Aichi, Japan
Aichi Prefectural Gym

Official Theme Song - ayokay, Quinn XCII - Kings of Summer


A car pulls up to the arena coming to a screeching halt.....from out the driver's side emerges MALCOLM DRED-KING. He rushes around to the passenger side to open the door for his wife ECHO BLACKWHISPER.

Echo: " First time in a country and you'd think you'd swallow your pride and ask for directions...." she says playfully as the two rush into the arena.

MDK:" Don't worry I called PKA and he said as soon as we arrive we can head out to the ring...."

As the two are rushing to get to the ring; understandably saving pleasantries for later on in the evening a voice calls out to the couple....

"Mister B......"

MDK pauses for a second as it's been years as someone in the business has refered to him in exactly that manner; he sees ROTTEN TREATS with a Butterfinger Candy and a can of Coke....

TREATS:" Hey man you can't do your thing without these.....welcome to WARPED!"

MDK looks at him trying to place the face but in his rushed state he can't quite remember or place who this person is....

ECHO:" C'mon Malcolm it's time....."

MDK turns to Treats....

MDK:"Thanks man, whoever you are ..... would you mind holding onto these until later on?"

MDK rushes off before he can get an answer either way as Rotten Treats looks at the departing couple....

TREATS:" Whoever I am?!?!?!"



Patrick pulls the Evolution Title out of one of the large black bags we saw earlier. He says its all yours and Treats replies "Aw, you shouldn't have, Peeks." Treats jerks the title away from Patrick Kay "Really, you shouldn't have... stripped me of the title in the first place. Thanks anyway. I'll defend it with dishonor!" -

This is when a man's voice is heard "Oh so we just handin' things out? Let me get in on this.." and in steps pro wrestling legend and former Headstrong Wrestling World Champion Malcolm Dred-King! He hasn't been seen in years! Treats steps up - "Malcolm, you're like the fourth blast from the past in the last three years. What gives, Peeks? Yo, King, see this?" Treats playfully pie-faces MDK with the Evolution title; MDK swats it away. "This WARPED Evolution is the now. HSW is old hat. I'm certainly not a kid anymore! And if you've got a problem with it!" Treats jumps in MDK's face, nose to painted nose! Patrick slides between the two to deescalate the situation. Treats calmly backs away a bit, then honks MDK's nose before making a run for it!

King smirks and tells Treats that he wants no part in what is going on in here. Anything he acquires, he earns. Raike tells him he will earn himself an ass pounding and they all look at Raike. Patrick tells Raike to chill and save it for the bedroom. King leaves the room and leaves the three of them alone. After this awkward pause takes place we fade to black.


MDK:" ....and now that both I and the Headstrong Title is home; it's about the future....moving onward and upward....it's about WARPED WRESTLING and along with stars such as Raike, Vaughn Ronie Jr., and others it's about becoming The Face of a revolution...it's about Evolution. Dare I say....."

MDK chuckles a bit as he sarcastically continues......

MDK:".......dare I say I may even become Mr. Warped Wrestling...lol."


Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles - Six Man Tag WTF Bitch? & Declan SalaZar vs. 2Generation(c)

The first match of the night was ready to take place as the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship is on the line in a 3 on 3 battle. Well, it was supposed to be. The ongoing feud between Leocadio/Kuroi Taiyo and WTFBitch? has escalated over the last few months, with the addition of Principe alongside Kuroi and Leocadio, forming 2Generation, and Patrick Kay's protoge Declan SalaZar joining the alliance of Roddy and Jayson (fka) Hashi.
The cameras showed backstage where Declan SalaZar was entering the building earlier today and he was attacked from behind by all three members of 2Generation, the 2nd Generation superstars known as Principe, Leocadio, and Kuroi Taiyo. They beat down Declan and commentary then tells us that there's no way he's going to be able to compete tonight as he's been taken to a local medical facility. Cut to the ring where it will now be a handicap match, 3 on 2, taking on Roddy and Jayson - WTFBitch? They ask that question I'm sure. This was a fast paced match with 2Generation controlling a majority of the match, but the high flyers found their way to almost-victory a few times. Unfortunately, the numbers game came into play, with a referee distraction here and a sneak attack there, here a win, there a win, 2Generation got the win. Old MacDonald had a farm, and 2Generation has the gold. ee ii ee ii oohh..

WINNERS and STILL Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, 2Generation

3/11/16-SHOW 96 Malcolm Dred-King vs. Crowbar

- This is exciting. It's the in-ring return of Malcolm Dred-King, a man who we haven't seen in -this- capacity in nearly a decade? MDK, who is showered with streamers by the wrestling fans before the match begins. Mr. Rottentreats made a point to walk out and sit at the commentary table for this match, spectating with his Evolution Title on his shoulder.

