WRPD #104
June 18, 2016
Yamaguchi, Japan
Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki

1) Total J Cup - Round 1 Match
Yoyo Banzai(BFW) vs. UGWC Chaos Champion, Mil Vidas Jr.

2) FnX Grudge Match
Kenji Lee vs. Juvian Ramorez

3) Junior Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Raike vs. Mark Storm(c)

4) World Heavyweight Championship
Grendel vs. Mr. Rottentreats(c)

We're back with another recap of a WRPD event and this time it's the second of our two shows this weekend in Japan. Now first off let me say that I've severely slacked at getting these recaps up online in a timely manner and you're all so patient with not tweeting about the show until these go up. I apologize! My wife has been nagging me a lot about going back to the gym but all I can think about is where I can pull my truck over and eat all of this fast food and get home in a timely manner so that she a) isn't suspicious and b) is asleep, so i can start the drinking.

Total J Cup - Round 1 Match
Yoyo Banzai(BFW) vs. UGWC Chaos Champion, Mil Vidas Jr.

Home field advantage for Yoyo Banzai, representing BFW, much like Declan SalaZar who got jumped by 2Generation last night for no reason. Mil Vidas Jr represents UGWC much like Rogan MacLean, who also advanced. Oh, he's not just repping UGWC, he's their Chaos Champion! WRPD COO Patrick Kay once had a shot at that title back in September 2015 and he failed miserably. #SYNERGY!

The crowd was super into both talents, with their high flying/fast paced maneuvers, but Yoyo was getting a ton of love being from Osaka. It was easy for the masked Mil Vidas Jr to win them over though with some well-placed hurricanranas and crossbody blocks. The Lucharesu skilled Yoyo found herself in control with some submisison holds as she tried choking out Mil Vidas, but to no avail. She spit Shochu Mist in Mil's face when the ref's back was turned, and went for the Banzai God Kick, but on the Axe Kick portion of the move after the roundhouse to the face, Mil Vidas Jr rolled her up with a rolling crucifix as she entered "The Dragon's Lair" but she was able to escape before a three count and he nailed her with swift kicks all over, taking her down. Yoyo fought back and went for the Light in the Grave (jumping tombstone) but Vidas countered into a spin-out DDT and went up top and hit La Muerte Volar (the Red Arrow Corkscrew Splash) and picked up the three count! Mil Vidas, Jr. advances to the second round of Total J Cup!

+Winner: Mil Vidas, Jr (11:02)


The cameras went backstage where we saw Total J Cup participant Declan SalaZar watching Mil Vidas, Jr. celebrate in the ring after conquering fellow BFW rep. There is then a door opening and in walks Patrick Kay. He slaps hands with Declan and the two must apparently know each other because they're quite friendly with one another. Declan says he needs to talk to him about a little something that happened last night, referring to 2Generation's sneak attack on him and costing him his match against Adam Alpha. Kay says he's all ears and of course this is when the scene fades to black.

Speaking of fading, it's 3am and these beers have me sleepy. But the recap must go on!

FnX Grudge Match
Kenji Lee vs. Juvian Ramorez

Okay so full disclosure I did not write this recap! Special shout out to one of the interns around these parts who wanted to give it a go. I'll say he did a great job. Just look at the description in this write-up!

The Arena cuts to darkness leaving a purple spotlight on the entrance ramp. "Frozen Angel" by Norther hits the PA System as Juvian Ramorez steps out from behind the curtains. Suddenly it appears that the purple spotlight has changed so the effect looks like its raining. Juvian raises his right arm, then his left, before striking a crucifix pose as he throws his head back looking up at the spotlight shining down on him. Juvian pauses for a moment as he brings out a steel chain from his pocket and wraps it around his right hand before showing the crowd. He begins walking down the ramp, and taps his chest twice before pointing up to the roof. As he mutters some words he turns and starts walking backwards looking out to the crowd, before turning back towards the ring and finishing his walk down the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope and sits in the corner waiting for the in-ring debut of his opponent...Kenji Lee.

Suddenly the lights in the arena cut off leaving darkness all around the building, everyone is stunned to figure what is going on until “Miseria Cantare” by AFI starts to play on the PA Speakers around the Arena. Lights on the entrance ramp begin to flash red, to yellow and back to red. The beautiful woman that is Rayne Lee begins to emerge from behind a curtain, as she comes fully into view we can see she has a South Korean flag on a pole which she is waving in the air, after a few moments of waving the lights stick on the color red. However there is no sign of Kenji Lee, Suddenly Juvian is attacked in the ring by Kenji who has jumped over the railing at ringside and wastes no time stomping on Ramorez who was waiting in the corner for Kenji as the lights in the arena turn back to normal.

