Roddy sneaks in a crucifix pin for a two count. Jayson returns but Leocadio hits a jumping crossbody on both of them. Leocadio slams Roddy to the mat and tags in the man who's name means "Black Sun" and he hits a hard elbow. Jayson comes in to help but Taiyo knocks him out of the ring and tags in Leocadio. The Roddy beatdown continues for a bit with a few failed attempts by Jayson to rescue his brother, until Roddy finally hits a big jumping kick on Leocadio and tags in Jayson. Pop! Taiyo holds Jayson but Leocadio hits Taiyo on accident, Jayson kicks Leocadio hard in the face and covers him for two. Leocadio regains the advantage and flings Jayson to the mat, giving him time to tag in Taiyo. Taiyo boots Jayson and hits a spinning heel kick, swinging neckbreaker by Taiyo but Jayson kicks out at two. Taiyo goes off the ropes but Jayson blocks the lariat and goes for one of his own but Kuroi Taiyo ducks. Jayson hits a quick spinning back kick instead. Jayson puts Taiyo on the top turnbuckle and goes for a Frankensteiner. Taiyo will have none of that as he headbutts Jayson and he drops to the mat, but Roddy jumps up there and successfully hits one. Quick cover by Jayson, but Leocadio breaks it up. Leocadio goes for a brainbuster on Jayson but Roddy saves him and they hit a double vertical suplex. They grab Taiyo and give him a double vertical suplex too, then Roddy hits a pescado out onto Leocadio. Jayson front dropkicks Taiyo through the ropes, holds on, skins the cat and holds the top rope down for Roddy to hit a suicide dive through his legs. Roddy screams "BITCH!" while diving on Taiyo but Taiyo moves out of the way!! Leocadio gets back in as does Taiyo and they double team Jayson in the corner before hitting a double belly to back superplex! Taiyo picks up Jayson and hits a Black Sun Bomb (Straightjacket Sitout Powerbomb), but Jayson barely kicks out of the cover. Taiyo goes for "Darkness Falls" aka the Handspring Cutter but Jayson ducks it and rolls him up for two. Jayson and Roddy then hit stereo dropkicks to Taiyo aka "WhatTheFinish?" followed by "This One's For Tai" as Jayson hits a rolling fireman's carry slam followed by a 450 splash from Roddy followed by a Moonsault from Jayson! Cover almost leads to three but that's when a masked man inserts himself into the mask with a steel chair and attacks Roddy and then Jayson! The ref calls for the bell and this one ends in DQ.

+Winners: WTF Bitch? via DQ (10:03) but still Jr Tag Champs: Kuroi Taiyo & Leocadio, 2Generation

The masked man is joined by Kuroi and Leocadio as they beat down WTFBitch? in the ring. Leocadio has a title and Kuroi has the other as they both drive them into the faces of standing Roddy & Jayson respectively. The fans boo as the three masked men pose in the ring, titles in the air.

The newcomer grabs a microphone and speaks in Spanish to the Japanese crowd.. "Mi nombre es Príncipe. Me uno a Kuroi y Leocadio en 2generation como otro gran luchador de segunda generación. Nadie nos puede parar" so apparently he's joined these two men and is now a part of 2Generation. My question is - if he's also a second generation wrestler, who's his daddy?

VIDEO: Mystery Man Reveal yourself

Speaking of mysterious new people, we saw somebody debut earlier tonight and take out Juvian Ramorez. Here's an exclusive video of his in-ring promo:

Suddenly the lights in the arena cut off leaving darkness all around the building, everyone is stunned to figure what is going on until “Miseria Cantare” by AFI starts to play on the PA Speakers around the Arena. Lights on the entrance ramp begin to flash red, to yellow and back to red.

Suddenly a slim elegant again woman begins to emerge from behind a curtain, she has a very slim figure and lovely long black hair, as she comes fully into view we can see she has a South Korean flag on a pole which she is waving in the air, after a few moments of waving the lights stick on the color red as another figure emerges from the back.

This man we have seen earlier tonight, its the one who took out Juvian Ramorez after his match with Lewis Hilton-Williams, dressed in Black trousers with a open white shirt and black suit jacket on this man looks more like hes dressed for a business meeting rather than being at this wrestling event. As the couple look around at the crowd for a second then begin to walk down to the ring.

As the lady walks up the ring steps the man walks around to ringside to grab a microphone before rolling into the ring and holding down the ropes for the lady to enter whom is waiting on the ring apron, As the music dies down we are still left in darkness apart from a red spotlight which followed the couple all the way down to the ring.

??? - “Hello Warped”

The man spoke in a very strong Korean accent, his English is a little bit broken however we can still understand him.

??? - “Many people ask me why?, they ask me why I come now, and why I do what I did!”

He starts to circle around the ring, pacing slowly before slumping in the corner, resting his head on the bottom turnbuckle before continuing to speak.

??? - “I come now, because now is the right time for Kenji to be in warped. I come now because warped is calling out for that Asian star to lead its company. I come now because I want to bring the suffering to all you people in the back who fear me.”

He slowly starts to crawl on his knees towards the woman before looking up at her, smiling. He grabs her leg and appears to kiss it before kipping up to his feet in a impressive manner.

??? - “My name is Kenji Lee. I have signed a deal with warped to take out the so called superstars here, earlier tonight I got right of my first contract, Juvian Ramorez. You are a legend and one that wont be missed easily, however you was on the top of my list. And who is on Kenji’s List has to go.”

Kenji pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and studies it for a few seconds before throwing it to the ground.

Kenji - “I have been told that there is good prices on the heads of these people on list, on the next show I will show you all just why you should fear Kenji, Until then, fear your nightmares, as I turn them into your reality”.