- The two heavyweights had a HARD hitting match. Mr. Rottentreats served as a bit of a distraction for much of the match, shouting things out at the wrestlers in the ring. Both men did their best to focus on the task. Treats got up on the apron and held his title up asking who wanted it more. Shortly after, Crowbar looked to capitalize on MDK with the KFO Cutter, but MDK turned it into BORN BETTER, the End Of Days into a Crossface and Crowbar tapped out! Mr. Rottentreats points at MDK and then at his title and laughs as he leaves MDK in the ring to celebrate his victory.


In the backstage, Sakuya sits into the corner with her little fox friend, Kasai on her lap. She is playing her shamisen while chanting a sweet melodic lyrics from her lips.

???: “Excuse me, Ms. Sakuya Shizuka.”

As she sees the man calling her, she begins to recognize him. And it is no other than….

Sakuya Shizuka: “Why if it wasn’t, Sanders-san! It’s great to see you!”

Sakuya Shizuka puts her little pet on her shoulders and stands up to greet what she perceived as her old friend. She shakes his hand with both of her hands with great enthusiasm. The old interviewer becomes flatter or blushed.

Sakuya Shizuka: “Are you parched? Do you need something to drink? I do have a bottle of sake just for both of us if you want.”

What a kind woman treating the elders like that. Austin Sanders smiles and he humbly rejects her offer.

Austin Sanders: “Thank you but I’m here to ask some questions.”

Sakuya gets the answer as she remembers the last time.

Sakuya Shizuka: “Ohhh!!! Forgive me for my hospitality. It’s what I do especially for the elders like you should be respected. So please ask, Sanders-san.”

Sakuya smiles at him as Austin’s enthusiasm rises up.

Austin Sanders: “Thank you. On the last show, you have won against Kuroi Taiyo in one falls match with a remarkable performance. Any thoughts?”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Why this wouldn’t be done without Taiyo-san. He also did a remarkable performance so I want all to give credit to him. He taught me everything I need about the art of wrestling and finally I learned from it. And also I didn’t consider as a victory for me but for both of us because this match won the hearts of the spectators. May we have a rematch someday, it was a great experience.”

Austin Sanders: “Wow, such humble of you.”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Why, thank you. I’m just an ordinary woman after all and there’s nothing special about me.”

Austin Sanders: “Anyway, we want to know your thoughts about your upcoming match against Kenji Lee?”

This subject about Kenji Lee shifts her mood into serious and pity. Remember her promo?

Sakuya Shizuka: “Lee-san. Poor guy. He really is a deep person struggling with his dark past. I don’t know how many people in this place understand him but I do understand him. But I could tell him that his performance in his last match against Cameron MacNichol, Principe and Declan SalaZar are great even I can’t exceed that. He should be proud of that. I am honored to fight with him and I hope that this match will get at least his smile that will slowly light on his past. I might win this but he really needs to win this match so I humbly accept defeat when he really beat me.”

Austin Sanders: “Thank you, that’s all the questions.”

Sakuya Shizuka: “I hope that is all what you need, Sanders-san. Anyway, would like to join me for some tea after this event? I will prepared you some.”

Austin Sanders: “Sure, why not?”

Sakuya Shizuka: “Splendid, I will get started after my match.”

Austin Sanders: “Wonderful.”

Then the old interviewer walks out as the gentle maiden goes back to her seat as she’s now playing her little pet. Adorable.

Singles Match
Sakuya Shizuka vs. Kenji Lee

The match starts out with the Rognarok and Sakuya slowly measuring one another up before they both go in for a tie up. Lee armdrags Shizuka and leaves her arm locked in. Shizuka quickly hops up, spinning under the armlock and applying a wristlock of her own. Lee spins out of that, but as he attemps to lock in his own wristlock, Shizuka cartwheels out of it. Applause from the fans. She attempts a clothesline and Lee ducks under, and quickly hits a drop toe hold. They both stand, Shizuka goes for a high kick to the face, but Lee catches it and rolls into an anklelock. Shizuka rolls to her back and breaks the hold. Both stand and Lee wastes no time in grabbing Shizuka and hitting a snap suplex. He keeps hold and rolls with it as if to snap suplex her again, but it’s blocked, and Shizuka hits a snap suplex of her own. She rolls through and attempts another, but Lee blocks it. He attempts to counter with another snap suplex, but Shizuka blocks it! And executes a second snap suplex! Beautiful chain wrestling by these two and the fans show their appreciation with applause. Kenji Lee charges forward, but Shizuka thinks quickly and counters with a facebreaker knee smash, Lee stumbles backwards from the impact and leans against the turnbuckle. Then charges forward again, but Shizuka gives him a kick to the gut, She attempts to lift him up for a turnbuckle powerbomb, but he seems to be a little too heavy and he counters with a backbody drop. But Shizuka flips in the air and lands on her feet! She thinks quickly and springboards off the middle rope and hits Kenji Lee with a Koenkyaku! She steps towards Lee, but Lee reaches up and grabs the fox-like mask that Shizuka is wearing. She manages to shove him off and he rolls backwards, then stands and begins to charge forward, but is met with a blue mist! Lee immediately covers his eyes, but then Shizuka grabs his head and plants it into the canvas with a collective “Ooooh!” from the fans in attendance. Komori-uta! She makes the cover. 1… 2… 3! Another impressive showing for one of Warped’s newest signings in Sakuya Shizuka!

