July 15, 2016
Tokyo, Japan
Korakuen Hall

Total J Cup Semi-Finals - Triple Threat (Wrestler pinned/submitted is eliminated from TJC)
Bronx Valescence vs. Rogan MacLean vs. Mil Vidas, Jr.

It's the new PoP's Bronxy V taking on 2 talents from the same company - UGWC's former Chaos Champion Mil Vidas, Jr. and the NEW UGWC Chaos Champion Rogan MacLean! Will the two UGWC talents team up, or will the title situation in their home fed cause some issues and give Bronx an even playing field? Whoever doesn't get pinned or submitted goes on to the finals!

+Winner: Bronx Valescence via pinfall over Mil Vidas, Jr. (22:01)

So advancing in to the finals for the Total J Cup at WRPD107 will be Bronx Valescence of Rogan MacLean, who by the way, accepted the challenge laid out by Johnny Raike at the last event. Raike has responded and both look to have agreed to face off in a future event. Whenever that happens, it's sure to be a barn burner!

Tag Team Match: The Outliers (Sawtooth Grin & HE WHO CORRUPTS) vs. Mark Storm & Hiroyoshi Suzuki

+Winners: The Outliers via pinfall (5:30)

A second win for Sawtooth Grin and now alongside him is his partner HE WHO CORRUPTS. Interesting team are The Outliers. An impressive team as well, seeing as how they just defeated the former undefeated Junior Heavyweight Champion Mark Storm and his partner Hiroyoshi Suzuki in their debut match.

As the camera shifts to the backstage, the older Austin Sanders comes in for some exclusive interview.

Austin Sanders: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to meet one of newest signees in WARPED wrestling. Her name is Sakuya Shizuka. Someone told me that she was here loitering around so let’s find her.”

As the old interviewer walks along the backstage to find the mysterious wrestler, the camera follows his footsteps until suddenly a small fox with a small bell attach to its tail approach the elder to bite gently his pants for attention.

Austin Sanders: “Whose pet owner is this? It’s adorable.”

Then the fox suddenly climbs up the pole when Mr. Sanders encounters a surprising voice.

???: “Greetings, I assumed that you are looking for me?”

The interviewer follows that voice which it leads to kimono-dressed maiden sitting at the top of the backstage boxes.

Austin Sanders: “Are you Sakuya Shizuka?”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Why yes. You must be Sanders-san. Please sit here and join me for some sake.”

Austin Sanders: “No thank you. It may be-“

Sakuya Shizuka: “Please, I insist. Kabuki, please help Sanders-san for a place to sit.”

Suddenly a muscular man named Kabuki who wears a shocking Japanese mask appears from the scene. His appearance makes the interviewer frighten of him.

Kabuki: “Buki.”

Then Kabuki carries Austin Sanders into safety as Sakuya pours a bottle of sake into a dish for a drink.

Austin Sanders: “Thank you.”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Please, have a sip. Nothing will give you refreshment than a sip of sake.”

Austin Sanders sips the dish which the alcohol gives a strong taste. Sakuya calmly sips another for herself.

Sakuya Shizuka: “I suppose you are here for the questions, I’m gladly answer it for you.”

Austin Sanders: “Oh yes. Ahem. How’s your impression here in WARPED Wrestling?”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Exemplary, Sanders-san. This is one of the awaited promotions to compete. I can’t wait to experience such great fights and incredible action.”

Austin Sanders: “Okay and your opponent for tonight is no other than Kuroi Taiyo. Any thoughts for that?”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Well Sanders-san, I have to admit that he is a fearsome foe but I would love to “spar” with him. Who knows what treasures will be unraveled from this fight. I might learn some strikes or some kicks or some perfect throws but you will never know. I’m just getting started. And besides Sanders-san, the only matters tonight is a good fight and this bottle of sake.”

She again pour sake to the dish and drinks it.

Austin Sanders: “Thank you. That is all I want to ask.”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Are you sure you don’t want another round of sake, Sanders-san?”

Austin Sanders: “I have things to do. I’m sorry.”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Well may the gods smile upon you and your career. Have a great night.”

Austin Sanders: “Why thank you and you too.”

The interview climbs down the box with the help of Kabuki as the crew leaves. Sakuya on the other hand finishes her sake which she felt much content.

Singles Match
Sakuya Shizuka vs. Kuroi Taiyo

The newcomer Sakuya Shizuka takes on 1/2 the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Kuroi Taiyo!

+Winner: Sakuya Shizuka via pinfall (7:20)

Another newcomer Sakuya Shizuka was very impressive in her debut. We look forward to what she has to offer in the future!