And with that Kenji Drops the microphone and the red spotlight suddenly cuts off leaving us in darkness once more. When the lights come out no-one is left in the ring, they have vanished. nothing is there expect a list on the canvas what reads.....EVERYONE.

Johnny Raike vs. Mark Storm vs. Mr. Rottentreats

This is an elimination match pitting three of the biggest stars against each other with only one of them making it into our Total J Cup tournament. Johnny Raike has been nearly unstoppable in his time with WARPED. Mark Storm captured the Junior Heavyweight Championship in short time. Mr. Rottentreats has a storied and gold-filled career with WARPED, currently the Heavyweight and Evolution Champion! Treats and Raike are great friends, so it will be interesting to see how that breaks down in this three way. Storm and Raike have a heated rivalry that started months ago, and Raike wants Storm and that Junior Heavyweight Title off of him. Treats has always had the dream, since he was a kid, to be the winner of the Total J Cup tournament, but he has a lot of irons in the fire with his upcoming appearance at FRONTIER's One Last Time weekend and recently advancing in the Guerreros Of Lucha! Falcon Cup. There's so much going on in this three way elimination bout!

The match started off hot as Mark Storm was the last person to make his way to the ring and when he got up on the apron that's when Raike came at him with a huge dropkick sending him to the floor, followed by a senton to take him down on the outside. Raike hammered at him at ringside slamming his head off the ring and sending him into the ring steps. Raike sent Storm into the ring and stomped away at him viciously, repeatedly, non fucking stop. Storm crawled away and Raike stomped him. Storm kept crawling into the corner and Raike stomped a mudhole in his ass. Raike allowed Storm to get up and wrenched the arm taking him down to the mat and making him suffer with an armbreaker, even driving the knee into the side of Storm's face. Meanwhile Mr Rottentreats just watches from the sidelines on the outside of the ring. Raike with some chops in the corner on the Junior Heavyweight Champ. Storm blocked an irish whip but Raike went in with stiff kicks to get him away from the corner. Raike lept up top and Storm with a quick kick dropped him to the mat and Storm tried for a Tiger Suplex but Raike hit a few back elbows and a big enziguri then went back up top only to get stopped by Storm into a big Superplex and a cover for a two count. Both men are down in the ring and Treats slides in, looking for an opportunity.. but he slides back out as both men start to rise to their feet. The crowd chants "We Want Treats" as he panders to them on the outside of the ring. In the ring the two combatants trade right hands and Storm looks to get the edge but he misses with a short arm clothesline into a big back hand slap from Raike, quick German Suplex by Raike bridged for a two count. Both men up and a quick spinkick from Raike misses and Storm tries for a snap suplex but Raike counters with a Tiger Suplex Pin for a two count. Storm crawls and grabs the bottom rope to get away but Raike pulls him to his feet from around the waist, standing switch, Storm hits the ropes, Raike for a Yakuza Kick ducked by Storm into a Jumping knee to the face, blocked by Raike and he then gets nailed with a Roundhouse Kick by Storm. Raike wobbles and as Storm goes for another move Raike ducks and hits a Pele kick! With Storm on his knees, Raike hits the Baby Ace Crusher and then brings him up and hits him with the Small Package Driver aka Full Frontal and Raike pins him 1.. 2.. 3! Raike has eliminated Mark Storm and in doing so has also pinned the Junior Heavyweight Champion!

This led to a big pop from the crowd and Raike pushed Storm out of the ring with a few kicks. He wipes his hands and smiles as Treats slides into the ring. Raike tells Treats to bring it on and Treats says he doesn't want any of him! This will be the first time these two have met as enemies in the ring!! Treats requests a test of strength and Raike goes to lock hands but Treats moves to the other hand. Raike goes to grab that hand but Treats pulls that hand down and puts the other back up. Raike shouts COME ON, MAN! to which Treats has a chuckle. Raike says "not like that you son of a.." when Treats delivers a devastating fingerpoke to his upper chest region and Raike goes down in a heep! Wait, is this the dreaded FINGERPOKE OF DOOM? Three seconds later and three slaps to the mat equal a giant YEP as Mr. Rottentreats wins this match!

+Winner: Mr. Rottentreats(12:22)

Afterward, Raike gets to his feet and holds Treats' arm high in the air. The fans give a very mixed reaction, leaning negative, as these two have just gone into business for themselves, giving the concurrent World Heavyweight & Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats, a by into the Total J Cup. There's more to this too as Mark Storm looks on from the entrance aisle with the Junior Heavyweight title over his shoulder. Johnny Raike in the ring says that he's coming for Mark Storm's title and Mark Storm shakes his head in disgust as he goes through the curtain. Mr. Rottentreats' music hits as he celebrates in the ring.

WARPEDVision then lit up and the scene switches backstage where we see Hugo Strange, who repeats what he said in a recent Reaction from 101: "I started a joke and I started laughing and the whole world started crying. The punch line is coming and when it hits it will be the biggest bomb to hit Japan and the wrestling world. I warned you all just nobody listened to me." and that's when Mark Storm walked into the scene with his championship pulled close and Hugo Strange attacks him, driving him into the wall and tossing him on top of a nice sushi spread on a table, crushing it and everything beneath him. Hugo picked the Jr Title up and began whipping Storm with it. He asks if Storm still thinks he's a pussy, of course referencing Storm's 101 Reaction that Storm is on a downward spiral and it's all thanks to one man. That's when Hugo starts laughing and heads off camera as the show fades out.

Before they leave Hiroshima, they are leaving their immediate reactions. Find out what the stars of WRPD have to say.

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