DING DING DING, This match is now officially on as the referee rings the bell.

At the entrance Rayne is stood there laughing at the surprise attack from Kenji, she slowly starts to make her way down to ringside as Kenji continues to work on the stomach and legs of Juvian. Kenji grabs the chain that is wrapped around Juvian’s arm and begins to tie it to the bottom rope however Juvian has enough strength to pull back sending Kenji falling over into the middle of the ring. As Juvian gets to his feet he dashes to the ropes and delivers a quick elbow drop onto the fallen Kenji Lee.

Juvian gets back to his feet and once again runs at the ropes, however this time he is sent flying over the top rope as Rayne got on the apron and pulled down the top rope sending him flying to the outside. The referee can do very little and tells her not to interfere which Rayne reply’s the middle finger salute back in the referees direction. Juvian grabs his head on the outside before slowly crawling to his feet, as he looks up he sees Kenji coming through the air as he hits a perfect asai moonsault on the standing Ramorez driving him back to the ground. As Kenji gets up he is greeted by cheers from the crowd watching on. He walks over to the ring and looks underneath it to find a kendo stick which he smashes down onto the rib area of Ramorez.

After three shots Juvian starts to grab his ribs and yells out in pain as a small trickle of blood starts to appear from his mouth, as he rolls onto his front grabbing his ribs in pain he starts to cough up more blood. Ever the gentleman Kenji stops and laughs at Ramorez before running towards him and hitting a picture perfect shining wizard to the side of Juvian’s skull. The referee checks on Ramorez as Kenji and Rayne smirk at each other in a sadistic way.

Juvian has enough strength to push the referee aside and try’s to make it back to his feet but a kick to the gut makes him cough up more blood, Kenji wraps his arm over the back of Juvian and delivers a snap suplex on the outside and immediately stands to the side of Ramorez before hitting a standing moonsault to the fallen Mexican. Kenji who has not even broke into a sweat yet once again goes looking under the ring for some weapons and this time brings out two chairs, he hands one to Rayne and keeps one for himself, once again he walks over to Ramorez before smashing the chair down onto the head and face of Juvian this time busting his nose wide open allowing blood to squirt out.

Kenji picks up Juvian and Irish whips him to the other side of the ringside area who is suddenly smashed again in the face by Rayne who swung her chair at Ramorez. Kenji walks over to Ramorez and picks his crumbled body up and rolls him into the ring, Kenji climbs up the turnbuckle and jumps off the top rope hitting a elbow drop onto the chest of Ramorez before covering him.

1..... 2..... Kenji lifts the shoulders up of Ramorez as it appears he is not done with the man just yet. Ramorez lays still in the middle of the ring, out of breath and what appears to be completely knocked out. Kenji smirks to himself before asking Rayne for the chair, as she slides It into the ring, Kenji places It over the face of Ramorez who still has not moved. Kenji once again climbs to the top rope and this time comes down with a double-footstomp onto the chair crushing Ramorez’s face and skull. The impact can be heard around the arena as the crowd is left in shock, Kenji covers a life-less Ramorez... 1... 2.... 3.... DING DING DING....The Winner of the Match...Kenji Lee!!

No sooner has the bell rang EMT’s rush the ring to check on a lifeless Juvian who still has not moved, Kenji stands over his fallen opponent and smiles to himself, he turns and looks at the crowd and throws his arms up before crossing his arms as he pulls them back down towards himself. “Miseria Cantare” by AFI starts to play on the PA Speakers around the Arena once more as Kenji and Rayne walk to the back as more EMT’s rush to ringside.

+Winner: Kenji Lee(9:17)

Junior Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Raike vs. Mark Storm(c)

