#105 July 1, 2016
Nagasaki, Nagasaki Heiwa Hall

1) Declan SalaZar vs. Kuroi Taiyo
+Winner: Kuroi Taiyo via pinfall following Darkness Falls(5:15)

Following the match, 2Generation of Kuroi Taiyo, Leocadio, and Principe all jump Declan SalaZar. He is rescued by WTFBitch? the team of Roddy and Jayson, to even things up.

2) Cameron MacNichol vs. Sawtooth Grin
+Winner: Sawtooth Grin via submission following The Leviathan's Mandible(10:12)

The sounds of Placeboís ďPure MorningĒ stream out across the airwaves of Heima Hall, as Johnny Raike heads to the ring. He is clearly not out for battle, dressed in a mesh belly shirt and boy shorts. The shorts are barely visible over the WARPED Junior Heavyweight title cinched around the Sissyboy Saviorís waist. Raike stops to take a photo with an excited fan, before rolling into the ring and striking a pose before calling for a mic.

Johnny: ďHey hey Japan! I know Iím not on the card this week, but you know I wasnít gonna miss a show. Havenít since the return, not gonna start right after rescuing the Junior Heavyweight title from mediocrity. Iím so terribly sorry for taking so long, I know you were all excited to see just what the Juniors could do. Me too, itís why I kicked Stormís ass from pillar to post- twice -and became youíre champion. And I intend to make it worth the wait. Itís why Iím out here tonight. Iím putting it up on the marquee, glowing neon letters, flashing lights and sirens and all the bells and whistles. Come try and take it from me.Ē

Johnny drops the mic and gives the camera a wolfish grin, raising his eyebrows suggestively. The American Wet Dream returns to speaking momentarily.

Johnny: ďSee, I didnít go out and earn this belt so it could sit pretty on a shelf somewhere, Iím not earning trinkets just for the fuck of it. I want the challenge of raising up a belt, of turning this from just a prop for Mark Storm into a belt you would be proud to call your own, if only you could pretty from my clever little fingers.Ē

A trademark finger wave from the Thigh High Thriller, accompanied by a coquettish grin.

Johnny: ďSo Iíll make it brief, much like the amount of skin Iím covering up, and just put it out there for the world to hear. This is an open invitation to step up and try me. Not a free title shot, those need to be earned, but I welcome the challenge of showing why Iím not just WARPED champion, but a true WARPED ace. If you want what I got, come and try it. Fight your way the the rabble, impress me with a win, demand my attention and I might just go to bat for you, get you that title match. But you have to come to me,, motherfuckers. And you got to be ready to gut me and leave me bleeding if you want to take what I got.Ē

Raike drops the mic down a final time, rolling out of the ring and sauntering to the back while his music plays.

Total J Cup - Round 2 Match
3)Adam Alpha(ICWF) vs. Bronx Valescence(NJFC)
+Winner: Bronx Valescence via pinfall following Valescences Victory(15:33)

Malcolm Dred-King and his wife/manager stand in the middle of the ring. In his hand draped to the side he holds tightly the GWP Television Championship. He slowly raises the microphone to address the crowd.....

"I am a man of few words....and even still WRPD management has suggested I keep my words succinct ; of which I assured them I will."

He looks down at the title belt held firmly in his hand.....

" A couple of weeks back during a NBX Wrestling exhibition event to help celebrate the Total J Cup, my protťgť Lewis Hilton-Williams put his GWP TV Title on the line in an open challenge against me. During the course of the event ...... our World Champion Mr. Rottentreats, decided to make a statement and shoot a fireball into the face of Lewis Hilton-Williams. I was in no condition to intervene as Rottentreats rolled the scorched body of Lewis into the ring ....... and subsequently breaking both his ankles ; before dragging my lethargic body over to Lewis' so I can get the pinfall victory. The sick bastard took satisfaction in 'helping' me become a champion again. So I guess I should thank him for that......but Lewis' you career might be over as its too early to tell the full extent of his injuries; so instead of thanking the Clown I'd thank WRPD management instead....."

He pauses......

" I thank them for allowing me the opportunity to finish my career in this fine organization. I thank them for the part they played in creating Mr. Rottentreats. Most of all I thank them.....for their attempts to stop me from doing what needs to be done, as you see their resistance will only motivate me and strengthen my resolve. You see Clown.....this was all about legacies. I failed to acknowledge yours my first day here after you gave me the proper respect. That misunderstanding I thought we could find resolution through competition. As the tension between us started to build I thought that maybe if I attacked your legacy if I ended your Evolution title reign you would realize that the reason it seemed like I acted I was better than you that first day here was because I simply am. But my friend you won......in the battle of legacies you won....because you ended the career of a man who, despite our differences was like a son to me. "

Raises the GWP TV Title slightly and shakes his head......

"Mr. Rottentreats, I don't blame you for what happened......not at all; I blame myself. I should have put you down when I had the chance. That mistake I plan to rectify as of now you titles.....your career.....your GODDAMN LIFE!!!!! Is forfeited to me, I will not stop until you are no more but more importantly Clown.....no one will stop me, that I promise."

At this point security hired by WRPD Wrestling surrounds the ring with orders to escort Malcolm Dred-King off the premises , MDK gives a smirk as both he and Echo leave without incident.

Total J Cup - Round 2 Match
4)Bryan Williams(NJFC) vs. Rogan MacLean(UGWC)
+Winner: Rogan MacLean via pinfall following The Atomic Bomb of Nagasaki(9:11)

Total J Cup - Round 2 Match
5)WRPD World/Evolution Champ, Mr. Rottentreats(WRPD) vs. UGWC Chaos Champ, Mil Vidas, Jr.(UGWC)
+Winner: Mil Vidas, Jr. via pinfall following La Muerte Volar(28:07)

Both men went nearly half an hour trying to put each other away and pulling out all the stops, including Treats trying to rip the mask of Vidas and put face paint in the eyes of Vidas to try and get the advantage.

Following the match - Security runs out and surround the arena floor area between the crowd and the ring, hands firmly placed on their batons looking into the crowd ......

Malcolm Dred-King emerges from the crowd and jumps the barricade.....

Fortunately security converges on his location and stops him before he hits the ring and Mr.Rottentreats. Security removes Dred-King who yells at Mr.Rottentreats "No one can protect you...."

Going unnoticed is Echo Blackwhisper walking back into the crowd with Mr. Rottentreats Evolution Championship in hand. She pauses raises the championship for all to see before walking out through the exit. As officials converge on the ringside area they find a body bag where the Evolution Title once was.

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