Winner: Sakuya Shizuka (4:01)

3/25/16-SHOW 97

Mr. Rottentreats had some things to say. Check out the video -


Static cuts nearly busts your speakers. It dissipates quickly, revealing Mr. Rottentreats; adorned in his most haggard plaid attire to date. The WARPED Evolution Champion saunters back and forth whistling to the tune of “I Love A Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbit. His jovial whistling transitions to the clown singing: Japanese subtitles appear.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Showers wash all my cares away! I wake up to a Championship day!”

Treats quickly pulls the Evolution Championship belt away from his waist to display it for the camera. After a snappy chortle; the clown continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: “‘Cause I looove a rainy night!”

The Whole F’N Sideshow allows a wide, single eyed smile to take over his painted face.

Mr. Rottentreats: “A lot has changed since Patrick Kay hit the reset button on WARPED. Letters have been dropped, search parties have shown up with decaying remnants of legends of yesteryear. New comers, now gone. And not so new comers laying claim to titles they haven’t even begun to earn yet. As far as the decaying remnants of yesteryear go. Malcolm, it’s simple. You want it? Come get it! In case you haven’t done your research, I don’t back down from any challenge. I promise you now, we’ll never find out how my WARPED Evolution Championship will look around your waist.”

The Evolution Title is proudly displayed by Mr. Rottentreats once more.

I’m taking my rightful spot on the WARPED throne. You might as well get used to calling me King Treats. After I successfully defend MY Evolution Championship, this clown will be the only KING that matters. So, let it rain, let it rain. Let. It. Rain. You ‘ol Marshmallow Necks.”


Well now that we've heard from Mr. Rottentreats regarding his upcoming match and a subtle jab at Malcolm Dred-King, let's revisit a promo posted to YouTube on our website WARPEDWrestling.com earlier this week from MDK himself -


Malcolm reaches into his briefcase and pulls out and old photo of him and of the man who would eventually become Mr. Rottentreats....

"This is a message to that man.....to that individual. I look at this picture....when you gophered for me back in the day; and I remember it very well. You wanted an autograph after a Headstrong Wrestling show...and I remember I turned the tables on you and asked you for yours....because....and I said this to you, I see a fire in you that will take you far in this business....where it'll be you who they are asking autographs from; and I want to be proud to say I got the first one."

Malcolm put the photo back.....

"I'm no Nostrodaumus....far from it, but to see the man you have become...to see the man you have EVOLVED into is something to behold. But you see...this is what it's become about ; it's become about Evolution. That title you hold over your shoulder, would look nice around my waist. I'm not one to mince words because we don't have time for that, but you have my full attention now."