4 Corner Survival - #1 Contenders Match: Junior Heavyweight Title
Principe vs. Declan SalaZar vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Kenji Lee

Four great wrestlers will compete for an opportunity at Johnny Raike's Jr Hvw Title at WRPD107!

+Winner & #1 Contender: Cameron MacNichol via Stranglehold Submission over Principe (8:19)

Cameron took advantage of Kenji Lee and Declan SalaZar battling on the outside of the ring to put away the masked Principe with the Stranglehold submission. Cameron finds himself as the #1 contender for Johnny Raike's Jr Hvw title now at WRPD107! But one man who absolutely impressed in this match was Kenji Lee, who we already saw that he can put in work when he took out Juvian Ramorez a couple months back. He is one to watch!

MAIN EVENT: Evolution Championship: Mr. Rottentreats(c) vs. Anton Chase
Anton Chase cashes in the title shot he earned weeks ago! Mr. Rottentreats is coming off a Total J Cup tournament loss to Mil Vidas, Jr. With no concern for Malcolm Dred-King being at the event, will we have a clear-headed Treats? Or will "The Future" fight his way to becoming a 3 time Evolution Champion?

+Winner and Still Evolution Champion: Mr. Rottentreats via pinfall (11:01)

Having come off a loss to Mil Vidas Jr, Treats looked to prove himself and you could tell he was going all out. He seemed like he was constantly looking over his shoulder, too, so he was quick to attempt pinfalls on Anton Chase, who was quick to escape many of them, but not all.

In regards to what Mr. Rottentreats did to Lewis Hilton-Williams and what transpired with Malcolm-Dred King at 105, Malcolm Dred-King has been banned from this show to prevent any injury on the WRPD Evolution & World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Rottentreats. However...

From out of the crowd Malcolm Dred-King emerges with what appears to be a NBX referee in tow. Now that WRPD is officially over so is his suspension. Mr. Rottentreats has yet to see Dred-King who strikes him in the back of the leg with a newly revealed black bat with gold lettering. The NBX Referee motions towards the timekeeper......

The ringbell is sounded, and the match begins with an all-out brawl as Mr. Rottentreats quickly regains his wits as this impromptu NBX hardcore match that's unsanctioned by WRPD begins. Echo throws MDK a crutch from the ringside area and MDK breaks it over Mr.Rottentreats back, who we must remind you just had an Evolution Title defense. MDK proceeds to take another shot with the crutch with all his might, causing the crutch to break and a howl of agony from the battle weary Rottentreats. However Rottentreats isn't without his own resources and uses a piece of the broken crutch and jams it into MDK's leg buying him some time.

MDK reeling from the piece of wood stuck into his leg gives Mr. Rottentreats the advantage by power-bombing MDK into the far turnbuckle following it up with a vicious DDT.

Mr. Rottentreats rolls out of the ring...pissed off, and looks under the ring apron. A smile comes across his face as he emerges with a staple gun. Rottentreats slides back into the and staples the head of the recovering MDK followed up with a series of punches causing the ring legend to sport the beginning of a crimson mask. WRPD officials surround the ring. MDK recovers enough to nail Mr. Rottentreats with a low blow causing the champ to double over.

Echo meanwhile had set up a table on the outside of the ring, which she had quietly doused with lighter fluid. MDK sets up Mr. Rottentreats in a razors edge with the intent of tossing Mr. Rottentreats outside of the ring and into the table.

Echo sets the table ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

MDK hoists Rottentreats up but the champion slides out of the hold causing MDK pause. As Malcolm goes for the follow up clothesline, the resourceful champion shoves the NBX referee into the line of fire before rolling out of the ring to confront Echo Blackwhisper and a burning table.

MDK seeing Rottentreats and his wife leaps over the top rope but is instictively caught by Mr. Rottentreats who delivers MDK via a death valley driver through the burning table.

Mr. Rottentreats rolls Dred-King's body into the ring as a WRPD referee slids into the ring; using the ropes for leverage Mr. Rottentreats covers MDK for the....




WRPD officials swarm the ring to put an end to the hostilities as Echo Blackwhisper grabs the mic......

ECHO:" We are officially invoking our Championship match clause for WRPD #107, but not for the World Championship....no.....we want the title whose legacy you...Rottentreats..... continue to build every day.....the Evolution Championship!"

the crowd pops for that announcement......

ECHO:"My husband also has signed on to a match that's only awaiting your signature.....we end all of this....at WRPD 107; in a dog collar match so Malcolm can make you his bitch!!!! Ohhhh and so you you don't get any ideas....it will be inside of a steel cage!!!!!"

the crowd goes wild for this announcement......

ECHO:"Ball is in your court 'CHAMP'....you sign the contract....we settle this once and for all."


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