This is a match months in the making! It all started back at WRPD95 in our return show with a Junior Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet Rumble where Mark Storm became the champion, but Johnny Raike was robbed due to outside interference by the returning William Wallace! After having issues with Wallace, Raike then continued after Storm when he faced off with him for the Jr Title at #97, which went all the way to the 30 minute time limit but Mark Storm refused to agree to the fan's and Raike's request for 5 more minutes! It'd continue 98, where it was Anton Chase & Mark Storm vs. Arik Bronson & Johnny Raike. Storm would again avoid major confrontation with Raike as he'd leave his tag partner alone to get pinned. Storm would then seemingly disappear for nearly a month, before showing back up to enter a qualifier for the Total J Cup, as Raike faced Storm and Rottentreats in an elimination match, which Raike would dominate Storm and finally get a pinfall victory over him, leading to this title match tonight. Stiff kicks and hard chops from the challenger Raike, and Storm would try to retreat to the outside on multiple occassions. He tried escaping on the ropes, causing a rope break, any time Raike would mount an offense. Raike called Storm a shit-sipping coward and this riled up the champ who decided to put up a fight. They had a great mat-based match for many minutes, with numerous counters of submissions and pin attempts. Any time Mark Storm would wiggle out of a hold, Raike would be right there to give him one more quick and stiff kick to remind him that he's in there with someone that means business. Johnny Raike did not let up one bit on the champ. Any time he tried to leave the ring, Johnny brought him back in, but once, Storm went to grab the belt and swung it at Raike, but Raike dodged it and avoided the likely DQ win attempt. This continued to anger Raike, who has gone through so much to get a fair title match, and was not going to let it be squandered by Mark Storm's efforts to get it thrown out this time. The finish came when Mark Storm was out on his feet and Johnny Raike went for Full Frontal, but he decides instead to go up top and hit the Small Package Driver from the top turnbuckle! The ring shook on that one! One, two, three count, and we have a brand new Junior Heavyweight Champion!

+Winner: New Junior Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Raike(10:55)

Congratulations, Johnny Raike. After years, he's finally achieved championship gold in WRPD, and has vanquished his rival Mark Storm with this win. But something tells me Mark Storm will be looking for a rematch, as he's contractually obligated one, and you know he won't take this loss lightly. Regardless, congrats Raike. Do the division proud.

World Heavyweight Championship
Grendel vs. Mr. Rottentreats(c)

At this point, I'm about six beers deep and my wife just woke up. She seems to think I spend too much time on "facebook and twitter" but what she doesn't know is that I just forced myself to get off of facebook because I was distracted by all of this stupid political stuff. These people argue about anything on facebook and it's sad / entertaining, but all I really wanted to watch was a cat video but somehow it led to a Trump thing and then the floodgates opened when I left a nasty comment on someone's page. Look it's been a long week.

So my wife also caused me to lose what I had written up for this match. Look, bitch, stay out of my office while I'm working at 4:26 in the morning. Mr. Rottentreats is beast moding it up in this match. He seems to be a free man ever since not having Whacky-M gone from the company. But he went into this match with a purpose as he faced his longtime rival and a PURE MONSTER GRENDEL! Ooohh the big man took it to Treats, who used his speed as an advantage to avoid the giant arms, but he couldn't escape the entire time. There was this one spot where Grendel gorilla press slammed Treats out of the ring and through the announce table. Shades of the Jr Hvw Rumble. Now Treats and Raike have a little something else in common besides the gold. The official checked on Treats who shoved them away after a bit of selling on the outside and Grendel had enough as he threw Treats back into the ring (like a dart) and went after him, but Treats got his nose and stomped his feet, twisted his nose and stomped his feet. He got in I'M THE FOOT, BITCH! and hit him with a hard Rana that sent him face-first into the exposed (OH YEAH) top buckle. (Oh yeah, before the match, Treats did that while Grendel made a little girl cry at ringside and the referee took it upon himself to comfort her. I think it was his daughter or something)

NOTE! We get a split-screen shot on the WRPDVision and it's Malcolm Dred-King watching Mr. Rottentreats vs Grendel on the TV in the back, and he's dressed like he's on his way to a funeral with the all black clothes. This rivalry with MDK and Treats is simmering ever so nicely..

Back to the ring. Treats of course took advantage of that buckle spot. And well that went just as Treats hoped it would cause Grendel was knocked sillayyy and he then shows off his true power and lifts the big man (HOW?!) with the Cradled Belly to Back Brainbustahhh~! Treats then got the one, two, three, and retained his title! For good measure, he does a little Rotten Stomp action on Grendel, cursing at him with every boot. Title in hand, Treats then does the spinning boot scrape to the face on Grendel, and he holds the title high with his foot on his face.

+Winner: Still Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Rottentreats(9:45)

Sweet show! Of course you would have enjoyed the recap a lot more had I not been such a lush (taking after our boss, heh...jokes! he's totally sober now!) and gotten the recap up in a timely manner, but life happens. I'll see you guys back here next time with another somewhat timely recap!

Ps - If you can't poke fun and joke about your mistakes and missteps, then what can ya do?


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