Handicap Match
The Outliers vs. Anton Chase

Sawtooth Grin starts this match out, with HWC standing on the apron. A cloud of bizarre hovers over these two guys. Meanwhile, Anton Chase is staring from across the ring. Sawtooth stalks to the center and extends a hand. Chase smirks and slaps it away. Sawtooth looks around the arena after his hand is slapped away, but the attempts again, insisting that Chase shakes it. Shake stares for a moment and shakes his head, extending his own hand. They shake, but Chase feels Sawtooth is up to something as HWC is making bizarre sounds from his corner, and pulls Sawtooth into position for a belly-to-belly suplex. Sawtooth steps over, however, shifting his weight and slamming Anton Chase with a judo throw. He crawls up and pins Chase’s arms down with his knees, but only sits there staring at him. I swear, these boys are bizarre, even for Warped. HWC grins from the corner and holds his hand out to be tagged. Chase finally tosses Sawtooth off of him and glares at him. Sawtooth seems to slither across the ring and tags in his partner, HWC. Chase stands and the two go for a tie up, but HWC gives him a knee to the gut instead. He has Chase in a side headlock and takes a step towards the ropes. Despite the ref’s disapproval, HWC then rakes Anton Chase’s face along the rope and tosses him to the ground. Then, with Chase holding his face from the rope burn he just received, HWC stands on his hair. He grabs Anton’s arms and stretches them up. He lets go just as the ref is getting to the count of five and then, giggles into the face of the referee! What is with these guys? The referee covers his nose, noticeably disturbed by the smell coming out of HWC’s mouth as he cackles. When he turns around, though, he’s met with a springboard missile dropkick! Chase’s speed took HWC by surprise as he is launched backwards across the ring. Chase is visibly annoyed with the way the Outliers have been toying with him thus far. He turns his attention and hits Sawtooth with a spinning wheel kick that knocks him to the outside! HWC is getting up, but Chase is already in motion, kicking him in the gut and then executing a twisting fisherman suplex. He keeps the leg hooked for a pin. 1… 2… Kickout by HWC! Chase pulls HWC up by his ear, as if to mock the Outliers’ unorthodox style, just as Sawtooth is climbing back on the apron. He then grabs him up and executes a t-bone suplex that sends him through the ropes and into Sawtooth climbing on the apron! Both men fall to the floor on the outside! Anton Chase wastes no time and sprints forward, springboarding on the ropes, and hitting a shooting star press to both Outliers! The fans approve and applaud loudly as all three men are down on the outside now. Anton Chase finally climbs back into the ring, and HWC and Sawtooth are both on the outside grinning. HWC slides into the ring and Chase wastes no time, picking him up and looking for his finisher, the Chaos Theory. As he lifts him up and steps through, though, Sawtooth is in the ring and kicks him in the gut. Chase drops HWC and is immediately hit with Sawtooth’s Thumbsucker! The ref forces Sawtooth out of the ring as HWC makes the cover. 1… 2… Kickout by Anton Chase! HWC picks Chase up and lifts him into what looks almost like his own move, the Chaos Theory, but HWC doesn’t step through. Instead he drops to his knees, hitting his own finisher, The Disasterpeace! He makes the cover. 1… 2… 3! The Outliers win! And Chase put up a phenomenal effort, but the strength of the Outliers together proved to be too much for Anton Chase tonight. HWC crawls over to the turnbuckle after making the cover and sits in the corner with Sawtooth Grin bending and sticking the top half of his body into the ring, staring at Anton Chase as he lies in the middle of the ring. And both men are smirking creepy grins as their names are announced across the PA system as the winners.

Winners: The Outliers 9:12

4/8/16-SHOW 98 MAIN EVENT Mr. Rottentreats vs. Malcolm Dred-King

Mr. Rottentreats following interference from "Dee-Licious" Douglas Divine, behind the ref's back, squirting baby oil into the face (and eyes?) of King, blinding him! Treats then nailed a Tiger Bomb into Pin, scoring the 3 count. After the match Treats and Divine escape, Treats grasping onto his Evolution Title, and King being tended to with a towel in the ring.


4/22/16-SHOW 99 Anton Chase & Malcolm-Dred King vs. Mr. Rottentreats & Dougie Divine

Malcolm Dred-King / Anton Chase win as MDK hits BORN BETTER (End of Days into Crossface) to submit Dougie Divine. Mr. Rottentreats did what he could to avoid any contact with King whatsoever. Just as King was about to get ahold of Treats, the clown ducked out, leaving Divine behind to get beaten.


Mr. Rottentreats: “He’ll chill out. Once he realizes that taking one for the team and helping me stay healthy for that WORLD title tournament is just my way of helping him pay his dues around here. Just like you, Malcolm.”

Treats smirks at the mention of his former idol, now turned nemesis.

Mr. Rottentreats: “That’s what all of this is about. Dues. See, I don’t give a shit whether you’re a rookie, or a one hundred twenty two time world champion. None of that shit matters to me. And it definitely doesn’t matter to the WARPED Faithful. This is WARPED. That ‘ol Double-U Arrrggh Pea Dee! If it ain’t WARPED it don’t matter!”

The Whole F’N Sideshow leans back against the wall. The clown quickly glances both ways checking for any possible on comers; before sliding down the wall and slumping into the floor. Continuing; he allows his head to lie against the wall.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Why am I like this, you ask? Simple. I’m sick and tired of blasts from the past coming into MY house and winning titles they didn’t deserve shots at to begin with, especially when they win one! Mainly you marshmallow neck ghosts of JoJo Matthew’s past from Headstrong Wrestling. I get it, your names are known the world over. Here’s the thing. Your names don’t matter here!”

Treats drags his glove covered thumb across his on throat in a cut throat fashion.

Mr. Rottentreats: “NOT anymore! Don’t get me wrong. I respect your accomplishments outside of MY hallowed halls. That respect stops once you reach a fifty mile radius of any given town we’re in for the night. This isn’t about you not remembering James Ronie. This is about you not giving Mr. Rottentreats the respect he’s earned around here.

The clown’s good eye, darts up to the camera lens.

Mr. Rottentreats: “As for this.”

Treats knocks on the main plate of the WARPED Evolution Championship belt wrapped around his waist.

Mr. Rottentreats: “This reign dies, when I die. And wicked clowns never die.”

He jumps to his feet; quickly dusting off his pants.

Mr. Rottentreats: “See ya, when I see ya, Malcolm.”



Junior Heavyweight Championship
Cameron MacNichol vs. Johnny Raike(c)

This is the first one on one meeting of Cameron MacNichol and our reigning Junior Heavyweight Champion Johnny Raike. This will be Raike's first title defense since dethrowning the first champion, Mark Storm.

MacNichol got the first advantage, bringing the champion down to the ground and showcasing his technical skills, locking Raike into a front facelock. Raike showed off his athleticism and ability to escape and the two had a stand off. Lock up again, Cam took control once more, but Raike came back with a lariat and some stiff kicks. They traded some strikes and Raike got the upper hand until MacNichol escaped and went to lock in the Stranglehold early on, but Raike blocked and countered into a leaping reverse rana dropping Mac on his head. Raike took some time to pose for the fans. MacNichol got an abdominal stretch that he transitioned into a release German. They traded suplexes and quick one counts. MacNichol weakened him with a sleeper and then hit a death valley driver onto his knee. MacNichol hit a Piledriver but it looked like he didn't get all of it as Raike put his hands down. Two count. Raike came back with a Yakuza Kick, Super Kick, and a Tiger Suplex Pin combo for a two count. Swinging Neckbreaker from Cam, followed by Stranglehold attempt, Pele Kick from Raike, into Small Package Driver that led to a two count when Cameron got his leg under the bottom rope. Raike hit a Baby Ace Crusher. Cameron came back with a Belly to Belly Suplex into the corner turnbuckles. They traded stiff kicks and strikes once again. Raike looks to be bleeding from his mouth. Raike got a one count with a Bulldog. Raike off the top with a Crossbody, followed up with the Pleasure Seeker and a 3 count!

Winner and STILL Junior Heavyweight Champion: Johnny Raike (10:19)

After the match, Raike got on the mic and challenged anyone to step up and give him a fight. A REAL fight. Cameron took offense to this and got in Raike's face. Raike hit him with the strap and laid him out. Raike got back on the microphone and repeated what he said prior about having an open challenge to anyone who wanted to step up. “Pure Morning” by Placebo played as Raike left STILL champion.

5/20/16-SHOW 101

+Your winner and new champion: Mr Rottentreats

Mr. Rottentreats has defeated Jacqui M and is the brand new WRPD Heavyweight Champion of the World!!!

Confetti falls from the ceiling and the fans throw streamers in the ring as Mr. Rottentreats celebrates his victory. Jacqui M is hurried to the back by her man to get the hot sauce out of her eyes as WRPD COO Patrick Kay and Johnny Raike make their way into the ring and congratulate Mr. Rottentreats on his victory. Madman says something scathing to Kay and Raike on their way out but the two continue down to the ring and congratulate Treats. That's when "Public Service Announcement" by Jay-Z hits the PA system and out to interrupt the festivities is none other than Malcolm Dred-King! He has a microphone and makes his way into the ring. He says that the night is about over and we've yet to hear who PKA has picked as the one who's impressed him the most. King says he is destined to fight Mr. Rottentreats another time and he'd love to fight him for gold.




" A couple of weeks back during a NBX Wrestling exhibition event to help celebrate the Total J Cup, my protégé Lewis Hilton-Williams put his GWP TV Title on the line in an open challenge against me. During the course of the event ...... our World Champion Mr. Rottentreats, decided to make a statement and shoot a fireball into the face of Lewis Hilton-Williams. I was in no condition to intervene as Rottentreats rolled the scorched body of Lewis into the ring .......

You see Clown.....this was all about legacies. I failed to acknowledge yours my first day here after you gave me the proper respect. That misunderstanding I thought we could find resolution through competition. As the tension between us started to build I thought that maybe if I attacked your legacy if I ended your Evolution title reign you would realize that the reason it seemed like I acted I was better than you that first day here was because I simply am. But my friend you won......in the battle of legacies you won....because you ended the career of a man who, despite our differences was like a son to me. "

"Mr. Rottentreats, I don't blame you for what happened......not at all; I blame myself. I should have put you down when I had the chance. That mistake I plan to rectify as of now you titles.....your career.....your GODDAMN LIFE!!!!! Is forfeited to me, I will not stop until you are no more but more importantly Clown.....no one will stop me, that I promise."


Total J Cup - Round 2 Match
WRPD World/Evolution Champ, Mr. Rottentreats(WRPD) vs. UGWC Chaos Champ, Mil Vidas, Jr.(UGWC)

Mil Vidas, Jr. via pinfall following La Muerte Volar

Following the match - Security runs out and surround the arena floor area between the crowd and the ring, hands firmly placed on their batons looking into the crowd ......

Malcolm Dred-King emerges from the crowd and jumps the barricade.....

Fortunately security converges on his location and stops him before he hits the ring and Mr.Rottentreats. Security removes Dred-King who yells at Mr.Rottentreats "No one can protect you...."

Going unnoticed is Echo Blackwhisper walking back into the crowd with Mr. Rottentreats Evolution Championship in hand. She pauses raises the championship for all to see before walking out through the exit. As officials converge on the ringside area they find a body bag where the Evolution Title once was.


Total J Cup Finals
Rogan MacLean(UGWC) vs. Bronx Valescence(PoP)

This is big! The Total J Cup finals pits Bronx Valescence vs. Rogan MacLean in what quite frankly an incredible bout and showcases exactly what WRPD Wrestling and the Total J Cup tournament is all about.

Both men started things off with a face off in the middle of the ring and before it could come to blows, Rogan extended his hand... and Bronx accepted. Very nice gesture and show of respect. It started with a tight collar and elbow lock up, and armdrag exchanges from both men, wrist locks and escapes, back to back, both men showing the other up once before coming to a pause with both men equal to the other. They showed each other respect with a nod and the fans did so with applause. Another lock up led to an eye poke from Rogan MacLean leading to an Enziguri and a clothesline over the top. He then hit an awesome tope suicida. Rogan took control for a bit. Bronx cut him off by reversing a hurricanrana into an apron powerbomb. Bronx then worked him over for a while. Rogan avoided some moves and then started to come back. Rogan ended up leaping over the top rope and giving Bronx a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Pretty sweet. Bronx blocked a moonsault in the ring. Tornado Enziguri, slipped slightly on the ropes. They recovered nicely with a spinning wheel kick and a two count. Rogan tried for a comeback but was blocked and turned into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. The crowd is way into this match. Bronx with a backdrop on Rogan over the top, he landed on the apron and Bronx maneuvered it into his signature German from the middle rope back into the ring. Bronx dawned his sunglasses and leaped off the top with True Light's Flight and the extra time costed him and Rogan capitalized with a Tiger Driver '91, dropping him on the back of his neck for 2.999999 and that was so close but Rogan did not let up as he immediately hit the ropes and connected with the knee to the side of Bronx's face, Mercy Killing as he calls it. Two count again. A Leap out of the Shadow connected, and Bronx was down on the mat, set up for Rogan MacLean's Chasing the Lights Moonsault double foot stomp, which he connected! This led to a count of 1.. 2.. annnnnd kickout!! The fans and Rogan couldn't believe it. Rogan kept on his opponent with knee strikes and hard kicks, leading to a drop toe hold and standing moonsault for another two count. Rogan showed signs of frustration and hit the ropes but Bronx turned it into a Swinging Reverse STO aka Valescences Victory and dropped him for a neeeeeeeeeeeeeeear three count! Barely kicked out did Rogan! Now both men have kicked out of each other's finish and they had to dig deep. Bridging Exploder Suplex from Bronx followed by a Release German and the UGWC Chaos Champ was reeling after that. Float-Over Modified Surfboard Stretch was locked in next, but the technically-savy Rogan MacLean was able to slip away and turn it into a Lion Tamer. Bronx is no slouch when it comes to mat wrestling as he was able to escape and roll under the ropes. Shots to the face by Bronx into a springboard Blockbuster but Rogan ducked just in time and Bronx crashed and burned and Rogan capitalized by leaping up for a Rana, but Bronx counters, swinging him back up and going for a powerbomb, but Rogan counters that into the Triangle Choke! Alexander Wept! Rogan had it locked in center of the ring and nowhere for Bronx to go. After taking all he could, Bronx passed out and the referee had to call for the bell.

WINNER of the Total J Cup 2016 - UGWC's Rogan MacLean (22:30)

WRPD COO Patrick Kay Anthony presented the Total J Cup trophy to Rogan MacLean and he held it high. Streamers filled the ring for the best junior heavyweight wrestler in the world.

Following the match, medical techs checked on Bronxy V. Rogan celebrated his victory. Bronx came to and confronted Rogan and offered his hand this time around, to which Rogan accepted and the two hugged. Great finish to the Total J Cup. Great to see this tournament back and flourish. Hope it returns next year. And definitely hope we see more from Rogan MacLean and Bronxy V in a WRPD Wrestling ring.


MAIN EVENT: Evolution Championship: Mr. Rottentreats(c) vs. Anton Chase

Anton Chase cashes in the title shot he earned weeks ago! Mr. Rottentreats is coming off a Total J Cup tournament loss to Mil Vidas, Jr. With no concern for Malcolm Dred-King being at the event, will we have a clear-headed Treats? Or will "The Future" fight his way to becoming a 3 time Evolution Champion?

+Winner and Still Evolution Champion: Mr. Rottentreats via pinfall (11:01)

Having come off a loss to Mil Vidas Jr, Treats looked to prove himself and you could tell he was going all out. He seemed like he was constantly looking over his shoulder, too, so he was quick to attempt pinfalls on Anton Chase, who was quick to escape many of them, but not all.

In regards to what Mr. Rottentreats did to Lewis Hilton-Williams and what transpired with Malcolm-Dred King at 105, Malcolm Dred-King has been banned from this show to prevent any injury on the WRPD Evolution & World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Rottentreats. However...

From out of the crowd Malcolm Dred-King emerges with what appears to be a NBX referee in tow. Now that WRPD is officially over so is his suspension. Mr. Rottentreats has yet to see Dred-King who strikes him in the back of the leg with a newly revealed black bat with gold lettering.

Mr. Rottentreats rolls out of the ring...pissed off, and looks under the ring apron. A smile comes across his face as he emerges with a staple gun. Rottentreats slides back into the and staples the head of the recovering MDK followed up with a series of punches causing the ring legend to sport the beginning of a crimson mask.

Echo sets a ringside table ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

MDK hoists Rottentreats up but the champion slides out of the hold causing MDK pause. As Malcolm goes for the follow up clothesline, the resourceful champion shoves the NBX referee into the line of fire before rolling out of the ring to confront Echo Blackwhisper and a burning table.

MDK seeing Rottentreats and his wife leaps over the top rope but is instictively caught by Mr. Rottentreats who delivers MDK via a death valley driver through the burning table.

Mr. Rottentreats rolls Dred-King's body into the ring as a WRPD referee slids into the ring; using the ropes for leverage Mr. Rottentreats covers MDK for the....





ECHO:" We are officially invoking our Championship match clause for WRPD #107, but not for the World Championship....no.....we want the title whose legacy you...Rottentreats..... continue to build every day.....the Evolution Championship!"

ECHO:"My husband also has signed on to a match that's only awaiting your signature.....we end all of this....at WRPD 107; in a dog collar match so Malcolm can make you his bitch!!!! Ohhhh and so you you don't get any ideas....it will be inside of a steel cage!!!!!"

ECHO:"Ball is in your court 'CHAMP'....you sign the contract....we settle this once and for all."


MAIN EVENT: Evolution Championship - Dog Collar Match inside a Steel Cage
Malcolm Dred-King vs. Mr. Rottentreats(c)

The sick grin on the face of the World & Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats, showed that he was coming to the cage with a purpose - maul Malcolm Dred-King and extinguish the old to make way for the new. Malcolm Dred-King had a determined look on his face and looked to get revenge and that prestigious Evolution Championship for himself. After setting the World Title at ringside, Mr. Rottentreats strapped the Evolution Title around his neck and pointed at it, getting in MDK's face. The referee had to separate the two, and Treats eventually gave up the gold so the ref could put it aside and apply the dog collar to both men's necks. The ominous black cage surrounded both men and this was definitely a first and a big match feel.

The bell sounds. "Give it up, old timer" said Treats to King, who scoffed at the comment and told him to prepare to "learn a few new tricks" as the crowd is quite restless and ready to back Malcolm Dred-King to the finish line. "Fuck em up, Dred-King, fuck em up!" chants fill the building from this unusually raucus Japanese fanbase. Treats flips off the fans through the cage, and King yanks on the chain connecting them and this startles Treats.

The two titans circle. Treats says "come at me, motherfucker" and King does. Treats begins climbing the cage. He tries to escape, but King pulls the chain and yanks Treats down. King then levels Treats with a chain shot to the head and then gets a chain-assisted punch to the face. Treats gets whipped off the ropes and taken down with a chain-assisted clothesline. King whips Treats with the chain and then chokes him with it in a camel clutch. King then whips Treats face-first into the side of the cage and Treats drops to the mat. King brings Treats up and says "this one's for Lewis" and throws Treats face-first into the unforgiving steel once again. "And this one's for me" he says before whipping Treats in the balls with the steel chain!! Good God almighty. King then drops down and locks in a chain-assisted Crippler Crossface, yanking the chain through the teeth of the longest reigning Evolution Champion. King doesn't intend on having Treats tap out, as he continues the punishment by bringing Treats to his feet and slinging him into the turnbuckle as hard as he can, causing Treats to drop down and smack face-first onto the mat. King then places the steel chain beneath Treats' face and stomps on the back of his head, sending his face into the chain. King poses for a bit as the fans applaud and it then appeared as though Treats was busted open as he bled through his paint. MDK then got on top of Treats and began drilling him with mounted punches, ten to be exact, as the fans counted along in the arena. King then drug Treats corner to corner as Treats kicked his feet, trying to escape or grab the ropes. King was choking the life out of Treats and enjoying every bit of it. Treats finally grabbed onto the ropes and tried to hold on for dear life, but King charged and hit a big clothesline, dropping him. Treats pulled himself up and put his arms out on the middle rope, holding on, his face a bloody mess. King wraps the chain around his fist and drills Treats with a right hand, dropping him. King took some time to think about his next move. He started climbing up the turnbuckle and held onto the cage. He started pulling the chain, bringing Treats up with him slowly. Must have been enough time though as Treats hit a low blow, giving Treats some actual offense for the first time in this match. King drops onto the turnbuckle and crotches himself. Treats climbs up next to him and applies a cravate! He laughs and wrenches at the head of King. He then pushes back and slams the back of King's head against the cage wall! He does this again and again and again. King is out of it up top. Treats then grasps the nose of KING and fishhooks it from behind and yells "GOT YOUR NOSE!!!" before hitting a Cradled Belly to Back Brainbuster FROM THE TOP ROPE! Both men crash to the mat! Incredible to see Treats hit his finishing maneuver as one of his first offensive moves but this was absolutely a way to turn things around for the bloodied double-champ!

Both men laid on the mat for what seemed like an eternity, but in all likelihood was near a minute. Treats rose to his feet. King did not. Treats began stomping on every body part with the Rotten Stomp, but after every time he stomped on the hand, the arm, the leg, the foot, the midsection, he also whipped King with the chain on the hand, the arm, the leg, the foot, the midsection, and one final stomp to the FACE. He then wrapped the chain around his boot and gave King a spinning boot scrape with assist from the chain around his boot. Treats boasted for a bit while the fans booed and King is also busted open. Treats smiled and began biting the forehead of King! Holy shit man. He spit out blood.

Treats hits King in the face with the chain and then chokes him for a bit. Treats gets a series of elbows and punches to King’s head, blood continuously flowing. This might be the nastiest match we've seen in years, or ever. Treats pushes King into the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner. Treats yanks on the chain and King drops face-first onto the mat. Treats taunts the crowd who continue to boo him. King starts to rise to his feet and Treats wraps the chain around his throat but King snap mares him over and dropkicks him in the back of the head. King rises but stumbles down to one knee into the ropes. Treats and King up, and Treats hip tosses King, followed by a big scoop slam and a nasty eye gouge into a sleeper hold. King is able to power up and nail a jawbreaker. King uses the chain to pull Treats into a short-arm clothesline. King locks in the Sharpshooter and Treats looks to be in a ton of pain. Shades of Hart/Austin now as blood streams from the face of Treats while in the submission hold. Treats grabs the slack of the chain and tries to whip it back at King, and connects with a couple shots to annoy King enough and let the hold go. King looks to cause more pain for Treats as he takes off the top turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel post as if we didn't already have enough steel in this match. King hoists Treats onto his shoulder in a firemans carry and looks to drop him with a flapjack on the post but Treats slips out. Treats yanks the chain and King is pulled neck-first into the top exposed turnbuckle. Treats charges in with a giant big boot to the face and King is taken off his feet with that one. Treats scooped King up and set him up top then climbed and kicked him in the face, as King nearly lay atop the top rope and against the cage wall. Treats climbed up, and kept climbing, to the very top. He created some space, finding his way to the middle of the cage. There is barely any give in the chain now as Treats stood tall on top of the cage wall. Treats then smiled as he began walking across the top of the cage, and dropped down onto King with an elbow drop with a variation of the Tight Rope Elbow Drop!! Treats drove his elbow into the heart of King, who then bounced off the ropes and fell through, crashing down between the ropes and the cage, while Treats looked to also take some punishment from that fall. Treats slowly crawls on top of King and covers him... for a two count! Treats scowls. King looks up and tells him he's not man enough to beat him tonight. This fires up Treats who yanks King ot his feet and whips him into the ropes, criss cross, 3x, I'M THE FOOT, BITCH, King ducks and hits the END OF DAYS and locks in the Crippler Crossface, wrapping the chain around the face of Treats repeatedly and pulling baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! KING PULLS! KING PULLS! TREATS IS BLEEDING OUT! KING IS BLEEDING! BOTH MEN ARE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! THE FANS ARE GOING WILD! THE CHAIN COVERS 90% OF THE FACE OF TREATS AND BLOOD POURS BETWEEN THE LINKS OF CHAIN. THE EVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP IS ON THE LINE! TREATS TAPS OUT!!! NEW CHAMP!

What a MATCH!!! The fans blew the roof off. King let the hold go. The cage began to rise. The referee awarded him the Evolution Championship. ECHO joined King in the ring and they began their celebration. King drops to his knees and clutches his head. He's clearly in a ton of pain and can't celebrate much, and his wife looks concerned for him. Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement" plays as King is your new Evolution Champion and this storied feud has taken an extremely extraordinary and exciting turn tonight.

WINNER and NEW Evolution Champion: Malcolm Dred-King (23:49)

Mr. Rottentreats ripped the dog collar off his neck and held himself up by the ropes across the ring from King. Treats is handed his World Title as he clutches it tightly. King puts the Evolution Title on his shoulder and taps it with a smile on his face. He nods at Treats, and Treats scowls. The Pay Per View was about to go off the air when the lights went out and after 30 seconds they came back on and Lewis Hilton-Williams is stood in the middle of the ring between both men with the Evolution Championship in his hand! He turned to Malcolm Dred-King and held it high as the show went off the air.

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